Cat Health Worm Symptoms and Possible Treatments


If your cat has worm problems both internal and external you should immediately seek help from your local vet because the worms are known for causing a number of different health problems in the cat. When you are looking for internal worms in your cat you will be looking for worms such as the hookworm, heartworm, tapeworm and even the roundworm. When it comes to known if your cat has worms or not generally you are not going to see signs unless you really look into it. The worms that the cats carry, except the heartworms, are also known to mess with humans. If you are looking for signs of worms in your cat then you may want to look for signs such as non-shiny coat, loss of weight, never gaining weight but eating a lot and in other cases the cat may have runny stool.

Heartworms in Cats

You will find heartworms in cats but you should know that dogs get heartworms more. If you are looking for some possible signs of heartworms in your cat then you may want to try monitoring your cats eating habits. If your cat is not eating at all then you may want to take him or her to the vet to get checked for heartworms. In many cases you will find a cat with heartworms will start to loose lots of weight and have normal occurrences of vomiting. You should know that heartworms in cats are known to be deadly so if you suspect heartworms in your cat you should seek veterinarian help immediately.

Catch Roundworms In Your Cat Early

When it comes to roundworms in your cat your cat will more than likely be okay as long as you catch the roundworm problem early on in order to prevent further complications. If you let your cat continue their life with roundworms then your cat will be experiencing lots of complications that could result in death. Roundworms can be found in the intestine of the cat and can reach a length of four inches. If you look in your cats stool you may be able to see roundworms (if they have it) because roundworms can be found in the cats stool. You will even be able to find roundworms in your cats vomit. One other sign of roundworms is bloating. Sometimes roundworms are known for blocking the cats intestines and will make it where your cat can not pass stool.

Cats With Hookworms

When it comes to hookworms in cats it is a known fact that hookworms are found in kittens more than they were found in adult cats. Many say this is because the older cats have already developed immunity to the hookworms and can easily fight them off. The kittens on the other hand have not developed immunity yet. The hookworms can be found inside your cat sucking on the blood, this can result in your cat becoming anemic. Hookworms are also known to live in the cats’ intestines.

Pay Attention if Your Cat Has Tapeworms

If you have a young kitten and you let him or her go without tapeworm treatment then he or she could die. Tapeworms are known to make your cat lifeless because they feed off of the cat. If you are looking for signs of tapeworms in your cat you can start by looking at your cats rectum. If you see something that looks like a little grain of rice then this may be tapeworms.

New Kitten Could Get Intestinal Worms

If you have taken a kitten to your house where you have other cats and the new kitten has not been treated for intestinal worms then you may be putting your little kitten at risk of getting intestinal worms. If your kitten does get intestinal worms then there are de-wormer treatments that you can purchase over the counter. In some circumstances you will have to treat your kitten for intestinal worms more than once but normally one dose of intestinal worm treatment will help your kitten.

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