Keeping African Grey Parrots Healthy

Like all animals African Grey Parrots require a balanced diet for reproduction purposes and general health, this will include mixes that contain essential quality ingredients that might be lacking in other commercially available mixes. The kind of mixes that are recommended are those that don’t have harmful additives.

Because most African Grey Parrots are known to be extremely prone to low calcium in the blood, it’s incumbent upon you to incorporate a sizeable amount of calcium-rich food in their diet. It’s also equally important to have a vet keep a check of their calcium levels regularly. It should, however, be noted that a calcium level of over 1% in the diet is counter-productive because it decelerates the use of several other nutritional elements.

The kind of food they consume should have lots of fruits, vegetable, medicinal herbs and sprouted seed. Emphasis is laid on the sprouting seed because the sprouting process improves the nutritional value of the grain or the seed, and utilizes the excessive fats in the seed, thereby maintaining a reasonable level of fats.

A cooked diet similar to Dr. Harvey product line is equally important coupled with spray millets or their accessories which provide vitamins and minerals. The African Grey Parrots should be provided with washable toys and birdie necklaces because of their playfulness, the necklaces provide the needed entertainment if worn on the neck of the bird handler, as for the toys they can be placed anywhere the birds are likely to encounter them and offer recreational release which is essential health-wise.

Cages used by these birds should be spacious so that the usual cage accessories can fit and still leave enough room for the bird. Stands, gyms and perches should be made of the right material because some materials might prove harmful to the birds.

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