Which Fish Can Be Kept in Bowls

When planning to rear fish it’s important that you learn the various ways of keeping fish whether for commercial or for aesthetic purposes. One major way of keeping fish is by having them in fish bowls though its been argued that bowls are not natural environments for fish and this affects their longevity negatively if not well maintained. The common kept species of fish on bowls are the gold fish which was initially kept as a pet and is also known to survive in horrid conditions.

Other varieties of fish that are kept in bowls are white cloud minnows, feeder guppies, planty variatus, ballon mollies, zebra danios, salt and pepper Cory catfish, and the flat head minnows. All these have survived well in fish bowls and grown to their full lengths. Other types of fish that have done well and adjusted in bowls are the paradise and the blood fin tetras. Gallom bowls are most recommended mainly for breeding feeder guppies. These are small types of fish that not only thrive but also can reproduce in small amounts of water. The planty variatus are known to survive in cold temperatures especially when it exceeds 68 degrees Fahrenheit. These are best kept in two gallon bowls since they are slightly larger than planty variatus. White cloud minnows is another type kept in fish bowls used as mini-aquariums.

After identifying which fish species fits in which bowls, you need to obtain the correct bowl type and size. The larger the bowl the better since adequate room for swimming is provided. Gather some cultured gravel which has healthy bacteria for breaking down the ammonia from the fish waste into less toxic forms of nitrogen then finally nitrates. Change the water to create a fresh environment for the survival of the fish and all aquatic plants.

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