The Five Cutest Exotic Pets

If you’re looking for an exotic pet that will be a showpiece and something none of your friends will own, consider these five top picks.


Natives of the rain forest, the Kinkajou are very friendly, which is why they also are very popular pet selections.

They have sharp teeth yet don’t eat just meat. They are nocturnal animals, meaning they like to come out at night and sleep during the day. You’ll have to make sure this schedule fits your schedule.

Bengal Cats

This is not a relation of the Bengal tiger, despite the similarity of the name. Instead, these are cats that have been developed through cross-breeding house cats and exotic cats.

They tend to be larger than the average house cat yet owners report few problems different from those of owning a regular cat. Those would include scratching at furniture.

Sugar Glider

The Sugar glider’s home is Australia. They are marsupials and weigh no more than five ounces. The small animal is very friendly and interacts with people. They are nocturnal and want to play and show affection in the evenings. It’s recommended that you buy two Sugar gliders to provide company when you’re unable to provide it – like in the middle of the night. These will prevent your pet from getting lonely and bored.

You might buy some books on Sugar gliders to read more about them, especially about their diet. Most experts agree they eat diets high in protein and include many insects. Experts tend to disagree exactly on what should be in the rest of the diet, though.

They are messy when they eat because they spit out the pieces of food they don’t want to eat.

Squirrel Monkey

In the wild, squirrel monkeys run in large packs numbering in the hundreds. They are very affectionate animals and are extremely intelligent beings. They can be trained to live in a house but will mark their area, which can be messy in a home.


These are tremendous animals to be around. Chimps are very intelligent and in many ways, similar to us. They are very strong animals and their upper body strength is about five times that of a human being.

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