Horse Care Safety Tips

If you have horses or are looking to have horses in the future then we highly recommend you reading this article. Within this article you will find some basic information pertaining to horse care safety tips. When it comes to equestrian accidents you should know that not all of them happen when you are riding the horse. The truth is you can get injuries from the daily horse care chores such as grooming and feeding the horse.

First we would like to mention the way you use the lead. If you wrap the rope around your hand as you are walking your horse it can cause serious injuries. If your horse gets scared he will start jumping around and that can cause a sprain, rope burn or broken bones.

Our second tip involves tacking. When you are tacking your horse you should make sure to use caution at all times, especially if you are dealing with a horse you do not know. As you are starting to tighten the girth many horses are known to bite at anything they are able to reach.

The third tip we have for you involves bridle knockout. When you are bridling your horse you will need to make sure you keep those wits about. Before the horse accepts the bridle they are known to shake their heads. At this moment if you are not paying attention you may take a hard hit to the head.

The fourth tip we have for you has to do with tranquilizing. When you tranquilize your horse he or she can actually become aggressive. When you are tranquilizing your horse or giving any other type of prescription drugs to your horse you should make sure it is by your veterinarian’s directions.

Next we have the fifth tip for horse care safety. When it comes to the environment that you will be riding in or working in you need to make sure you are aware of everything. If there are flies around that are biting you may find your horse bolting away in order to get away from them. We highly recommend you using fly sprays but you should also know that even that fly spray could wear off. This means you may have to keep reapplying the fly spray if you are going for long rides.

Our sixth tip we have for you has to do with grooming. Before you start to groom your horse you should make sure to check for sore spots on your horse. If you run your comb over a spot that is tender on your hors you may be experiencing either a dangerous kick or bite.
The seventh tip we have for you has to do with treats. There is no doubt that horses enjoy their treats. Horses are known to kick and shove in order to show their love for those treats. When you are giving your horse those treats you should make sure you stay on the outside of the fence and toss them over to him or her. If you want to be even safer you can always just put the treats into their feed buckets.

Our seventh tip we have for you involves fitting the tack. When you put the tack on your horse poorly this can cause some discomfort to him or her. When your horse is not comfortable he may try to throw you off. Always make sure the tack is on your horse correctly. Our ninth tip for you is to dress appropriately when you are around your horse. This means you will need to wear the right type of footwear and a make sure your boots fit in the stirrups properly.

Our last tip we have for you today involves the stall. When you enter the stall you should make sure you have a quick get out plan. If you have the stalls that you must close you will need to make sure you have someone there with you. This is to make sure the door can get opened fast if you are in any type of trouble.

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