The Truth Behind Tapeworms and Your Cat

When it comes to cats you should know that most of them will experience some type of worm in their life. Two of the most popular worms to be found in a cat are the tapeworm and the roundworm.

What Do Tapeworms Do?

First off you should know that tapeworms are worms that can be found in the inside of your cat where they are feeding off of your cat. Tapeworms are known for making cats pretty sick so if your cat becomes sick you need to look into tapeworms. You should also know that a kitten can get tapeworms from the mother. Another way your cat can come into contact with tapeworms is the litter box, especially if you have more cats.

Are you wondering what tapeworms look like? If you look at a tapeworm you will see that it has more than one segment. Did you know that each of these segments actually holds eggs for the worm? The segments that the egg can be found in will eventually fall off of the tapeworm and show up in your cats stool.

What Are Other Ways A Cat Can Get Tapeworms?

We told you two ways a cat can get tapeworms but we never told you the main way a cat can get tapeworms. You may not believe this but your cat can actually get tapeworms from fleas. It’s true, you see the fleas are known for eating the eggs of the tapeworms that are in the cats stool. Then when the cat is cleaning himself the cat ends up eating the fleas. If you are looking to avoid the infestation of tapeworms in your cat then you need to make sure your cat is flea free.

What Are Some Symptoms of Tapeworms Found in Cats?

When you are trying to determine if your cat is infested with tapeworms then you should start by paying close attention to the way your cat is acting. If your cat has tapeworms you will find he or she scratching and also licking around the rectum. Also another symptom of tapeworms being in your cat is if your cat does not want to eat anything and is irritable.

Looking For Cat Tapeworm Treatment?

If you think your cat has any type of worms then you will need to immediately take your cat to the veterinarian. When you take your cat in for a vet checkup you can count on the veterinarian giving your cat a de worming treatment. De worming medicine is almost always the answer to getting rid of tapeworms in your cat. Another thing you will need to do is clean up the areas of your house that the cat spends his or her time in and also clean the cat’s bed. If you put all of these techniques together along with exercise and make, good diet for your cat and regular vet checkups then your cat should not be getting tapeworms anytime soon.

Do You Want To Prevent Tapeworms in Your Cat?

If you have just go rid of your cats tapeworms then you should make sure he or she does not get them again. In order to do this you will need to make sure your cat does not come into contact with fleas. Your vet will also give you some de worming treatment and will recommend you giving him or her regular doses. In the end when it is all said and done if you follow the proper precautions your cat should be tapeworm free.

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