Training Tips for Labradors to Make Them More Lovable

The Labrador retriever is a favorite dog to many people in the world including the United States. The Labrador has a good nature and this personality makes it a favorite for many people and families. Labradors should be trained when they are young and energetic just like other dogs.

The first step in training a Labrador is making him to interact with puppies and different people and taking him to different places. For one hour daily, the Labrador should be trained, and exercised by the owner as they play. Never leave a lab puppy unattended since they are always full of energy and they are likely to cause trouble.

Potty training for a lab puppy is best done when the puppy is young. Always take the lab outside for his potty session and after he is through with it always reward him. Do not yell at your Labrador when he has a wrong potty session.

Dogs learn the first commands like play and sit easily. To train a dog successfully, one has to repeat the command constantly and keep mentioning the dog’s name. These include giving the dog a food treat, patting and praising the dog and they strengthen the love between the dog and the owner.

When teaching a dog to sit, you use a treat to demonstrate by moving it over the dog’s head and mentioning ‘sit’. The dog can learn from the demonstration since it follows the treat until it sits. After the dog sits, reward it by giving the treat.

The word ‘come’ should be used often and you should reward the dog when it comes after you say ‘come’ or after you whistle. Make sure you repeat the same over and over again and reward the dog. The rewards should be regular until the dog is used to the command. When teaching the dog, “NO’ should be taught gently.

Early lead training for Labrador retrievers is essential so as to counter the resistance that comes as dog grows of pulling the strap. You can teach your lab puppy to be a fetcher naturally by throwing a tennis ball and a tiny flying disc past it and telling the puppy to ‘fetch’. When the puppy brings the ball, always reward it.

Labrador training is essential for the Labrador retrievers for them to become favorites of many people in the world. When Labradors are trained, the results will improve the world for the labs and other breeds of dogs as well as the owners who take the dogs to be part of their families.


Unknown said...

Nice submissions i am also a Home Dog Trainer by my professional.if you have a dog its so necessary that your dog must be a Lovable. there are lot of training tips for Labradors but i wanna say that start training when your puppy is young and fresh. It is advisable to start on the 8th week after birth or approximately 2 months.

Dog Trainer

Monica Stevens said...

Dogs need to be disciplined or else they will misbehave. You should always try to show them that you are the leader of the pack.

More importantly, you should be careful about the way you teach them a lesson. Shouting is not the way to go.