New Kitten Care-What You Should Do

There are few things that are as fun and exciting as bringing home a new kitten. There is something about how cute and fluffy they are, and the way it makes you happy when they curl up and purr on you. You want to create a good environment for your new kitten and there are some pointers that will help you make sure your home is ready to bring your new kitten to:

  1. Make sure you are completely prepared – have the good, litter box, toys, scratching post and bed already set up and ready for the new kitten to use.

  2. Pay the new kitten attention – make sure that you are handling the new kitten so that they will get used to being touched and enjoy it. They are much more likely to be affectionate, loving adult cats if you spend a lot of time playing and touching them.

  3. Let him get used to you grooming him – the new kitten needs some help with grooming often, and it is a good idea for you to wash his face and clean his eyes and ears everyday.

  4. Introduce him to his new surroundings – introduce your new kitten to everything in the house and area that will be a part of his daily life. The more things you introduce him to will allow him to be more comfortable with them.

  5. Play with the new kitten – kittens love to play, show him affection and play with him everyday.

  6. Feed him kitten food – there are a variety of kitten formulas in food that are best to offer the new kitten the nutrition they need.

  7. Set boundaries – kittens are prone to exploring and seeing what is around, let him know where it is acceptable for him to go or not.

  8. Don’t give in to the meows – kittens tend to meow a lot and although it may be tempting to give in, the new kitten will continue to meow often through his adulthood.

  9. Keep him safe – you have to help your new kitten be safe in his new environment.

  10. Accept that your kitten is a baby - bringing home a new kitten is like having a baby at home, they need lots of love and attention.

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Anonymous said...

I think these points are the best for a new kitten or cat because its very difficult to control a new pet.