Should I keep my cat in or outside of my home?

As a pet owner, you should decide if you are going to keep your cat on the inside or outside of your home. If you have allergies, you would have to take the proper medications so that you would be able to tolerate your cat.

Your home must be house proof before you bring your cat home. Here are some things you can do whether you decide to keep your cat in or outside of your home.

1. Protect your valuables. Keep all your most important items put away, because cats like to roam around and get into things.
2. Protect your furniture. If you have cotton fabric, it is not a good idea to keep a pet in your home. Pets has long claws and they love to run and jump on furniture.
3. Train your pet. Take your cat to obedience school so he or she may learn obedient measures.

Most cats carry fleas and ticks and if your cat lives your home you will be open to having them in your home. There are many cats who live indoors, but they can also survive outdoors as well. If your cat is outdoors, be sure and keep them gated so they won’t wonder and get lost. If your cat is inside and you have to leave be sure and open a window so that your cat will have air to breathe. Your house will suffocate of cat hairs if your windows are sealed shut.

The choice of keeping your pet indoors or outside is very important. The information above has been proven to help pet owners make wise decisions while taking care of their pet. Your decision should be based not only on your family but the neighbors that lives around you.

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