Types of Arthritis in Pets

Not only people have to live with arthritis so do pets. There are several reasons why pets get arthritis. Signs and symptoms usually show up in dogs around 6 years. Knowing the type and understanding it can help you treat the animal and help it live a better life.

Trauma caused dog joint pain

1. Traumatic Arthritis: Common after joint injuries.
2. Hip Dysplasia: Can result from injuries as well as be caused by infections.
3. Hypertrophic Arthritis: Caused by bone spurs.
4. Knee Stifle: This is a type of arthritis arising from torn ligaments.
5. Acute Traumatic Arthritis: A condition caused from injury.

These are all conditions caused by a traumatic situation in the dog’s life.

Arthritis from Infections

There are several forms of infections that can cause a dog to get arthritis. Infectious Arthritis is caused by infection in the area of the joints. With this condition the dog will need medicine to get rid of the infection before the arthritis can be treated.

Self Bodily Attacks Arthritis

The animal’s body attacking itself can also cause arthritis. This is where the animals own immune system will attack itself and cause joint problems.

Degenerative Pet Arthritis

Osteochondrosis and Osteoarthritis both are progressive conditions that can cause arthritis in animals. Ninety percent of arthritis is due to Osteoarthritis.

If your animal has one of these conditions it is very important to understand and know how to treat the problem. By knowing it you are giving your animal a better chance at a healthier and longer life. If persistent problems happen you should take your animal to the vet and have it properly checked to see if something different is needed to help your pet to get better. By doing this you care giving proper care and love to your pet.

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