The Smallest Kitten in the World

Breeders have come up with the smallest kittens in the world. Available in a wide variety of breeds, the Teacup Kittens are definitely the cutest things you will ever see. But whilst shopping for a mini cat, remember to look out for other criteria. Remember that a runt is undersized but is not to be regarded as a teacup. Cats weigh between 10 and 12 pounds on average whist a miniature one would be around 3 to 6 pounds each. So watch out for conmen when shopping for mini cats as some breeders will try to push just about any small cat and say that it is a miniature.

Most of these Teacup kittens are produced when cross breeding occurs between the smaller kittens. When this process is repeated many times, the outcome is the emergence of dwarf cats which eventually become what we call teacup kittens. The more exotic breeds of teacup kittens include the Persians. MiniPers are primordial dwarves and have small but equally proportionate bodies in every way. MiniPaws are another type of cats with very short legs; this is dangerous and may cause them to be deformed later in life. The latest breed of teacups is the Napoleon, a mix breed between the Munchkin and the Persian. Napoleons have beautiful long coats and big round eyes, the best of both parent breeds.

When you decide to purchase a teacup kitten, keep in mind that whilst they are cute and small these kittens eventually become full grown cats. This is very important to take note of as once they mature, their behaviour would change too, reflecting that of a cat more while they stop behaving like kittens. So be sure that the cat you choose is suitable for you before finally making the commitment.

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