How Nutrition Affects Your Dog’s Behavior

Have you ever wondered if there is any link between the kind of nutrition your dog receives and the way that he acts? According to experts, there are links between the kind and quality of nutrition that your dog receives and how he behaves.

You probably are already aware of how the quality of nutrition that you provide for your dog has a direct impact on the quality of his health and can help him to lead a happy and healthy life, but nutrition is a lot more complex that affecting only the physical attributes of your dog, it also can have a big impact on the way that your dog acts and how well behaved he is. Nutrition can help your dog to think clearly, lower the stress levels and overall produce a better and calmer behavior.

It takes a lot of energy for dogs and humans to be able to function mentally and think clearly. When your dog is involved in any kind of a training program, ensuring that he gets the proper nutrition can be critical to his success in the training behavior and can affect how well he learns and acts. If your dog is malnourished, he may be showing signs of being lethargic, have a loss of concentration, and can even appear confused at times. If your dog is showing any of these signs, especially when he is in a training program, he may be experiencing a lack of quality nutrition.
Most expert trainers first look and critique the way a dog eats and the nutrition that his owners are feeding him to help determine if he is apt to have any problems in training or if he exhibits any signs of not obeying and showing bad behavior. Some things that trainers look for is if the dog is unfocused or out of control it may indicate that he is receiving too many cereal compounds in his diets. Aggressive dogs tend to have higher levels of uncomplete proteins in their diets and shy dogs often are not digesting the food they eat properly.

If you want to make sure that your dog is receiving and digesting the proper nutrition, you can perform a simple test of soaking his food in water for about 3o minutes and see what happens to it. If it swells up and becomes large it is primarily cereal based and you may want to change foods, or supplement more protein in his diet.

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