Owning a Piranha

Despite their well-known nature of being vicious and biting whatever comes their way, piranhas can actually be amusing pets. Unless an owner reaches their hand into the tank, the piranhas won’t bite. However, piranhas have been known as enjoyable pets to watch if they get into small, bickering fights with each other.

To purchase a piranha, a person would normally go to their local pet store. Pet stores usually carry the milder and smaller Red Bellied Piranha, though. For the fish that will pack a bigger punch and carry more attitude, a person would most likely have to search on the internet to find a specialty seller instead. After buying the piranha, they will need a tank to live in. For each piranha purchased, there should be 25 gallons of water.

For feeding, piranha can eat both live and manufactured foods. Mice, as well as worms and feeder fish, are common live food products. On the other hand, frozen meat cubes and fish bait are the more manufactured type foods. The cost for maintaining a piranha is around $5 to $200. However, depending on the quality of the piranha, its home, its food and other various luxuries, the costs could add up to hundreds more, or less. Basically, the circumstances depend mainly on the owner themselves.

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