Don’t poison man’s best friend – Things dogs should never eat

Do not be so ignorant towards your dog’s nutrition that you assume it can be fed just about anything. Take an interest in researching what foods are recommended for its nutrition and what foods you should never feed it.

Dogs are inquisitive creatures and will happily rummage through anything and everything, including your rubbish if left unchecked. Therefore, be sure to keep your rubbish away from it and ensure that the foods highlighted in this article are nowhere near your beloved pet.

Some dangerous foods that dogs should never eat are:

Raw pork bones – These bones must first be frozen if you intend to feed them to your dog

Onions and Garlic – While they may bring out the flavour in our foods, anaemia may develop over time if you feed them to your dog regularly

A variety of Nuts – The reason for this is still unknown. Macadamias are the most harmful

Tomato plants – These can affect a dog’s digestive and nervous system

Avocados – They can damage the heart and lungs

Grapes and Raisins – Another unknown cause but have proven to be extremely dangerous to dogs

These are just a few of the many foods that should be avoided. Although some are considered healthy and recommended for us, the results may prove disastrous to dogs. Most of these foods will not kill your dog but studies have shown that they cause internal problems and complications to their health.

Remember that they may consume almost anything and the results are not evident immediately, but they do drastically reduce the lifespan of your dog. If in doubt, always do some research before trying as ongoing research may reveal other harmful food stuffs.

A healthy dog requires adequate exercise also, so keep them active as best you can. Take them for regular walks and you may get some exercise in at the same time too.


Join the Responsible Pet Owner Month

February is the Responsible Pet Owner Month where pet owners are encouraged to get their pets sprayed and neutered. Do your part by following these simple steps:

Step 1
Set an appointment with the nearby veterinarian or pet clinic to have your pets sprayed or neutered. This not only controls the animal population, they are protected against many diseases such as cancer.

Step 2
Encourage others to do the same. A good idea would be to make a list of the nearby clinics or veterinarians and hand them out to your neighbours, friends or family members.

Step 3
Training your pet is extremely important. Behavioural problems is the predominant reason for dogs ending up in shelters.

Step 4
Ensure your pets are provided with a well-balanced diet. Take some time to explore the possible food choices which are nutritious for your pets. Nutrition plays a major role in boosting their immune system.

Step 5
Clean up after your pets. When walking your dogs or playing with them at public places, bring some bags to clean up after them. Besides being irresponsible, it is also against the law.

Step 6
Grooming is also important. Take an interest for regular trimmings for your dog’s coat, trimming the nails and oral hygiene. Some pets require grooming weekly; make sure you know how often yours demands.

Step 7
Exercise is very important for your pets. It helps keep them healthy and protects against various diseases. Help them stay vibrant and active at all times.

Step 8
Provide adequate shelter for your pets. Socialising makes them feel more welcome in the family. If possible, welcome them into the house and live with the family.

Step 9
Ensure that your pets have updated identification tags on their collars. Make sure that the collars are not loose. Check them regularly and keep the information up to date .


Pet Treadmills - Why?

At present Pet treadmills become the novice instrument for our beloved pets to get exercise themselves within our busy time to put those show dogs at the top of there game.

Running on pet treadmill is an incomparable efficient form of exercise though it is often inaccurately, hindering weigh loss and fitness. There is some information concerning using treadmills for exercise. The first and foremost is never buy treadmill until you are confirmed that your pet needs it, even if you are confirmed still look for the convenient treadmill near you. In the second place, decide why your pet needs using treadmill, to burn fat? To strengthen their hearts? Muscles? Alternatively, lungs or both? In the third place set a realistic time limit and stick to it. The better place to keep treadmill is in the place your pet often play and under the light.

For improvement, alter the incline setting every two minute to go up three percents. Lastly, it is a good advice let not them practice every day lest they will hate it soon. Beside these there are thing to be ware of. Make sure that the pet’s treadmill is off or moving very slowly before they step upon. Trying too much will create them a muscle strain or feel boring sooner.

Why then pets need to use treadmill? Is a big question with simple answer? The main reason is every creature needs exercise to remain fit and healthy. This practice is even better for pet with obesity and over weight. Pet treadmill is further good for an indoor pet as to involve in more activities. Pet treadmill is also the best remedies of over weigh pets. Such practice enhances more fitness to the pet and keep them quite fit and move faster. Having a pet treadmill doesn’t need to have a dog walker or a cat leash it is in itself for the pets. Further, it is better if you have your own treadmill and place next to pet treadmill, this would enhance them to take an active participation in the exercise.

Pet treadmill is useful for you and for your pet when you are busier at work. Since, pet often need company your busy at work and have no time to spend with them will create bore and lonely. That’s the time pet treadmill is important for your pets to take exercise themselves and relax them in your absent. Further, most of the pet need at least 30-40 minutes a day of play, it of course depend on the breed. This is to keep a health weigh and destroying your house out of boredom.

However, the work cannot be taken as you wish for you need some consultant from your veterinarian before you tackle the pet exercise. Pet treadmill is further better when you are in busier schedules, not having time to run out with your pets and play with them. Nevertheless, if you have a pet treadmill you will be free from such stress as you can let the pets done themselves.


Vitamins And Natural Supplements For Your Pets

There are some vitamins and common natural supplements available to keep your animal fit and fine. Before giving these vitamins and natural supplements to your animal you must consult your veterinary doctor because metabolism in human and animals are different. Therefore, some vitamins can harm your pets’ health.

