The Proper Way to Care for Horses

If you ever lived on a farm surrounded by horses, chances are you are familiar with caring for horses. Horses are great animals that must have the proper care. It is important to give your horse proper treatment daily. A horse must be grazed daily and his saddle must be cleaned before riding it.

Horses live in a stable surrounded by grass and hay, they may walk around an get injured by a glass which can cause a bruise or cut. It is important that you follow up with first aid immediately before infection may set in on the horse. A horse must be seen by a veterinarian for further observation. If you treat your horse, always use sterile saline to clean the infected area until a doctor can take a closer look. You must apply pressure on the wound or cut to get rid of any bacteria then cover with a dressing. Be sure that dirt cannot get into the wound beneath the dressing that is applied.

If a puncture wounds are found on the horse you must immediately seek your veterinarian for guidance. If not treated immediately it would only worsen. An full examination should be done by you or the veterinarian to ensure there are no other abrasions or cuts to any other part of the horse.

In any situation that may happen regarding your horse, just use precaution and care for the horse wisely until the veterinarian arrives on the scene. They should always be called immediately with any situations. If any bleeding on the horse, remember to place a dressing and apply pressure to stop the bleeding as much as possible until professional help arrives to care for the horse.

Always protect your horse from any danger, they are sensitive animals and much be cared for daily.

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Proper horse care most important...you want to see Horse Classifieds...Animal magazine...and etc...