Dog Arthritis Hurts, What Can You Do For Them?

It does not matter if you know your dog has arthritis or if you just think he does. It is important that no matter which way it is that you give him/her the option of being comfortable. Treatment for dog arthritis is easier today than it has ever been. Here are ways to help your dog have a healthier and better life.


Certain vitamins can help you with your dog’s health and also its pain. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are both in special dog foods that are made for joint relief. They also have been proven to help dogs in the area of pain relief. To reduce your dog’s inflammation you can feed him/her fish. This is because the fish contain Omega Three or you can also buy it in a supplement.

Weight Management

Helping dogs that are overweight will dramatically help them whether or not they have arthritis. Making sure your dog does not become over weight can help to keep him/her form getting arthritis. Start what is known as the BARF diet if your dog is overweight to shed some of those unwanted pounds.


Make sure if you have a big dog not to over exercise him/her. If you over exercise them they can get arthritis much faster and easier than they would if a normal exercise was used. Some good activities for large dogs are walks, but making sure not to walk too far. If your animal shows signs of being tired or hurt do not keep going just go back home.


Make sure to have a soft place for your dog to lie down if he/she has arthritis. If you do not like your dog on the carpets you may want to rethink the issue because carpet is easier on their bodies to walk on. Make sure you get a soft bed for him to lie on to sleep. This will help his body to be more comfortable.

It is very possible to manage arthritis in dogs but it takes a little more care and love.