Lets Stop Your Puppy's Nipping and Chewing Habits Today

Everyone knows that dogs are primitive animals so what do you do when Mr. Nippy or Mr. Chewy will not stop his habits? You train them. The truth is that dogs are really easy to train as long as you put some effort into it. When it comes to training your puppy to behave the right way you will find that it is a pretty big responsibility and you will need to be on your toes at all times. If you have patients with your puppy you can easily redirect those natural instincts to something that is more appropriate.

Here Comes The Puppy Called Mr. Nippy
Do you know that nipping is normal with puppies? We have not come across a puppy that hasn’t nipped. Puppies normally nip when they are in a playful mood and over excited. Don’t worry because the puppy does not mean any harm when he is nipping but as he grows, this nipping can become petty painful. You should start when your puppy is young to teach him not to touch anyone’s skin with his teeth.

There are many different ways to take Mr. Nippie’s bad habits away but the best way to teach him to stop nipping is to take those urges of nipping away from your hands and introduce him to toys that are made for puppies. When choosing toys for your puppy you should pick out several different ones. Puppies like plush toys that are soft and bright colored but they also like rubber toys to chew on.

Are you wondering when you should start training your puppy? You should start training him the first time you bring him home to play and keep doing so. You should know that you can start training your puppy that is as young as 8 weeks. When you are playing and your puppy starts to nip at you as he is playing you will need to make some type of noise like “ouch” and stop playing with him for about 10 seconds. If your puppy does not listen to you and keeps trying to nip at you as you are playing then you should just simply leave the room. The truth is you should never allow your puppy to nip at you, even if it is cute because he will grow up with those habits.

What About Mr. Chewey?

You should know that puppies are a lot like infants because they teethe at things when they are developing. When your puppy is developing his teeth you will find him chewing at things because this soothes the pain he is having. If you have a puppy that goes by the nickname of Mr. Chewey in your house then you can count on your shoes and even some furniture being chewed on. No, there may be no stopping your puppy from chewing but you can stop him from chewing up your stuff.

If you are looking to stop Mr. Chewey from his bad habit of chewing on household items then you should purchasing him some chew toys. If you want the best results then you may want to consider putting your puppy in an area where there is not much furniture. Face it, when your puppy has sore gums and there is a furniture leg laying in front of him he is going to chew on it. If you find your puppy chewing on an item that he is not supposed to have then you firmly say the word no and put his toy in front of him. When your puppy is chewing on his toy, you should praise him.

In the end if you follow the proper procedures, it is possible for your dog to get rid of his Mr. Chewy and Mr. Nippy nicknames. It is just going to take some time and patience on your behalf but it will also be fun for you.

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