Dog Arthritis Hurts, What Can You Do For Them?

It does not matter if you know your dog has arthritis or if you just think he does. It is important that no matter which way it is that you give him/her the option of being comfortable. Treatment for dog arthritis is easier today than it has ever been. Here are ways to help your dog have a healthier and better life.


Certain vitamins can help you with your dog’s health and also its pain. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are both in special dog foods that are made for joint relief. They also have been proven to help dogs in the area of pain relief. To reduce your dog’s inflammation you can feed him/her fish. This is because the fish contain Omega Three or you can also buy it in a supplement.

Weight Management

Helping dogs that are overweight will dramatically help them whether or not they have arthritis. Making sure your dog does not become over weight can help to keep him/her form getting arthritis. Start what is known as the BARF diet if your dog is overweight to shed some of those unwanted pounds.


Make sure if you have a big dog not to over exercise him/her. If you over exercise them they can get arthritis much faster and easier than they would if a normal exercise was used. Some good activities for large dogs are walks, but making sure not to walk too far. If your animal shows signs of being tired or hurt do not keep going just go back home.


Make sure to have a soft place for your dog to lie down if he/she has arthritis. If you do not like your dog on the carpets you may want to rethink the issue because carpet is easier on their bodies to walk on. Make sure you get a soft bed for him to lie on to sleep. This will help his body to be more comfortable.

It is very possible to manage arthritis in dogs but it takes a little more care and love.


Pet Halloween Costumes

All dogs and cat just love attention. They love how their owners take care of them as well as make sure they are happy and adored. Pets also like to be a part of any special thing going on in your house or any kind of preparation taking place and show excitement as well as enthusiasm. These excited pets make it easier for their owner to choose a pet Halloween costume.

Of course, there is a chance that if the pet costume is too big or has too many legs or straps that your pet will not like it or most possibly will freak out so it is wise to choose a pet Halloween costume that has minimum strapping and yet looks good on your pet. It is also wise to gradually introduce them to the complete pet costume like first letting him wear the cap or hat if the costume has one and then the cape etc.

All pets whether they are dogs or cat draw the attention of admirers when they see them in pet Halloween costumes. This kind of attention is often loved by the animal and it is always nice to take some pictures and remember that moment for ever.

Many kinds of new pet Halloween costumes can be seen in the catalogues in stores as well as online for 2009. There will also be a sizing chart so that you can be sure that what you are ordering or buying will be of the exact size as too tight or too big pet costumes can freak your pet and he may start chewing or biting them or just behave bad.

The latest idea of pet Halloween costumes for 2009 are the hot dog and ketchup costume for dogs. The swine flu worker costume is also very popular and your pet will surely look awesome in it.

Princess costumes for cats are also very popular and a big female cat will surely draw attention of every stud in the neighborhood. Puss in boots pet cat costume is an all time favorite.

Whatever you do, just make sure that you choose the best pet Halloween costumes for your pet. Buy it now and save a lot of money as there are a lot of discount deals currently.


Pets on Sale

Getting a pet that suits your home and family can be quite a daunting task for many pet lovers. The pet has to meet your lifestyle requirements and the family’s too. This is not helped by the fact that there are hundreds of breeds for cats, dogs, horses and birds available to choose from. Despite there being different arrays of pet breeds to choose from, you will find that every pet has its own personality. The pets also vary in size and weight. It’s therefore important to go for the pet that makes your life fulfilling and happy.

Among the pets on sale are Labrador retriever dog breed pups. The female Labrador measures 21 to 23 inches while the male measure 22 to 24 inches. This dog breed is a favourite to many as it is loyal and agile in nature. This pet is ideal for pet owners who are very active. The dog is an exceptional swimmer. The life expectancy of Labradors is ten years. We have also the Yorkshire dog breed. Adult dogs for these breed can weigh 5 to 7 pounds. The dogs are cheerful and curious in nature. They love to travel and are very portable. The dogs also have a bossy nature and a life expectancy of twelve to fifteen years.

Among the cat breeds that are available for sale are Persian kittens. The beautiful and playful kittens are ideal pets for singles. There are also the exotic spotted Bengal kittens available. They are marble colored and have a short tail. They have a leopard face look. Among the bird breeds available is the lady Gouldian finch. They are available in different colors. There are also cockatiels and parrots breeds available. We also provide fantastic cages for the birds on request by the pet owner.


Dog Names

Naming a dog is part of a special process of bringing a new friend into your family. There are several ways of naming your dog. Some people do like to name their dog depending on their personality; like giving a dog name as Ebony, Happy or shorty. There are also groups of other people who consider their dog as part of their family such that they give a dog human name like Abby, Katy, or Jack. People who look at the dog as pets would give names that are closely associated with animals like Captain, Dazzle, or Scooter.

There is also a group of other people who would like calling their dog names such as Mercedes or Fifi or a tough name like Panzer. A group of others would call their dog silly names like Tooty, Squirt, or Biscuit. Others would name a dog in honor of a previous one. When you buy your dog, it may already have a name so it will depend on you to retain the name or change it to another one of your choice. Nevertheless, it is recommended by animal behaviorists that you change the name because the dog may associate the one it already has with unpleasant experience.

Behaviorists say that a new name will wipe the slate clean thereby signifying a new life. The dog will thus change its behavior once he notices that he is no longer called the name he used to. In other words, the dog name may be the only thing that he knows so it will help him in adjusting into his new home. Being the owner of a dog means that you use a lot of judgment especially if you know the dog’s history. Therefore naming a dog is something interesting, as its name will tend to suggest the behavior of the dog.


How to Keep Pets Cool in Summer

Summer is a nice time for your pet to enjoy being outdoors under the sunshine. Unfortunately, it can endanger your pet because of the generated heat thus you should device ways of keeping your pet cool and away from the summer heat.

It is recommendable that you shave your dog during the summer period. This is because, far from the believe that the dog’s natural coat acts as a type of insulation from heat thus keeping it cool, the reality is that this coat makes it hotter, dirtier and more difficult to control. Thus it’s necessary for you to shave your dog.

Another way of keeping your pet cool would be to ensure fresh water is available at all times. The water should be contained in an appropriate dish which will not absorb the sun’s heat. This container should be kept in a shaded area away from the sun’s scorching rays. In a situation where the pet is very playful such as the case for puppies where they put their paws inside the water splashing it everywhere and dirtying it such that it becomes undrinkable, use an above ground mounted cock or the lixit bottle.

Alternatively, take your pet to a kiddie swimming pool which has approximately an inch of water. The water is an ideal cooling agent thus will certainly work for your pet. To ensure the water maintains its cool, keep it in the shade and refreshed as many times as possible.

In the summer season, avoid taking your pet along with you in the car. This is because cats and dogs do perspire and dispel heat through their feet pads and panting. Incase you leave your pet in the hot car even for a second, it could suffer from heat exhaustion, heat stroke, brain damage or die.


Vital Pet Grooming Tips All Pet Owners Should Know

Pet grooming tips are usually offered for cats and dogs. Cats, although are usually more tough to groom than dogs as they hate water. Other smaller animals such as small rodent pets are easy to groom and taken care of. These pet grooming tips usually involve teeth trimming, nail clipping and a pet bath. Grooming your pet is very important if you want your buddy to be healthy and neat. It is always important that you keep pet grooming in mind when you buy or have a pet at home as he is your responsibility and a part of YOUR family.

Dog Grooming

Grooming is almost necessary in some dog breeds. If your dog requires heavy grooming, you can always check if it is covered under your pet insurance. Proper cleaning and brushing of dog or any pet is a full time job and a skill but with patience, experience and the right equipment, you can save money and do it right at home. Dog grooming may not be easy at home as your dog wouldn’t like it at first. But with effort and patience he will get used to it. However, be very careful while clipping nails as clipping a nail more than required can lead to an injury.

There are many kits available in the market that can help you in pet grooming. You can buy some from all stores. These include clippers and brushes etc. Several pet shampoos are available and you can choose the one which you think is best for your pet. If you pet is allergic to anything, you can even buy hypoallergenic shampoos. Always ask your pet or your pet groomer about important pet grooming tips which can help you in cleaning or grooming your furry little friend.

Pet grooming is a very hard job. You need to be good and skillful with pets in order to maintains its trust so that he/she can let you clean and groom him. Your pet will definitely feel more pampered and important if you spend at least 10-15 minutes a day grooming him.

Pets at home

Pets are man’s best friends because they provide him with companionship, capture his heart and are important members of his family. Therefore pets are an essential part of man’s life and hence deserve to be appreciated as such. This especially applies to today’s life bearing in mind its adrenaline-rushing nature and the resultant exhaustion not to mention the boredom in our homes and our work places. That’s why the pets’ industry has become such a lucrative undertaking with companies like “Pets at home” capitalizing on the pets’ demand, care and availability.

Pets at home is a major player in the pets’ industry, that’s why their online pets shop is reputed for its wide range of pet’s supplies which include dog food, rabbit hutches, cat litters to name a few. To order any of those merchandise and other pet in-home care services requires you to only sign-in or register before you can be considered for purchasing eligibility. The mode of ordering various products in their inventory is either online or frontline as it might suit you or the situation.

