Homemade Cat Food

Many people wonder if they can make homemade cat food . Its important to realize that cat food can be prepared quite easily from home with simple ingredients. The most common ingredients for cat food made from home are different types of meats and food flavorings. However, remember to avoid some ingredients as they can be sometimes fatal or otherwise harmful to the cat. The foods one should always avoid are chocolate, pork (that includes bacon too), raw eggs and fish. Studies have shown that these ingredients have adverse effects on cats.

Some people make the mistake of feeding their cat, dog food! This should be avoided at all costs as the dog’s metabolism is quite different from that of the cats. It’s a known fact that cats require more protein content in their meals than canines. Feeding your cat a vegetarian diet will not supplement its protein requirements. It’s also important to reduce the amount of tuna that you feed your cat as it’s widely associated with large amounts of mercury which can be harmful to the cat.

If you are not giving vitamin A supplements to your cat; try feeding it liver but in small quantities. Make a list of many suitable homemade cat food recipes from the internet. There are also do - it - yourself books on cat food preparation on many bookshelves. The one thing you will find very common in the recipes is that the food is very high on protein content.

One of the favorite homemade cat food recipes is fried eggs mixed with 4 oz of mutton and a blend of carrot. The meat and the eggs should be cooked nicely. You can also add flavorings of cheese to the recipe. The food should be accompanied with flavorings like kelp powder for it to taste.

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