The Basics of Raising a Goat

If you have ever considered getting a baby goat as a pet, you may wonder what it entails and what you need to know. Raising a goat can be a very fun and rewarding thing to do for you and your family and there are some basics that you should know when considering to raise a goat.

The first thing that you need to have to be able to raise a goat is ample pasture land. This requires about one or two acres per each goat that you want to raise. This acreage is needed for the goats to be able to graze on. Some people choose to add a supplement of goat grain to the land that the goats graze on. There should also be adequate amounts of quality hay available for your goats, especially in the winter and to help supplement the food supply in the drier months in the summer.

Another essential item that you need to have when raising a goat is plenty of fresh water. One of the easiest ways to provide your goats with ample fresh water is by simply filling a bucket every day or by using a trough. There are also automatic water stations available that you can use or if you are worried about the water becoming contaminated or dirty. Automatic water stations can also help ensure a continuous fresh supply of water.

Another essential item you need for raising a goat is proper housing. A good quality goat house used for raising a goat can be very simple like a lean-to shelter or a barn that has plenty of room for hay rooms and stalls.

When raising a goat, you will also need mineral and salt lick blocks for your goats. They can help ensure the overall health of your goat and you will know that your goat is getting the proper nutrients that he needs. You should place your mineral or salt block inside of the goat shelter on something like a block of wood to help it stay dry.

Fencing is an important necessity when raising a goat, and you want to make sure that it is four feet high, has a red top woven wire and twelve inch spacing. You can enjoy a raising a goat when you have the proper equipment and are prepared by having the right size area to raise them.

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