Pets-at-home are known to offer our pets professional, personalized service and care. This in-turn translates to ideal care to your pets and peace of mind for you the pet owner. Some of these services include pet sitting which like baby sitting basically involves providing the pets with water and food, exercise and interactive playtime, medication and healthy diets or supplements if necessary, cages and litter box, love and affection, among other important services ideal for healthy growth of your pets.

Mid-day services are also available in pets at home which generally include any efforts aimed at providing your pet with exercise, fun, companion or relief. For instance a dog might require a regular walk during the day, this is better when it’s conducted by a professional.


The Finest 5 natural Dry Pet Foods for your Dog

As being an owner of a dog, it is not nonsense to be much concerned regarding the health of your dog. It is significant to take care as there is almost no stone unturned, when it is the matter of the diet of your dog. You may remember this fine creature, sitting along you in many of memorable times of your life. That is why, taking care of the pet dog, does not remain a passion, it gets to be q responsibility.

Together with many things which can be fed to the dog, the natural dry pet foods appear to be a fine choice. This dog food is not only good in taste but provides proper nutrients. Because it is significant that the pet gains all minerals and vitamins, which are required by the body to stay fit, you require revising the thoughts before buying anything which you will feed him.

Though, lists of natural dry pet foods are available in market that can resolve the problem. Such branded dry pet foods can assist you in both manners - offers the requisite nutrients and also accumulates to the taste of the dog. The finest 5 dry pet foods that are currently available in market are:

Superior Dog rice and chicken formula:

This food is made up from the human grade natural chicken and is consequently, preferred by most. Such product is the medley of proteins, minerals, vitamins, whole grains that enhances palatability. This extremely nutritional food also includes peas, brown rice and carrots.

Peak Protein Formula:

As suggested by name, it is rich in proteins. The main resource of the protein is chicken, as tomatoes, potatoes, salmon and oats offer the requisite minerals and vitamins. Normally used for mature dogs, as it is low in the carbohydrates, it recovers the performance of dog, offering extreme energy level.

Adult Dog's Maintenance formula:

This is the better natural dry pet food that is available in market. No meat by-products, artificial flavors or chemical preservatives are used in such type of foods. Protein offered in such product is normally digestible and vegetable assist in maintaining glowing skin.

Every day Nutrition and health for the Mature Dogs:

Food is chiefly effectual for the dogs that are in later part of their life. Such food assists them to control the accurate balance and become lively even at the high ages. A complete fitness of the adult dogs could be approached by offering such product.

Fat Decreasing Formula:

Such product normally is useful for dogs that are overweight and are not much active. Tri meat proteins present in such product assists the dog in losing weight and regain the expected quantity of energy.

All the above mentioned products are the finest ones in market so choose one of these dry pet foods for your dog.


Which Fish Can Be Kept in Bowls

When planning to rear fish it’s important that you learn the various ways of keeping fish whether for commercial or for aesthetic purposes. One major way of keeping fish is by having them in fish bowls though its been argued that bowls are not natural environments for fish and this affects their longevity negatively if not well maintained. The common kept species of fish on bowls are the gold fish which was initially kept as a pet and is also known to survive in horrid conditions.

Other varieties of fish that are kept in bowls are white cloud minnows, feeder guppies, planty variatus, ballon mollies, zebra danios, salt and pepper Cory catfish, and the flat head minnows. All these have survived well in fish bowls and grown to their full lengths. Other types of fish that have done well and adjusted in bowls are the paradise and the blood fin tetras. Gallom bowls are most recommended mainly for breeding feeder guppies. These are small types of fish that not only thrive but also can reproduce in small amounts of water. The planty variatus are known to survive in cold temperatures especially when it exceeds 68 degrees Fahrenheit. These are best kept in two gallon bowls since they are slightly larger than planty variatus. White cloud minnows is another type kept in fish bowls used as mini-aquariums.

After identifying which fish species fits in which bowls, you need to obtain the correct bowl type and size. The larger the bowl the better since adequate room for swimming is provided. Gather some cultured gravel which has healthy bacteria for breaking down the ammonia from the fish waste into less toxic forms of nitrogen then finally nitrates. Change the water to create a fresh environment for the survival of the fish and all aquatic plants.


Keeping African Grey Parrots Healthy

Like all animals African Grey Parrots require a balanced diet for reproduction purposes and general health, this will include mixes that contain essential quality ingredients that might be lacking in other commercially available mixes. The kind of mixes that are recommended are those that don’t have harmful additives.

Because most African Grey Parrots are known to be extremely prone to low calcium in the blood, it’s incumbent upon you to incorporate a sizeable amount of calcium-rich food in their diet. It’s also equally important to have a vet keep a check of their calcium levels regularly. It should, however, be noted that a calcium level of over 1% in the diet is counter-productive because it decelerates the use of several other nutritional elements.

The kind of food they consume should have lots of fruits, vegetable, medicinal herbs and sprouted seed. Emphasis is laid on the sprouting seed because the sprouting process improves the nutritional value of the grain or the seed, and utilizes the excessive fats in the seed, thereby maintaining a reasonable level of fats.

A cooked diet similar to Dr. Harvey product line is equally important coupled with spray millets or their accessories which provide vitamins and minerals. The African Grey Parrots should be provided with washable toys and birdie necklaces because of their playfulness, the necklaces provide the needed entertainment if worn on the neck of the bird handler, as for the toys they can be placed anywhere the birds are likely to encounter them and offer recreational release which is essential health-wise.

Cages used by these birds should be spacious so that the usual cage accessories can fit and still leave enough room for the bird. Stands, gyms and perches should be made of the right material because some materials might prove harmful to the birds.


What you need to know about Rottweiler Mixes

Once I was so curious to see what exactly the so-called Rottweiler Mixes, I rush to the internet and check out how the Rottweiler look like. The next moment I could notice a picture under which written Rottweiler Mixes soon I satisfied myself and walk away. Oh my goodness!! The internet Rottweiler was quite different from what I have now. So, now I could tell you that using the internet to have a look on the picture of Rottweiler Mixes can be distressing if you are not careful enough. I don’t mean internet as a whole, but there are somewhere you can find the real life picture of Rottweiler Mixes in a home setting.

Beside there are many who are the real owner of Rottweiler mixes and runs sites where they figure out the daily diaries and real picture of their Rottweilers at home. It is always good to check out those good site provides real life of the said animal to improve yourself to know more about the condition of the animal and their daily needs in its everyday life.

A lots of responsibilities can be impost upon you if you are real lover of Rottweiler Mixes and try to get a new one for your own. The stem source can be to check out some the Rottweiler picture. The breeders always know which types are the best and that is why they always trying to show in the internet. Perhaps you can consult them but don’t be overwhelm by their exaggerated word. Because all house are not a good home, so all breeders may not be a good person. Therefore, what is important for you is what you need to know about the Rottweiler Mixes.

It is said that mixed dogs are generally healthier than the other normal breed dogs the only problem is they need the go for vet annually. Normally, they are bigger than those purebred dogs, as to this they need more food to survive, apart from this they also need a bigger room as to match their size. While purebred dogs can live till twelve years the Rottweiler Mixes can only live hardly for ten years if they are healthy enough.

Since they are bigger in size for them to move freely is somewhat impossible, they are also appearing like lazy dogs. However, the good side of them is that they become a very dear friend for the owners. Also, thing worth consider is, unity we stand divided we fall. Similar to this Mixes dogs being Hodge-pot a combination of many dogs have more strength and possess high-energy in that they are protective from strangers and thieves in the house.

Every big dog always need more space and more food to consume, further they are a very good spoiler whose work are hush to make things mess-up. So you are unlucky from another perspective. However, you are fortunate for normally Rottweiler Mixes are good-looking dogs at the same time a good housekeeper too. Lastly, but not the least Rottweiler Mixes have the bad reputation as being dangerous dogs and this should keep you always aware while possessing a Rottweiler.


Pet Pictures

Do you like to have your pictures taken on camera? The very same reasons go to pets. Pets are part of our lives and family from that very moment we decide to take them in. What about that time when you will no longer have your pet close due to one or more reasons. What will you have to cherish? Pet pictures are important as it provides us with something to hold on to as a reminder of our beloved pet.

Pet pictures are very beautiful to look at and when their pictures are used to adorn the walls of the house, a feeling of warmth and rejuvenation fills the room. There are also events in our lives that involve our pets as well for instance a certain competition. This is a very important opportunity for you to take pictures of your pet in commemoration of this event. Each pet has a certain impact in the lives our families; hence we should appreciate their presence in our lives by engraving their never ending presence in a picture.

A pet as an animal has feelings. It will have the feeling of knowing whether it is appreciated or not. By taking pet pictures, it is a sign of your appreciation and fondness for your pet. Store the pictures of your pet safely in a photo album or blanket.

You can take many pictures of your pet in different postures, standing, lying down or napping. The resulting pet pictures are usually very beautiful and fun to look at.

