Three Most Popular Dog Breeds

There are many, many types of dog breeds throughout the world. However, some breeds are popular than others. Dogs that are easy to train, are cute or attractive in some way and remain loyal to their owners are usually the most popular kinds. The top three dogs that people are most interested in are: Labrador Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers and German Shepherds.

First off is the Labrador Retriever. According to breeder surveys, this dog has long been nominated as one the most popular animals. Labrador Retrievers are lovable, intelligent, friendly and usually very good with children. Not only is this kind of dog popular for families, it also helps serve people who are blind. Labrador Retrievers also assist rescue teams or narcotic detection with law enforcement.

The next popular dog is the Yorkshire Terrier. This dog is often referred to as a “Yorkie”, for short. It’s one of the smallest and mightiest terrier of them all. Yorkies are known to be very energetic, protective and loyal to their owners. Therefore, it is also well known that, when a stranger happens to stop by, they become very vocal and want to defend their families.

Last, but not least, is the German Shepherd. The Labrador Retriever may be considered intelligent but German Shepherds are known to be the most intelligent creatures in the world. Because of their extreme intellect, they are highly popular among police forces. A German Shepherd remains loyal to their owner and lends their strength to whichever task they may be assigned. Since this dog is often kept in police forces, it doesn’t necessarily make a great pet for a home. The best suggestion for keeping a German Shepherd at home is to have a big house, giving the dog plenty of room for a large, loveable dog.

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