Cat Stress Symptoms

Some people may think that the idea of a cat being stressed out is something imaginable. But it actually can be a serious problem, and there are some symptoms you should know about if you think that your cat might be suffering from stress. It is important to keep in mind that a cat that is exhibiting symptoms of stress may be in pain and you may want to get him or her checked out.

Common signs that your cat may be experiencing stress include:

  • Your cat stops using the litter box on a regular basis

  • Your cat starts to urinate on towels on dirty laundry

  • Your cat seems anxious or edgy and might act nervous or unfriendly around people

  • Your cat experiences a significant change in personality, a cat that is usually confident and independent may start to appear clingy and be more anxious. A cat that is experiencing pain may start running around or become unfriendly.

  • Your cat is experiencing changes in grooming. Your cat may stop grooming itself or he may be grooming himself excessively. He may start to over groom a particular area on his fur and experience loss of fur in the spot because of it.

  • Your cat may change its daily habits gradually such as eating less or an increase in eating. He may change his activity level also.

    If you suspect that your cat is experiencing stress, you may want to take him in to get checked out, these symptoms could mean that your cat is in pain or is sick. Usually, anytime a cat shows changes in behavior and habits it is an indicator that something is wrong with him. Even if the changes appear subtly or over a period of time, it may indicate that your cat is sick or stressed out.

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