Thereby, it is important to take pet pictures the same way we have pictures taken of ourselves. Consequently, we should make sure these pictures are stored safely as a sign that our pets live among us forever despite the fact that they may be actually gone for good.


Homemade Cat Food

Many people wonder if they can make homemade cat food . Its important to realize that cat food can be prepared quite easily from home with simple ingredients. The most common ingredients for cat food made from home are different types of meats and food flavorings. However, remember to avoid some ingredients as they can be sometimes fatal or otherwise harmful to the cat. The foods one should always avoid are chocolate, pork (that includes bacon too), raw eggs and fish. Studies have shown that these ingredients have adverse effects on cats.

Some people make the mistake of feeding their cat, dog food! This should be avoided at all costs as the dog’s metabolism is quite different from that of the cats. It’s a known fact that cats require more protein content in their meals than canines. Feeding your cat a vegetarian diet will not supplement its protein requirements. It’s also important to reduce the amount of tuna that you feed your cat as it’s widely associated with large amounts of mercury which can be harmful to the cat.

If you are not giving vitamin A supplements to your cat; try feeding it liver but in small quantities. Make a list of many suitable homemade cat food recipes from the internet. There are also do - it - yourself books on cat food preparation on many bookshelves. The one thing you will find very common in the recipes is that the food is very high on protein content.

One of the favorite homemade cat food recipes is fried eggs mixed with 4 oz of mutton and a blend of carrot. The meat and the eggs should be cooked nicely. You can also add flavorings of cheese to the recipe. The food should be accompanied with flavorings like kelp powder for it to taste.


Cats Names

When choosing your cats name it’s important for you to put into consideration all essential issues that may relate to it either positively or negatively. Nowadays, a database that contains a wide range of designed cats name is provided and is accessible to anyone looking for a cat name. The cat name choices found in these cat names database are intelligently organized and so it’s not a daunting task to choose what name you prefer.

Just like any other pet’s name, a cats name always bears a significant message about the cat and about you too. This is in relation to what stands in ones memory about the name, whether it’s a description of something special to you, or in another sense a particular personality, certain looks or even ethnic backgrounds hence maintaining reference on all specified issues. By perfectly choosing a fitting cat’s name you display your ability to creatively and intelligently give sense to different aspects that relate to you closely.

Organizations that offer the database on cats name usually organize them into categories, according to gender and age; then all the information is analyzed into subcategories. Naming your cat is a personal decision and so the preferred unique name too requires a bit of your inspiration. In these name databases there are always cute and dainty names that are innovatively established in regard to the known variety of breeds, the common colors and characteristics that are related to cats.

The cat’s domestic ratings have over time held great fascination to humans since they have overtime been used as symbols of beauty, grace, power and they have as well been used by many writers and artists as favorite subjects in their production. Hence cats name is an essential aspect in relation to how they are cushioned in their rearing as a member of your household.


Should I Adopt a Bird?

How many people do you know would adopt a bird? I haven’t but a few who have the desire to actually adopt a bird. It has been discovered that there are birds available and awaiting for someone to take them into their family by adoption.

Taking care of a bird or a lifetime is a great responsibility. When comparing with a child that bird will be solely dependent upon you to take care of them. Therefore if you decide to adopt a bird, it has to be made up in your mind completely.

You must exercise patience and be able to handle all the tasks that comes with taking care of bird. You will see the wings on a bird fall off, therefore extra cleaning may be needed.
A bird does not requires;

a lot of water
bird food
a clean cage

Once you place the proper essentials in their cage, they will not be a problem. Check the bird cage daily for cleanliness. It is important to house your bird cage in the patio area outside of your home so that the bird can get plenty of fresh air.

You should make sure that the bird cage remains locked, so that the bird will not fly away. Birds are most common to make good pets just like other animals such as owls, maybe eagles.

The mocking bird should be a good bird to adopt because it mocks and the humming bird will sing a melody to you.


Important Tips for your Pet Parrot

It is important to obtain the proper training for your pet parrot. It will help you provide the proper care and make your parrot happy and healthy. The type of training for parrots involves the teaching tricks for parrots. All pet parrots have behavior issues, and the training methods will help you understand it better.

Proper training provides a healthy and well behaved parrot. Here are some Training tips that will be helpful;

1. All training sessions should be short and straight to the point.
2. The location of the training should be in a quiet area with good lighting.
3. Before training your parrot you should be sure that you are relaxed.
4. Be patient when training your parrot.

It is important to teach your parrot to balance itself on your finger or your shoulder. This is the area that is most comfortable when acting with your parrot.

When teaching your pet parrot to talk, you should select a simple word like (hi, or hello) you can continue to repeat it until he picks up on it and starts saying it. Don’t try and teach him so many words at a time. Allow your parrot to get used to one word before proceeding with another one. Once your bird start making progress it is a good idea to reward him a treat. The treats that parrots like the most are crackers.

When training your parrot, you should take your time and be fair with your parrot. Be fair to your parrot and make it fun to learn.

You would be amazed at how fast your pet parrot learns when you use the above tips.


Having a Pet Parrot can be fun

The needs of a parrot or basic and does not require a lot of work. The main things you should get for your parrot is;

a suitable size cage
newspaper (which will line the cage with)

It is important to talk to your pet, because a parrot requires a lot of attention. They rely on the human friends to relate to them. A parrot is somewhat like a child, they will repeat what you say and memorize it.

You should study and familiarize yourself with the basic needs of your pet parrot;

the foods they like to eat
the environment
maintaining their health

Be careful to observe the behavior of your pet parrot. Take precaution if anything unusual thing would happen. You should clean the parrots cage on a daily basis.

It would be wise to have two parrots instead of one. A parrot does not get lonely but they will have someone to keep them company if you are away. But if your parrot does get lonely it may create a problem. If you live in an apartment building, the parrot will make a very annoying noise if they are agitated.

Also you can make sure that your pet parrot is happy and at peace by providing the basic essentials that are required. Having a parrot for a pet is not strange among many people. They are one of the perfect pets especially for those who are single and live alone.


A Fish for a Pet

Most fish comes in a variety of sizes and colors. They are found swimming in ponds, lakes and rivers. If you desire to have a fish for a pet, there are responsibilities that you must carry out on a daily basis.

Keep the water clean in the fish bowl.
Feed the fish daily, be careful not to over feed them.

Here are things that you can do to make your pet fish environment beautiful.

Decorate the tank that is suitable pet living. All fish tanks beautify the home so you would want a nice appropriate tank that would be presentable for in home.

It is important to take proper care of your fish. You should maintain good health of your fish and provide weekly maintenance of your fish tank or pond. This method will give your fish longevity living with the days to come.

One type of fish that is known as a good pet is called the “Koi Carp” fish. They are distinguished more for their beautiful colors. This type of fish is also known to have an unique personality. The Koi Carp fish has a behavior that is active, so when considering a pond or tank it must be large enough to swim in. It must also have the water size of at least 500 gallons of water. the Koi Carp fish will not survive in a small pond or tank.

It is important to educate yourself on your fish. You must have all the basic knowledge of understanding the proper care to manage your pet fish. Also it is vitally important to maintain the health of the fish by checking the temperature and quality of the water daily.


Are Dogs More Friendly Than Cats

We may have different opinions on this issue but depending on previous interaction, for instance if you have been attached to all these type of pets or one of the types you have a point to support. Delivering this from experience, if you ever had time with both the pets, dogs and cats, you can have every reason to agree with me that, the dogs are friendlier and also loyal than cats are.

Dogs remain with us always while cats do it when they have too little to do. It is self-spoken that the dogs belong to the class of pack animals and believe in working as a team. This is one of the reasons that the dogs do not like living in the wild rather they consider us part and parcel of the pack.

Dogs stick to fellow dogs and this is obviously extended to us as a major part of their world. All in all, this pack bears different rankings with humans being the top dogs in relation to the dog pack. When our presence is not realized, a problem may crop up leading to assumed leadership.

Cats tend to survive on their own avoiding human beings attention thus they love living in groups. Their lack of friendship comes in because they may not rely on leadership but rather, depend on us while they want us to feed them.

Cats have the tendency to walk from house to house in search of better offers. Sometimes the cat may leave the home for the neighborhood but a dog which has a friendly owner has no reason to go for this, rather it sticks to him.

Much as we need some declaration, dogs tend to have a very strong bond with people than cats and a dog does this to reward people’s efforts.


Keeping your Cat in Style

As a pet owner you should want your cat to look and feel its best at all times. Your cat does not have to be an ordinary cat. There are accessories that will have your cat looking like one in million.

Some accessories may include;

little baby shirts
bells to hang around their neck or collars.
little footsies for their hands and feet
little hats

This will give your cat an appearance that the world will love to see. When your friends see your cat they may think you are crazy for doing so, but they can learn to love it.

You should choose a stylish collar for your cat to wear. If your cat is ever lost, they will be noticed with the distinguished and stylish collar.

Always protect your cat from other vicious animals and dogs. They are tender, fragile and easily hurt.

