Cats When Giving Birth

Domesticated cats usually, the age of 7-12 months old is the perfect time for a female cat to bread and give birth. Most of you don’t know that cats can give birth for as often as 5 times a year. The development period for cats for about 63-65 days only and their delivery time only lasts for about 2 hours. Usually, they give life to up to 4 kittens. Each kitten is born using a different amniotic sac from the other. They also have umbilical cord and placenta which they eat to start lactation of the mother cat. These kittens are blind upon birth. Their senses will start upon reaching 10-12 days of life. The mother cat licks her kittens to be able to clean them and to stimulate their passage. Kittens upon birth don’t have distinct colour but eventually this will develop after a few weeks of life.

Wild cats are different from domestic cats because they only give birth once a year. And their kittens are typically 3 upon birth. Now that the world is in the midst of modern times, castration of male cat is typically done and it is usually done during the 6-7th month of the cat’s life. This is to control the male cat’s tendency to mark objects around the house using his urine. While the female cat goes through a process which is called spraying, in this process the female cat is sprayed with a certain type of drug that is intended to reduce the risk of breast cancer and also to reduce the risk of uterine diseases.

The life expectancy of cats usually last for about 10-15 years especially when they are well taken care of. Domesticated cats typically live longer than wild cats because their space is only limited and they are not prone to parasites and other ailments which are known to be dreadful and causes fatality in cats.

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