What’s For Dinner Tonight For Your Pet Snake?

To start with we are simply going to say if you are feeding your pet snake live food, you may want to start feeding your snake pre-killed food. There are many reasons why we believe you should be feeding your pet snake pre-killed food and that is what we are going to be telling you about within this article.

There are lots of reasons why individuals choose to feed their pet snake live food. One of the reasons why is because people say the snake should be in its natural habitat so feeding the pet snake is only natural. If you are a believer in this then you will be changing your pet snakes feeding habits after you read this. There have been many cases of the pet snake eating live food and getting injured and that is what we will be telling you in the next paragraph.

As we were reading a forum, we came across an individual saying they always fed their pet snake live food and one day there was a fatal accident. Before feeding the pet snake her food they would take the driftwood out of the cage so she wouldn’t mistake the driftwood for food. One day the snake made a fatal error, went to get the rat and got herself bit. When she got bit this caused a punctured lung to the snake and she died minutes later. Yes, it’s sad and that is why we recommend you feeding your pet snake pre-killed food.

Safety reasons is the main reason we recommend you sticking to pre-killed food. 99% of the time your snake will have no problem with eating live rats but there is always that 1% that is still there and that 1% could cost your snakes life. Did you know that there are benefits when it comes to providing your snake with pre-killed food? One of those benefits is the fact that it is available in stores more than live food. They also state that the rats that have been pre-killed didn’t suffer when they were killed un-like that live rat that will be suffering when you feed him or her to your snake.

If you have been worrying about giving your snake pre-killed food then you should not be worrying because chances are you are worrying for no reason. The truth is that nearly every snake is going to be accepting pre-killed food. Yes, it may take a couple of times to get your snake used to eating pre-killed food if he or she has been eating live food but it is all worth it.

When it comes to feeding your snake food that has been pre-killed you will find it pretty easy to do. First you will want to thaw the rodent out for about 30 minutes in warm water. You should keep note that snakes are not going to eat the rodent if it is cold and still frozen. After the rat has been thawed out you should make sure you dry it off and then put the rat in the snakes cage. If at first the snake does not seem interested in this pre-kills rat you can get some thongs and move the rat around. When you move the rat around, it is going to look live to your snake.

There is no doubt that snakes are really good pets and can make good companions for years to come so why should you risk your pet snake dying or getting injured? If you haven’t already then you should start feeding your snake pre-killed food, you will be saving his or her life.

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