Remember you are the master of your cat, therefore keep them looking and smelling good. This style will keep your cat looking and feeling great. When keeping your cat stylish, make sure they eat the best cat foods in the most eloquent of dishes.

A cat is small like a little baby. They are treat with sensitivity and compassion. There are numerous books with other appealing ideas that you can use to make your cat stylish. Your cat should be seen and not heard in an abusive way. Be kind to your cat and treat them with care. There are other interesting ideas in a book called, “The Secrets of life” by the author Liz Barton. You can find this book at your local bookstores or check on the internet for other locations throughout your country.


Your Cat can Experience Stress

Stress is not common to the human person, but it has been demonstrated in cats also. Your cat will become very irritable and with great discomfort. It is important to know the various ways to keep stress away from your cat.

Here are just a few:

Keeping your litter box clean. When a cat refuse their own litter box, that is the first sign of stress in a cats life. You should immediately inspect the litter box to make sure that you do not find any problems.

Observe your surrounding areas - your cat will react according to the area that they are in. Be sure and pay close attention to where you reside and the things that are around you.

Hiding - A cat can have panic attacks or maybe even go into hiding. This is a major concern that involves stress in a cat.

Aggression - Your cat will show aggression toward a certain type of people, so you should observe the type of people that are around. They will also become threatened by angry animals.
Pay attention to your cat’s appetite - If your cat is happy they will have no problem with eating or playing. Your cat can experience stress due to lack of the wrong type of food or lack of proper nutrition.

You must take it upon yourself to know and understand your cat. This will help you help your cat overcome the stress that can overwhelm them.


Homemade Dog Food Recipes That You Can Create Yourself

All dog foods are not similar, and because the quality is different, many owners, in the hunt to keep their pet’s health at its peak, have discovered that the best option is to make homemade dog food. For this reason many Internet sites all over the internet have come up with different homemade dog food recipes.

Majority of these recipes posted are loaded with the right ingredients for precise nutrition and even provide the proper vitamins so that your pet can be at the best of its health. It is a good deal for you and your pet.

Almost all ingredients used to make homemade dog food can be available at any market easily.
Time is of course, the largest outlay to making homemade dog food, however most pet lovers agree that the consideration of saving their pet from an agonizing death due to the damaging additives that have been found in commercially prepared dog food are well worth the time that is spent in making the feed at home.

Making homemade dog food not only is good for your pets health but can save you a considerable amount of money. By making dog food at home, you dog can experience different tastes and you can easily judge what he likes and what he dislikes. Good animal nutrition should never cost too much when the solution is easy and can be done at home.

A good and easy homemade dog food recipe is given below.


2 whole chicken breasts

2 peeled and cubed potatoes

2 cups of uncooked rice

Six cups of water

3 peeled and sliced carrots

1 cup of celery (sliced)


Put the chicken in a pot and pour water over it.

Put the potatoes, celery and carrots in the pot and also include some salt. Let it simmer for 2 hours or till the chicken is cooked and tender.

After that, add the rice and let in cook for another twenty five minutes till the rice have absorbed the liquid.

Take it off the heat and stir it and then let it cool.

Serve it to your dog when it is at room temperature and see how quickly he finishes it and wants more.


Making your home a Safe Haven for your Pet

Many people call their homes a “Safe Haven” and it should be, this is the place where you are comfortable, a place where you reside on a day to day basis. You want your lifestyle to be at ease and stress free for yourself, now it can be also for your pet. If you are a pet lover and you allow your pet to live in your home, you should protect it. Pets are not humans, but they are the human species and should be treated as such. Your home should be comfortable for your pet by maintaining cleanliness and also creating a special place for the pet to live.

Below are just some recommended tips that you can use;

· Make sure that your pet has the proper training for staying in the home.

· You should always love your home and keep it beautiful. Stylish decorators will help you with the designing of your home for your pet.

· Avoid any type of fabrics that can be easily torn.

· You can use covers for your furniture instead of upholstery.

· Using shades instead of blinds and curtains to avoid tearing.

· You should cover the electrical outlets a lot cats and dogs are curious to pick at unknown objects.

· Safeguard your latches on your window… a lot of dogs run to the window when they hear noise on the outside.

· Be sure that your items in your bathroom or not within reach. Keep your toilet seat down so that the pets won’t go mistake it for drinking water.

You can maintain a Safe Haven home for you and your pet by following the above mentioned tips. All pets like toys, you can find one that your pet enjoys to play with to keep him occupied and active.


What to do When Traveling with Amphibians

Amphibians are cold-blooded animals. Frogs, newts, salamanders and toads are all examples of amphibians. To take care of an amphibious creature requires quite a bit of effort. They need careful care and very specific environments to remain healthy. Since they are high-maintenance at their home environment, that means they would be very hard to maintain in a traveling situation. Even though a frog is away from home, it still needs the proper care to remain comfortable and healthy.

When traveling, an owner should basically already know how their animal is and, therefore, know how to maintain a stable environment for it. If a person owns a frog, they should know to keep it away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Again, amphibians are cold-blooded and needs to be kept away from a lot of heat. With that being said, a person should most likely pack their amphibian in a clear, but not easily destructible, container that can accept heat that will make the creature comfortable.

The water inside the container should be free of chlorine. While traveling, it is recommended that the owner change the water if it gets dirty. Changing the water every three or four days is also fine. Is the owner is traveling for a few days, the owner should bring along plenty of crickets or other kinds of favorite foods. Making sure that the amphibian remains comfortable, healthy and satisfied are all essential qualities to guarantee a pleasant and safe traveling experience.

Owning a Piranha

Despite their well-known nature of being vicious and biting whatever comes their way, piranhas can actually be amusing pets. Unless an owner reaches their hand into the tank, the piranhas won’t bite. However, piranhas have been known as enjoyable pets to watch if they get into small, bickering fights with each other.

To purchase a piranha, a person would normally go to their local pet store. Pet stores usually carry the milder and smaller Red Bellied Piranha, though. For the fish that will pack a bigger punch and carry more attitude, a person would most likely have to search on the internet to find a specialty seller instead. After buying the piranha, they will need a tank to live in. For each piranha purchased, there should be 25 gallons of water.

For feeding, piranha can eat both live and manufactured foods. Mice, as well as worms and feeder fish, are common live food products. On the other hand, frozen meat cubes and fish bait are the more manufactured type foods. The cost for maintaining a piranha is around $5 to $200. However, depending on the quality of the piranha, its home, its food and other various luxuries, the costs could add up to hundreds more, or less. Basically, the circumstances depend mainly on the owner themselves.

Owning a Cockroach

The most common type of cockroach to keep as a pet is the Madagascar hissing cockroach. While most people may think that cockroaches are merely creatures that hide in the darkest part of the house and scurry away whenever someone appears, they can actually make pretty good pets.

The Madagascar hissing cockroach lives for about 2 to 3 years, or even up to 5. They are a dark reddish-brown or black and can reach the size of 1.5 to 3 inches. This creature is docile, which makes it easy to handle and is good for people who are beginning to learn how to take care of another living being. Cockroaches are normally kept in a 10-15 gallon tank with more than one of their kind. The owner can put wood shavings (not cedar or pine, though) so the cockroaches may bury themselves and feel comfortable.

The temperature for hissing cockroaches is usually kept between 75-90 degrees F (24-32 degrees Celsius). Madagascar hissing cockroaches like to be fed a variety of fruits and vegetables, but try to avoid feeding them head lettuce, sticking with romaine or leafy lettuces’ are better. The cockroaches enjoy it when the fruits and vegetables are combined with dry dog food. A favorite food would be carrots but they also like oranges, apples, bananas, tomatoes, celery, squash and peas. In addition to the food, a shallow dish with cotton, or some other absorbent material, with water should be provided.


Pros and Cons of Owning a Pet Spider

Nowadays, people are wanting more and more unusual creatures to keep as pets. For some, having the normal dog or cat as a pet is too “average” and they would like to spice things up a bit more. Therefore, insects, arachnids and other interesting species are becoming popular in the pet market. Spiders, especially, are becoming an icon for nice household pets.

Tarantulas and wolf spiders are the most common types of arachnids “infesting” homes. Some of the advantages of having spiders as pets are:

- They are quiet and clean.
- Spiders don’t need a lot of living space.
- They can be interesting to observe.
- Pet spiders don’t need much interaction or socialization.
- Less expensive to maintain.
- Can serve as valuable and unique learning tools for people of all ages.

However, there are a few obvious downfalls of owning such a pet. For one, spiders are venomous. By pure nature, they’ll bite and could, quite possibly, cause major harm to their handler. Spiders don’t only cause harm through biting. Tarantulas, when agitated or scared, have hairs that could cause skin irritation or vision damage if near the eye. Another disadvantage would be that spiders don’t usually like interaction. They’re also quite fragile. If a person were to handle a tarantula and accidentally drop it, the abdomen could rupture and cause instant death. No fun, right?

Either way, for a person who doesn’t necessarily want a high maintenance pet, a spider could be a nice companion. The owner simply needs to remember the pros and cons of what they are caring for.


