How to Keep Pets Cool in Summer

Summer is a nice time for your pet to enjoy being outdoors under the sunshine. Unfortunately, it can endanger your pet because of the generated heat thus you should device ways of keeping your pet cool and away from the summer heat.

It is recommendable that you shave your dog during the summer period. This is because, far from the believe that the dog’s natural coat acts as a type of insulation from heat thus keeping it cool, the reality is that this coat makes it hotter, dirtier and more difficult to control. Thus it’s necessary for you to shave your dog.

Another way of keeping your pet cool would be to ensure fresh water is available at all times. The water should be contained in an appropriate dish which will not absorb the sun’s heat. This container should be kept in a shaded area away from the sun’s scorching rays. In a situation where the pet is very playful such as the case for puppies where they put their paws inside the water splashing it everywhere and dirtying it such that it becomes undrinkable, use an above ground mounted cock or the lixit bottle.

Alternatively, take your pet to a kiddie swimming pool which has approximately an inch of water. The water is an ideal cooling agent thus will certainly work for your pet. To ensure the water maintains its cool, keep it in the shade and refreshed as many times as possible.

In the summer season, avoid taking your pet along with you in the car. This is because cats and dogs do perspire and dispel heat through their feet pads and panting. Incase you leave your pet in the hot car even for a second, it could suffer from heat exhaustion, heat stroke, brain damage or die.

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