10 Facts About Cats With Long Hair

Cats like the beautiful Balinese, the adorable Himalayan, the swimming Turkish Van or the graceful Persian have one thing in common: their long beautiful coats. Whist that may be their symbol of beauty, it also comes with the price of much work.

Here are 10 facts about cats with beautiful coats.

1. They were first ones were found during the early years of the 16th century in Europe. The Angora was one of those first introduced, being named after a Turkish city. Persians were only imported into Europe in 1620.

2. The largest non-feral, domestic cat breed is the Maine Coon. It can grow to over 20 pounds and loves to play in the snow. This breed originated in Maine, also famous for its unique interest in playing fetch.

3. Another large breed is the Norwegian Forest Cat. It also loves the winter and can grow to 22 pounds. Some say that it is the ancestor to the American Maine Coon.

4. Turkish Vans are also associated with winter. They also love to swim and will jump into the bathtubs, any puddles or simply any collection of water around.
5. Persians are most popular in North America. The reason for this is their sweet and gentle attitude which can turn anyone into an admirer.
6. Most cat breeds with long hair are also known to have docile and more feminine dispositions. Being very passive, they are potential targets for predators. So keep them inside and safely away from harm.
7. The Javanese is known for both its beautiful coat and its intelligence. They can easily be trained to open doors, look for hidden tasty treats and can even break into cupboards.
8. The Birman is said to have divine origins linked to a legend in Burma and Thailand.
9. Cymrics are known to have tiny and sometimes absent tails resembling that of a rabbit. It is also famous for chasing anything that moves.
10. Ragdolls were first bred in the 1960s in California. It is said to be the gentlest of all cats.

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