What to do if You’re Traveling with Fish

Traveling from one place to another can be tiring and slightly difficult, especially with a fish. Fish require special treatment, obviously. They don’t breathe the same way people do; they eat different foods and live in an entirely different environment. All and all, fish need plenty of water. Therefore, traveling with a fish can be quite hazardous.

Luckily, there are some tips for a traveling fish owner that are decently easy to follow. When taking the fish with you, be sure to obtain a smash-proof container. A pail with air holes or a sturdy plastic bag could also work. Fill a third of the container with water from their aquarium and place the fish in. If using a plastic bag, be sure to double bag it and tie with a rubber band. However, keep in mind that, even though the bag is doubled, it can be very easy to puncture. Be sure to bring plenty of backups in case of emergency.

When loading up whichever vehicle you are using for transportation, make sure to keep the fish container in an easily accessible spot. For every four to six hours, it is recommended that the fish owner open the container to let in fresh air. Before the trip begins, it is suggested that the owner bring as much of the original aquarium water as possible. This allows the fish owner to change out the water in the container so that the fish can be cleaner. The fish should be placed into the aquarium as soon as the owner arrives at the end destination.


How to Travel with Birds

In my mind, birds are one of the most unusual kinds of animal for a person to bring with them on a trip. Small birds, such as canaries, finches and budgies are birds that a very easily startled. Thus, they don’t necessarily work well when it comes to traveling on a plane. On the other hand, bigger birds, such as cockatoos and macaws, like to travel. Traveling gives them the chance to become excited about the rest of the world and sparks their curiosity. Also, if they are left alone at home, they can suffer separation anxiety.

Contrary to popular belief, traveling with birds isn’t difficult. However, there are still some essential tips to keep in mind when bringing your bird buddies along. First, a person should access the routine of the bird and if they will be able to maintain that same pattern. Young birds haven’t established a difficult routine yet but more mature birds may have a certain way of living that they do not want to change. Both of you will most likely have to compensate on some things.

When traveling, be sure to make time for your bird. Ask questions like: How long can they comfortably stay in their cage? Will I have time for them when I arrive at my destination? Is it legal to take my bird into this country or state? All of these are essential questions to gain important knowledge so that the trip doesn’t get ruined in the end. Also, it is recommended to get your bird vaccinated for any potential sicknesses (this also prevents their ‘normal’ sicknesses from infecting other countries/states).

What Are Some of the Most Unusual Pets?

Within the world, there a lot of different animals! The animals that people tend to keep at pets only cover a small portion of all the creatures that inhabit the world. However, even thinking “outside of the box” doesn’t fuller cover all the kinds of creatures that can be kept as a pet. A few of the most unusual pets are: wallabies, tarantulas, piranhas, potbellied pigs, Madagascar hissing cockroach, skunks, the “Pac man” frog, sugar gliders, hermit crabs, and stick insects.

When it comes to owning a piranha, a person should not be faint of heart. This creature is known to live up to its Hollywood title as being vicious and doesn’t necessarily hesitate to bite whatever comes its way. Be careful! Now, on the other hand, tarantulas aren’t so bad. Contrary to what they are known for, tarantulas are not usually dangerous or aggressive. This animal is becoming quite popular mainly because of their interesting and low-maintenance nature.

The most unusual pet, in my opinion, would have to be the Madagascar hissing cockroach. I find it completely unique how people actually own such a creature as a pet! This roach can grow up to three inches long and over an inch wide. Luckily, they do not bite and are, in fact, great pets for children to be around. The Madagascar hissing cockroach is quite clean, odorless, docile and harmless creatures.


Should I keep my cat in or outside of my home?

As a pet owner, you should decide if you are going to keep your cat on the inside or outside of your home. If you have allergies, you would have to take the proper medications so that you would be able to tolerate your cat.

Your home must be house proof before you bring your cat home. Here are some things you can do whether you decide to keep your cat in or outside of your home.

1. Protect your valuables. Keep all your most important items put away, because cats like to roam around and get into things.
2. Protect your furniture. If you have cotton fabric, it is not a good idea to keep a pet in your home. Pets has long claws and they love to run and jump on furniture.
3. Train your pet. Take your cat to obedience school so he or she may learn obedient measures.

Most cats carry fleas and ticks and if your cat lives your home you will be open to having them in your home. There are many cats who live indoors, but they can also survive outdoors as well. If your cat is outdoors, be sure and keep them gated so they won’t wonder and get lost. If your cat is inside and you have to leave be sure and open a window so that your cat will have air to breathe. Your house will suffocate of cat hairs if your windows are sealed shut.

The choice of keeping your pet indoors or outside is very important. The information above has been proven to help pet owners make wise decisions while taking care of their pet. Your decision should be based not only on your family but the neighbors that lives around you.


What to do When Traveling with Reptiles

It seems like, nowadays, people are traveling more and more with their animals. Creatures of all kinds are popping up in airports and flying below the deck of an airplane. Now, with all of those animals, there come many precautions, careful preparations and extensive safety procedures. One of the most difficult types of animals to travel with are reptiles.

Reptiles, even in their home environment, can be quite troublesome. They need specific amounts of heat, certain foods (insects, etc) and their cages might need to be cleaned daily. With that being said, can you imagine how difficult it’d be to pack up a reptile to travel on an airplane for a couple of hours? There are, however, pet carriers made especially for traveling reptiles. Said carriers are usually made from cardboard. They aren’t necessarily long time use carriers but they get the job done for small airplane trips. The boxes have small vent holes which, quite obviously, allow the reptile to breathe.

Lucky for reptiles, though, they don’t necessarily have to be stored below the seating area of the plane. Of course, that all varies on how the airline company is. Some airlines may want the reptiles to be away from other passengers or they may allow them to be counted as a carry-on. Either way, it is suggested that the pet owner make sure the traveling box is as comfortable as possible. Being confined in a dark, unfamiliar and, most possibly, cold space may cause the reptiles great stress which could affect it in negative ways later on.


Keeping the Fleas away from your Pet

Keeping the Fleas away from your Pet

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Keeping the Fleas away from your Pet

Many fleas try and live and dwell in the fur of most pets. If your pet lives in your home, you want to definitely keep fleas away from your pet. Most pets can become allergic to fleas which will cause them to become sick. Most local stores in your city will have multiple creams and ointments that you can use to protect your pet from fleas.

The most common sign that your pet has fleas is persistent scratching and biting parts of his body. Be sure and get him checked out once you see the signs. If the scratching persists then you can take a part of his hair and have it inspected by a pet doctor. The pet doctor will be able to determine what is the cause of the fleas.

Your pet should be cleaned daily to prevent any type of diseases from attaching itself to him. Your pet should wear a flea collar daily. There are numerous types of cleansers that will protect your pet such as sprays, creams, and soaps.

The most important thing is to disinfect your home with the right solution that will get the fleas out of your home. Fleas can hide away in carpet as well as plants in your home.

Here are some ways you can disinfect your home from fleas;

1. Remove the cushions from your home and have them professionally cleaned.
2. Take your rugs and shake them outdoors.
3. Spray a flea repellant on your plants and outside patio area.


Keeping Your dog From Bothering Your Neighbors

A dog can carry on a lot of noise with their barking noise, but there is something that you can do. Here are some things that you can do to keep your dog from bothering the neighbors;

1. Observe your dog when he first starts barking and find out what is setting him off to bark continuously.

2. Be sure your dog gets the attention that he needs like;

Ÿ exercise - daily walks in the park will be essential for both you and your pet. It enables him to get plenty of oxygen for his lungs.

Ÿ proper food nutrition - when feeding your pet, be sure and read the labels for the right ingredients contained in the food.

Ÿ showing love to your pet - give your pet the much needed attention he deserves.

This will help you identify the root of your dogs problem. You can begin immediately trying to solve the problem.

3. Another good tip is spending quality time with your pet. All dogs need tender loving care and just like babies, toddlers and adults they do not like to be ignored.

4. Make sure your pet is sleeping at night and also a nap throughout the day. This will help your pet not to be so anxious when various activities occur on a daily basis.

In conclusion I can tell you that if you follow the above tips and utilize them daily. If your pet continues to bark out of control, then you may want to seek medical attention immediately.


Insects as Pets? Really?

The typical examples of pets are dogs, cats, gerbils, rabbits…the list goes on. However, some people are beginning to keep insects as house pets! Keeping an insect as a pet can require quite a bit of work and preparation, though. Bugs needs adequate air and space, correct temperatures, foods that are proper for the insect, surroundings that are similar to their natural environments, proper amounts of moisture and light, plenty of rocks, plants and other various shelter areas as well as varying foods and habitats. Overall, there are a lot of variables for keeping an insect.

When it comes to the container for plant eating insects, such as beetles, caterpillars and stick insects, a run-of-the-mill wooden or wire container with a net cover. Also, when purchasing an insect home, keep in mind of what size they will mature to and what their offspring will need for space.

