Home Cures for Dog’s Ears

Your pets are prone to infections, just as you are. Dogs and cats are commonly prone to ear infections, dogs maybe more so than cats. An infection in the outer ear canal by yeast or bacteria is the most common form in dogs. Known as ‘otitis externa,’ it is most likely to occur in dogs with large or hairy ears.

Some of the symptoms can include the dog scratching its ear more than usual, rubbing its head against objects trying to get rid of the fluid and debris building up inside the ear and vigorously shaking its head. Sometimes the buildup can cause a discharge accompanied by a strong odor from the dog’s ear. In the worst case a tumor could form in the ear canal if the infection is left untreated for long enough. This can then result in hearing loss and other complications that can be prevented by timely and effective intervention.

So, what do some of the interventions include? There are some home remedies you can use as preventions. Many vets recommend wiping the ear out with acetic acid, more commonly known as vinegar, which removes dirt and buildups in the ear. Another common remedy is the use of essential oils, for instance olive oil, that prevent as well as cure. The best way to actually wipe the dog’s ears is by using a cotton or tissue wad moistened with the liquids mentioned and gently mopping in an outward direction from the inner ear. There is not need to do this everyday but it should be done regularly to keep your pet’s ears clean and healthy.

Another painless home remedy is trimming the hair on the inside of the dog’s ears, especially if it has long fur or long ears that flop down. The hair is important to the dog’s hearing but just trimming a little will greatly reduce the possibility of foreign objects finding a home in its outer canal. You might want to make sure the dog can’t move too much so it doesn’t flinch while you’re trimming.

Make it a practice to regularly remove wax and dirt from your dog’s ear. It is important that you be responsible for all aspects of your pet’s health as you are its main source of love, food, happiness and healthy living. A few last things to keep in mind and then we’re done here. First, you can boost the dog’s immune system through a regular dose of vitamin C and, of course, a healthy diet to ensure the dog is fighting fit and able to recover from any infection, not just in the ear. Antiseptic and antimicrobial herbal remedies, such as Marigold, Rosemary extracts and Tea Tree Oil, all help in ear and skin health and are available from PetAlive Ear Dr. for instance. Finally, groom your dog regularly, make sure it is well fed and exercised and interact with it often. A happy pet is a healthy pet!

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