How to Travel with a Dog, or Cat, of Any Size

For a pet owner, traveling can be a very complicated event. If they are going to be staying at their destination for a long period of time, then what are they going to do with their animals? Do the pets go to a kennel? To a friends’ house? Or do the animals come along with the owner? Since I’m using an example situation in which the owner is away for a long time, I would think that brining the pets along would be one of the best choices. Leaving a pet at a kennel or with a friend may not be as comfortable with the animal as being with their owner. Also, many airline traveling companies are adapting to the growing “fad” of pet owners brining their animals along.

Most of us know how to take care of ourselves for an airplane trip but animals are quite different. Depending on the size of your dog, or cat, determines whether or not they’ll be able to travel with you in the upper or lower part of the plane. Cats are usually tiny enough to be held in a regular pet carrier but dogs can vary greatly in size. Tiny dogs, such as Chihuahua’s, Yorkshire Terriers or Maltese’s, are normally pets that travelers can take with them as a carry-on. However, for dogs like Boxer’s, Great Dane’s or Retriever’s, they’ll need to be kept below the seating area.

For a dog that needs to be placed in the lower part of the plane, the owner should most probably follow some tips. For one, it is recommended that the owner had a kennel in which the dog can fully stand and turn around. Ventilations should also be adequate, the bedding should have plenty of padding and it is highly-I repeat, highly!-suggested that a person vaccinate their animal before taking their trip.

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