For food and water, water should bae provided daily for most insects. The water can be kept in a small container filled with cotton wool or a sponge to prevent drowning. The food (twigs, etc) can also be used for climbing or shelter but that depends on the personality of your insect. Maintenance requires that the insects’ home stay clean and well stocked with food and water. Insects take time to look after.


Why should I protect my Pet?

A pet is a mans best friend. As you travel along your journey, you can prepare your pet for the ride by making sure he or she has his basic necessities which are:

Ÿ pet food - be sure and the food you choose has the proper nutrients and vitamins that will keep your pet happy.
Ÿ a dog blanket - If it gets cold in some areas you want to make sure that your pet keeps the right temperature.
Ÿ dog toys - pets have toys that are displayed at various pet stores. Be sure and choose one that will not harm them.
Ÿ pet ramp (which helps protects your pet step out of a truck or van.)

These are items that will make your pet comfortable as he rides along in your vehicle. If you have to leave him alone in your vehicle make sure that you give him or her enough air to breathe. It is against the law to leave a pet in a hot vehicle without providing a way for them to breathe. A pet can suffocate in minutes if they get too hot.

Your pet can protect you from harm and danger. A pet is useful as a protector in the day or night when a prospective burgular is trying to invade you or your property. A pet can also keep you company as a single person living alone.

Make sure your pet has the proper nutrition and exercise daily. They should have daily walks in the park to maintain the energy flow throughout their bodies.


Three Breeds of Guinea Pigs

Along with rabbits, guinea pigs have because very popular household pets. Even though guinea pigs are part of the rodent species, they aren’t necessarily known for acting or even looking like a normal rodent (rats, mice, etc). Also, despite their name, these creatures are not pigs of any sort nor do they come from Guinea. In fact, guinea pigs originated in the Andes. Over the years, guinea pigs have become known as pets around the world. Western societies have enjoyed guinea pigs of members of their families for many, many years. Three of the more popular breeds of guinea pigs would include: the American guinea pig (also known as the English Cavy), Abyssinian guinea pig and the Peruvian guinea pig.

The American guinea pig has a smooth and short coat. This breed can be found in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The American is one of the most popular and oldest breeds of guinea pig known today. The next breed of guinea pig to talk about is the Abyssinian. The Abyssinian breed has a very distinctive appearance. The coat is made up of multiple swirls of hair (often referred to as rosettes). The hair is dense and coarse and radiates in circles from multiple locations on the body.

The third breed of guinea pig is the Peruvian. The Peruvian guinea pig breed has a smooth and straight coat and can grow several inches in length. There is a natural part in the middle of the hair down to the center of the back. The hair also grows forward over the head. The coat of the Peruvian often requires a great deal of daily grooming so owners tend to cut the hair to make it more manageable.


Different Marsupials

Marsupials are considered to be in the infraclass of mammals. They are characterized by their distinctive pouch, which is used for females to carry their offspring. The three most common marsupial animals are: kangaroos, possums and koalas.

Kangaroos are endemic (ecological state of being unique to a particular geographic location) to the continent of Australia. Kangaroos are not farmed but some wild ones are hunted for meat, sport and the protect grazing land for sheep or other various farm animals. The kangaroo is a national symbol for Australia. Since they are marsupials, they have a large pouch in their stomach region which can be used to hold their young.

The largest in the possum family is the Common Brushtail Possum. Along with the kangaroo, this breed of possum is also a native of Australia. The Common Brushtail possum is nocturnal. During the day, possums usually sleep in a den in a hollow tree. Also being a marsupial, possums carry their offspring in a pouch in their body as well.

Last is the koala. The koala is the thickest arboreal marsupial herbivore that is native to Australia. Koalas are normally found in the coastal regions of eastern and southern Australia. Populations extend for considerable distances inland in regions with enough moisture to support suitable woodlands. Koalas usually eat eucalypt leaves. With their offspring, koalas will keep them in their pouch and, when they’re bigger, the parent koala will usually carry the child on their back.


How to Travel with a Dog, or Cat, of Any Size

For a pet owner, traveling can be a very complicated event. If they are going to be staying at their destination for a long period of time, then what are they going to do with their animals? Do the pets go to a kennel? To a friends’ house? Or do the animals come along with the owner? Since I’m using an example situation in which the owner is away for a long time, I would think that brining the pets along would be one of the best choices. Leaving a pet at a kennel or with a friend may not be as comfortable with the animal as being with their owner. Also, many airline traveling companies are adapting to the growing “fad” of pet owners brining their animals along.

Most of us know how to take care of ourselves for an airplane trip but animals are quite different. Depending on the size of your dog, or cat, determines whether or not they’ll be able to travel with you in the upper or lower part of the plane. Cats are usually tiny enough to be held in a regular pet carrier but dogs can vary greatly in size. Tiny dogs, such as Chihuahua’s, Yorkshire Terriers or Maltese’s, are normally pets that travelers can take with them as a carry-on. However, for dogs like Boxer’s, Great Dane’s or Retriever’s, they’ll need to be kept below the seating area.

For a dog that needs to be placed in the lower part of the plane, the owner should most probably follow some tips. For one, it is recommended that the owner had a kennel in which the dog can fully stand and turn around. Ventilations should also be adequate, the bedding should have plenty of padding and it is highly-I repeat, highly!-suggested that a person vaccinate their animal before taking their trip.


German Shepherd Dog Your Companion

The word German shepherd was coined by Max von Stephanitz which literally means “Sheep herding dogs”. He welded a variety of sheep herding dogs into a breed.

In 18th & 19th centuries, Dogs were used to herd sheep and cattle by the shepherds in Germany but those dogs were of no specific origin. The only requirement was one of utility and not much importance was giving to its looks. By late 1900’s, that a movement was begun to improve the methods of sheep herding.

This method was begun and led by Captain von Stephanitz and it lead to the formation of the Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde, SV. This led to the development of Modern German Shepherd Dogs. These breeds have sustained a position in the top 10 registered breeds in the United States. Now German Shepherd Dogs can be seen in different parts of the world.

When comparing to other breeds German shepherd dogs are large dog breeds. Its fur color can be tan & black or red & white. They are also available in all white, all black, blue, liver and sable. A German shepherd can live up to 11 to 12 Years.

The German Shepherd Dogs are characterized by its excellent Intelligence, adaptability, energy and strength. The German shepherds have become a most popular and acceptable breed because of its trainability and loyalty.

The German shepherd have high Intelligence and they are considered as the world’s third most intelligent breed just next to Border Collie and Poddle. Training these breeds are easy, as it is a fast learner, Just about five repetations and the dog can understand what you are about to teach, However the training would be best, if we try to teach, when it is a puppy.

These breeds are highly adaptable. They are friendly with the people. They are associated with, and even with small children. They are very loyal and faithful to their owners, the only thing is we have to look after them with great care and love.

They have great strength which can knock down anyone at one push. They have well built body than other dog breeds.

These breeds are also of great help in detecting death threats like explosives, during search and rescue operations like narcotics detection and cadaver searching.

The German shepherd can be affected by its own ailments which include bloat and aortic stenosis, which can later on lead to arthritis. Proper care should be taken to maintain these breeds in good health.

As these breeds are taller, a higher fence should be provided to prevent it from jumping over. We provide a better shelter for its living and lots of love, which it needs.


A Safe Way to Enjoy Your Pet

You can’t expect your pet to pet responsible and keep out of trouble. We as pet lovers and their guardian should protect them at all times. It’s the only way we can enjoy them. If you are taking your pet out for a walk, you should be careful of the surroundings. It is important that you be considerate of others, many people do not like pets or they maybe afraid of them so take caution and respect them by not passing by them or exposing them to anyone or thing that may harm them.

· Always keep your pet on a leash preferably a short one, so he won’t attempt to chase any cars or any other pets.

· Bring along a pet snack when you are out with your pet, they like to rewarded for good behavior. You can also bring along their favorite toy, so they will be entertained with fun things to do.

· Clean up after your pet whether at home or enjoying an outing.

· Locate an appropriate area for your pet to use the restroom, where others are not present.

· Respect other pet owners with their pets, by not allowing your pet to disturb their pet.

· It is most important to be friendly and polite to everyone while enjoying you pet.

Your pet is know to be “mans best friend” and be that as it may, you can enjoy your pet more by keeping him or her healthy and away from things that will harm it. If you are out for a long period of time, just like a child they get bored so you want to pack their favorite in a sack. Here are some suggested items;

1. Leash and collar ID tag.
2. Vaccination Records
3. Disinfectant cleaner
4. Paper towels or a blanket
5. A toy of their desire.


Sugar Glider: The New Flying Squirrel

Most of us know what a flying squirrel is but for those who do not, it’s a squirrel with webbing between it “arms” and legs that allows it to glide down from a high place. When seeing it glide, it seems as if the creature is flying. Now that you know that little piece of information, I can tell you what a sugar glider is.

Sugar gliders are marsupials that originated from Australia, New Guinea and Bismarck Archipelago. Essentially, a sugar glider is almost the same as a flying squirrel. When it is in a high place, it can glide down and appear as if it is flying with the use of the webbing between its limbs. Sugar gliders’ fur is generally a pearl grey color with a black stripe starting at their head and going down their back. Black or cream patches can be found throughout their fur.

The personality of a sugar glider is usually playful, endearing and entertaining. They tend to be very social and like to stay in pairs or groups. If a person does have a sugar glider and it lives along in its cage, it is often suggested that the owner play with them a considerable amount of time each day. If sugar gliders are cared for properly, they will cuddle with their families and come when they are called. Sugar gliders are fairly easy to maintain and do not require complex housing requirements. These flying creatures usually like to eat fruits and nuts but the diet continues to a widely debated subject among keepers. Basically, the food it likes depends on your sugar gliders’ personality.


Three Different Rabbit Breeds

Rabbits are well known animals throughout the entire world. They can be found in the wild around to lots of vegetation or farms. Rabbits are also very well known for being household pets. These animals make good pets because they can be kept in a wire cage most of the time and when they’re out, they can hop around and find fun on their own. Some of the top breeds of rabbits include: the Alaskan rabbit, the American Checkered Giant and the Dwarf Hotot rabbit.

An Alaskan rabbit is considered to be stumpy and thickset with a tiny neck, meaning their heads are held close to their bodies. They normally have bright, brown-black ears which are held open and straight. The sleekest feature of this breed of rabbit would have to be its jet-black fur. Also, contrary to its name, the Alaskan rabbit developed in Germany. The Alaskan rabbit is more bred to be a good house pet or a show animal.

Next is the Checkered Giant rabbit. This breed of rabbit is considered to be very large and active. This black or blue spotted rabbit was first spotted in Germany. The Checkered Giant rabbit breed often weighs 11 pounds or more.

The last rabbit is the Dwarf Hotot. This breed usually weighs 3 pounds or less. The only marking on the usually entire white rabbit is the black eye band around each eye. Dwarf Hotot’s were originally black but the bleaching gene inside them has changed their fur to white. When this breed of rabbit is injured, the fur will normally grow back black.


The Goldfish: The Original Family Pet

Through the generations, goldfish have continued to be the favored family pet. They are often kept in small or medium sized fish bowls or in a small pond.

Most people often wonder why goldfish are everlastingly popular as pets. One of the biggest reasons that goldfish are primarily great for families is because of allergies. When a parent or child is allergic to a specific kind of animal, it cannot be kept in the house. However, as far as I know, nobody has been allergic to a goldfish yet. Not only are they great for sinuses, goldfish are also very easily maintained. The fish will need to be fed a couple times a day and the bowl cleaned when it looks dirty. Other than that, a person can’t really play with a fish nor does it require a variety of foods. The only tasking thing for a goldfish would probably be if the owner wants to change the bowls’ scenery or not.

When selecting a goldfish at a pet store, there are a few different colors to choose from. The main goldfish varieties are: Black Moor, Bubble Eye, Butterfly Tail, Celestial Eye, Comet, Fantail, along with a few others. Each type of goldfish is unique and simplistically beautiful in its own way. Whichever goldfish that a family might choose, it is recommended to keep in mind that they do not live long, they most likely can’t be taken to a vet and they aren’t a hands-on type of pet.


Chinchillas: Their History and Personalities

Chinchillas are part of the crepuscular rodent category. They are somewhat bigger than ground squirrels and are inhabitant to the Andes mountains in South America. The name “chinchilla” literally means “little chincha” and came from the Chincha people of the Andes. Although chinchillas were usually used for their fur, they are becoming known as house pets, as well.

Chinchillas are somewhat nocturnal and do not necessarily like to be disturbed during the day. This, in turn, can make them less desirable animals to have as pets. They can be skittish and don’t always like to be held but they can become very attached to their owners. When they become comfortable around their owners, chinchillas can be quite friendly.

By nature, chinchillas are highly curious creatures. Therefore, it is recommended to let them out of their cages to explore their surroundings daily. Chinchillas can be found in a variety of colors such as the standard gray, beige, white and ebony. These animals take dust baths at least twice a week. A chinchilla will instinctively clean their fur by rolling around in fine pumice. They do not take water baths because their dense fur prevents air-drying. If a chinchilla should become wet, they should be immediately dried with towels and a no-heat hair dryer. The advantage of chinchillas having thick fur is that it is so dense that it repels parasites (such as fleas).

Chinchillas are often used as animal models for researching the auditory system. This is because chinchillas are close in hearing range and cochlear size as a human.


What is Manure Management and How is it used?

Manure is used as a nutrient to produce plant grown and also a pollutant. It is a valuable source for as a fertilizer that helps the environment with cleaner and fresher air control. It includes bio-solids and residues from plants that protect the soil to produce more naturally and healthy.

Manure is known to be significantly used, but will have a bad impact on the environment if not properly used and management. The Department of Agriculture and the US Environment Protection Agency handles the production of the environment. It has been recognized as the largest contributor to the water quality in the country.

The manure for animals is a valuable source for pathogens and antibiotics research information. It is equipped with plant growth and chemical elements such as nitrogen and phosphorus. It is also uniquely mixed with organic substance that is good for the soil in the environment.

Manure is a commercial fertilizer that is spread upon the grounds of business property. It is applied as an organic form that keeps the soil warm and healthy to produce growth of plant substance. Manure is contained with nitrate which is a soluble and growing substance that promotes leaching and irrigation. It transforms crops for a better result to growth potential.
The manure is also managed to reduce any health issues with odors and gases. It can confine animals and workers to certain areas.

The difficult areas with the manure is by the enzymes that gives any poultry a better nutrients to feed and develop a better grain. It is efficient for animal growth and reduces pollution in the air. It gives a reduction use for the feed supplements and is properly observed for a dietary need for species. Manure is a good source for pathogens and animal manures. The chemicals hat it contains are salmonella, giardia, campylobacter and cryptosporidium.


Three Most Popular Cat Breeds

There are about 41 pedigreed breeds that are recognized by the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA). This is world’s largest cat registry and has categorized all the purebred cats in a list of most to least popular. According to their list, the top three breeds of cats are: Persian, Maine Coon and Exotic.

The first breed of cat that I will talk about is the Persian. This cat is considered to be the most popular breed on the planet. It is considered beautiful, elegant and regal. The personality of a Persian cat is lovable, sweet, devoted, docile and laid back. Having those characteristics makes it one of the best animals to have in the home for a family.

Maine Coon’s are considered to be popular because of its large size, sweet personality and silky all weather coat. This cat is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. Maine Coon’s are also known for their intelligence and playfulness. It is often said that it has clown-like antics.

Coming in third place is Exotic. This breed of cat has the same body and head shape as the Persian but with a short, easy-case coat. It is considered to be the lazy person’s Persian because it is quite laid back. This animal has become exceedingly popular within the last decade. Exotic cats are easy to take care of and require very little grooming. Even though it can be considered laid back, Exotic’s also like to be playful and enjoy games with their families.


Three Most Popular Dog Breeds

There are many, many types of dog breeds throughout the world. However, some breeds are popular than others. Dogs that are easy to train, are cute or attractive in some way and remain loyal to their owners are usually the most popular kinds. The top three dogs that people are most interested in are: Labrador Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers and German Shepherds.

First off is the Labrador Retriever. According to breeder surveys, this dog has long been nominated as one the most popular animals. Labrador Retrievers are lovable, intelligent, friendly and usually very good with children. Not only is this kind of dog popular for families, it also helps serve people who are blind. Labrador Retrievers also assist rescue teams or narcotic detection with law enforcement.

The next popular dog is the Yorkshire Terrier. This dog is often referred to as a “Yorkie”, for short. It’s one of the smallest and mightiest terrier of them all. Yorkies are known to be very energetic, protective and loyal to their owners. Therefore, it is also well known that, when a stranger happens to stop by, they become very vocal and want to defend their families.

Last, but not least, is the German Shepherd. The Labrador Retriever may be considered intelligent but German Shepherds are known to be the most intelligent creatures in the world. Because of their extreme intellect, they are highly popular among police forces. A German Shepherd remains loyal to their owner and lends their strength to whichever task they may be assigned. Since this dog is often kept in police forces, it doesn’t necessarily make a great pet for a home. The best suggestion for keeping a German Shepherd at home is to have a big house, giving the dog plenty of room for a large, loveable dog.


10 Facts About Cats With Long Hair

Cats like the beautiful Balinese, the adorable Himalayan, the swimming Turkish Van or the graceful Persian have one thing in common: their long beautiful coats. Whist that may be their symbol of beauty, it also comes with the price of much work.

Here are 10 facts about cats with beautiful coats.

1. They were first ones were found during the early years of the 16th century in Europe. The Angora was one of those first introduced, being named after a Turkish city. Persians were only imported into Europe in 1620.

2. The largest non-feral, domestic cat breed is the Maine Coon. It can grow to over 20 pounds and loves to play in the snow. This breed originated in Maine, also famous for its unique interest in playing fetch.

3. Another large breed is the Norwegian Forest Cat. It also loves the winter and can grow to 22 pounds. Some say that it is the ancestor to the American Maine Coon.

4. Turkish Vans are also associated with winter. They also love to swim and will jump into the bathtubs, any puddles or simply any collection of water around.
5. Persians are most popular in North America. The reason for this is their sweet and gentle attitude which can turn anyone into an admirer.
6. Most cat breeds with long hair are also known to have docile and more feminine dispositions. Being very passive, they are potential targets for predators. So keep them inside and safely away from harm.
7. The Javanese is known for both its beautiful coat and its intelligence. They can easily be trained to open doors, look for hidden tasty treats and can even break into cupboards.
8. The Birman is said to have divine origins linked to a legend in Burma and Thailand.
9. Cymrics are known to have tiny and sometimes absent tails resembling that of a rabbit. It is also famous for chasing anything that moves.
10. Ragdolls were first bred in the 1960s in California. It is said to be the gentlest of all cats.


The truth about neutering

We all love our cats, don’t we? So much that we think it is simply not right that we get them neutered right?

At least that was the case until they started spraying all over the place, leaving claw marks on the furniture, howling through the night, began to pick fights with the other cats of the neighbourhood and eventually coming home one day with scratches all over and shredded ears. Somewhere along the way, you were bound to come across the option of neutering. So why did you not do it?

Some people have their own misguided beliefs about neutering. Some say it is cruel to do that to something we live so much. Others believe that neutering old Tom will deprive him of that manly feature he has. Those over optimistic would expect that everything would simply disappear immediately after the operation. They could not have been more wrong.

Firstly, believing that we can stop the spraying by simply neutering it is wrong. The truth is that once a cat picks up this habit, getting them to stop would be akin to you moving the mountain. So the best time to neuter them would be before it reaches puberty. Today, the veterinarian can perform the procedure on a cat merely 8 weeks old. Just check to see that the veterinarian is experienced and ready to perform the operation.

Spraying is behaviour of marking territory so it is not simply urinating, and waiting for puberty to come along simply allows their instincts to take control. Since most of the time spraying is related to the hormonal effects, removing the source would be the solution. But don’t let it develop this habit before you do, as then it would be second nature to the cat. Expecting a change then would only bring disappointment.

Aggression comes with puberty as well. It’s nice to have an active cat, but not one too aggressive. So get it neutered before it is 6 months old before the hormones take effect.


The Smallest Kitten in the World

Breeders have come up with the smallest kittens in the world. Available in a wide variety of breeds, the Teacup Kittens are definitely the cutest things you will ever see. But whilst shopping for a mini cat, remember to look out for other criteria. Remember that a runt is undersized but is not to be regarded as a teacup. Cats weigh between 10 and 12 pounds on average whist a miniature one would be around 3 to 6 pounds each. So watch out for conmen when shopping for mini cats as some breeders will try to push just about any small cat and say that it is a miniature.

Most of these Teacup kittens are produced when cross breeding occurs between the smaller kittens. When this process is repeated many times, the outcome is the emergence of dwarf cats which eventually become what we call teacup kittens. The more exotic breeds of teacup kittens include the Persians. MiniPers are primordial dwarves and have small but equally proportionate bodies in every way. MiniPaws are another type of cats with very short legs; this is dangerous and may cause them to be deformed later in life. The latest breed of teacups is the Napoleon, a mix breed between the Munchkin and the Persian. Napoleons have beautiful long coats and big round eyes, the best of both parent breeds.

When you decide to purchase a teacup kitten, keep in mind that whilst they are cute and small these kittens eventually become full grown cats. This is very important to take note of as once they mature, their behaviour would change too, reflecting that of a cat more while they stop behaving like kittens. So be sure that the cat you choose is suitable for you before finally making the commitment.


Cat Feed For Good Urinary Health

Did you know that cats are prone to problems involving their urinary tract? All cats have a 30% chance of having urinary problems throughout its lifetime. The good news is that these problems can be prevented by providing them with the proper nutritional diet. This works in both ways, to prevent the occurrence of the urinary tract problems in the first place and also to help them recover faster from any current problems they may be having.

Cats need a lot of water daily, however they don’t drink that much. A lack of water in their diet makes them susceptible to a whole array of urinary tract infections apart from causing dehydration. Therefore it is your job as its owner to provide them with food stuffs which are high in water content and restore the balance of water uptake in their system.

There are many products for cat feed which promote urinary tract health, usually sold in either dry or wet forms. Some may be frozen or premixed cat feed. The most important part is that you check for the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the food. Look for a product with the right balance of the amino acid taurine, niacin, arginine, arachidonic acid, and vitamins A and B12.

Dry or Wet foods?

Dry food is relatively cheaper and may last longer than wet foods. Some say it also helps scrape off any dental calculus in the cat’s mouth. However, the lack of water could lead to urinary tract problems and is also associated with obesity.

Wet foods on the other hand usually contain up to 75-78% water in them thus providing the cat with the required daily water intake to promote urinary tract health. This prevents dehydration and promotes defecation which flushes out harmful organisms such as bacteria from its system.
Since cats usually don’t drink much water, the main source of liquids should come from its food. That is why experts recommend a diet rich in moisture for cats.


Stop Tom cat Spraying

It is normal for a tom cat to mark its territory by spraying a little here and there. Kittens rarely do this and if they don’t start, it is likely that they never will. It’s a sign of power or masculinity and, as you can expect, is highly related to the hormones flowing through their system. So technically, if we neuter old Tom here, the spraying will stop too.

While this works in theory, the reality of this idea may not necessarily follow. Most owners who have resorted to neutering have found that their cats continue to spay. But for how long?

Spraying usually continues for about two weeks after the operation as there will still be some testosterone in its system. Give it two weeks to clear off completely and the spraying should stop by then. It would be good to clear all previous spray sites whilst it is recovering from the operation. This provides a fresh area and discourages the urge to begin spraying again. Pay more attention to your cat during the recovery period as this may be quite a traumatic experience for it.

What if your cat continues to spay despite being neutered?

Then testosterone was not the sole reason behind the habit. One other cause is the feeling of insecurity. Do what you can to keep old Tom cat secure, this should be emphasised even more when other cats are in the neighbourhood. Always clean its litter tray and feed it daily according to its proper meal time. This little routine like lifestyle helps calm your cat down and make it feel more secure around the house.

Like they say, spraying is highly linked to psychological influences. Therefore, if your tom cat continues to spray all over the place despite your efforts, the next step would be to take it for some behavioural therapy.


Homemade Cat Food

It’s so simple to make your own homemade cat food. All you need is some ground meats and flavourings of your choice. Be sure to stay clear of certain foods which are toxic to cats, and you’re all set to prepare your own tasty cat feed

Step 1

Cats should never be fed dog food because they require at least five times more protein compared to dogs, thus dog feed will never meet their dietary requirements. Avoid vegetarian diets for your cat because of the same reason.

Step 2

Tuna may have high mercury contents associated with it, so limit the usage when preparing cat feed.

Step 3

Liver contains high levels of Vitamin A which is toxic if overdosed. So use liver sparingly and avoid completely if you are giving your cat vitamin A supplements

Step 4

Look up recipes for cat feed on the internet and in books. Remember that they need a high protein diet.

Step 5

Include small amounts of vegetables when preparing food for your cat.

Step 6

Cook all meats before feeding them to your cat. Use about 4 ounces of meat, 2 whole eggs, 1 tablespoon of carrot, 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese and 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil.

Step 7

Add flavourings like kelp powder to the meals. A little bit of dairy produce is allowed but make sure that cats do not consume large amounts of milk. Use lactose-free milk as an alternative.

Step 8

Mix some meat, eggs, lactose-free milk and flavourings to commercial cat feed to start them off with homemade food before you decide to cook all their meals. This helps them get used to the food.

Let your cat enjoy homemade cat food.


The Proper Way to Care for Horses

If you ever lived on a farm surrounded by horses, chances are you are familiar with caring for horses. Horses are great animals that must have the proper care. It is important to give your horse proper treatment daily. A horse must be grazed daily and his saddle must be cleaned before riding it.

Horses live in a stable surrounded by grass and hay, they may walk around an get injured by a glass which can cause a bruise or cut. It is important that you follow up with first aid immediately before infection may set in on the horse. A horse must be seen by a veterinarian for further observation. If you treat your horse, always use sterile saline to clean the infected area until a doctor can take a closer look. You must apply pressure on the wound or cut to get rid of any bacteria then cover with a dressing. Be sure that dirt cannot get into the wound beneath the dressing that is applied.

If a puncture wounds are found on the horse you must immediately seek your veterinarian for guidance. If not treated immediately it would only worsen. An full examination should be done by you or the veterinarian to ensure there are no other abrasions or cuts to any other part of the horse.

In any situation that may happen regarding your horse, just use precaution and care for the horse wisely until the veterinarian arrives on the scene. They should always be called immediately with any situations. If any bleeding on the horse, remember to place a dressing and apply pressure to stop the bleeding as much as possible until professional help arrives to care for the horse.

Always protect your horse from any danger, they are sensitive animals and much be cared for daily.