You must take your pet to your vet for regular check up and must bring to notice of your vet if your dog has any kind of illness. Vitamins and natural supplements are easily available nowadays but you must seek your vet’s advice before you give them to your pet. If you dog is undergoing on any medication for some illness you must ask vet’s prescription for vitamins and natural supplements as these medications can acts adversely when you give vitamins or natural supplements to you pet. There are number of sources like websites, magazines and other health articles for pet which recommends the vitamins or natural supplements that best suits your animal. It always good to take experts opinion as some vitamins and natural supplements cannot suit for some pets.

Vitamins and Natural supplements

Here are some vitamins and natural supplements for your pets against ailments and promote their health.

Glucosamine and Chondroitan: Glucosamine and chondroitan is best supplements for the pets suffering from arthritis and joint pain. These supplements help in rebuilding cartilage and thicken joint fluid that cushions and protects the joints. Most of the veterinarian prescribes these medicines as a treatment for arthritis and joint pain.

Milk Thistle: Milk thistle is best for the pets that have liver problems like hepatitis. Doctors recommend milk thistle for pets with liver problem as this protects liver cell from toxins.

Ginger: This is Chinese medicine good for stomach problems. Ginger has been used for centuries as medication for anti-inflammatory. This has been known best for animals with carsickness and other digestive problems such as diarrhea and gas.

Echinacea: Echinacea are best in improving the immune system and are best to fight against infections and diseases in your pet.

Slippery Elm: Slippery Elm is known as a cough suppressant. This is best supplements for improving digestive system. The pets who suffers from upset stomachs are given bark of tree as medication

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: The oils from cold-water fish are recommended and known best for pets. This helps as an aid in treatment of heart disease, cancer, allergies, arthritis and kidney disease.

Choline: Choline is a supplement helpful for those pets that have cognitive disorders and seizures.

Vitamins: Vitamins play an important role in the health and proper functioning of your pets’ body. Each vitamin plays its own role in proper functioning of different parts of your pets’ body. Vitamins such as Vitamin A provide healthy skin and coat. Vitamin B helps with metabolism and proper growth. Vitamin C is best vitamin used for hip dysphasia, arthritis and urinary tract problems. This helps combat the aging process and cancer. Vitamin D plays important role for bone development, and nerve and muscle functions of your pet. Vitamin E helps to relieve the discomfort of arthritis and cancer.

Vitamins and natural supplements are good for promoting your pets’ health. The dosage of these vitamins and natural supplements vary depending on its age, size, breed, and so on. You must consult your vet to determine the dosage and types of vitamins or supplements you are going to provide for your pet. It is recommended to close monitor your pet when you add a new vitamin or supplements to your pets’ diet. Your vet is the best person to recommend good vitamin or natural supplements for your pets. Nowadays there are insurance available for your pets and it helps if an unseen medical expense comes for treating your pet.


The 3 Biggest Mistakes When Training Your Dog

While it may seem fun and easy, training your dog may turn out to be more of a chore for some of us. Training them depends heavily on your dog specifically….its breed, its background, and even its disposition. Many inexperienced people do not notice that they are in fact making serious mistakes in their effort.

When you have decided begin the training, take some time to come up with a training plan for reference. Make some goals for the training sessions and try to achieve them within the stated time frame. Also lay down a set of rules and adhere to them strictly during the course of the training. Below are three basic rules to keep in mind:

Rule one:

Refrain from shouting at your dog. Most inexperienced trainers are impatient and get frustrated if they do not see results immediately. When this happens, they often resort to shouting and screaming at the dog. This defeats the purpose of the training in mind, besides it won’t understand anything you scream. The goal should be to train your dog to obey commands in your calm but firm voice, and not your yelling voice.

Rule two:

Take no more than 15 minutes for a single training session. Most amateurs believe that the more time you spend on a dog, the more obedient it will be. This cannot be further from the truth as dogs have a shorter attention span compared to you and me. Thus if you stretch a training session beyond 15 minutes, it will only make the dog frustrated, and maybe frustrate yourself in the process too.

Rule three:

Never forget to praise or treat your dog when it completes a task or executes a command correctly. Dogs love to be appreciated too and will perform better if you keep reminding them that they are doing a good job. Give them the confidence that what it is doing is correct and it pleases you very much.


Picking your Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are essentially hunting dogs and may not be meant for everyone. Here are a few pointers to go over when choosing one:

Step 1
Jack Russells are essentially smart, loyal and energetic dogs, thus making them great watchdogs

Step 2
Keep in mind that while they may be easy to train, their attention spans are short. Training them requires consistency and a whole lot of patience

Step 3
Consider another dog if you have children. Jacks cannot tolerate rough treatment and are not advised for families with children under the age of 10

Step 4
Be exclusive with your Jack, making it the only one in your family. They can be very aggressive around other dogs, even those much larger than themselves. They may refuse to share food or playthings among other stuff

Step 5
Jack Russells may grow to stand at 10 to 14 inches at the shoulder and may weigh between 15 to 18 pounds, although there are other varieties of Jacks

Step 6
Jacks are very intelligent, bold and have virtually no sense of their small stature. Think of them as a 130 pound dog in a miniature sized body

Step 7
It may cost you somewhere between $400 and $800 for a good-quality Jack from a good breeder

Step 8
An alternative would be to adopt one from a nearby rescue group. Most of them are housebroken and have already grown pass the chewing stage. There is usually nothing wrong with the dogs, mostly the owners simply decided that they were incompatible with the family

Step 9
Be prepared to pay a lot of attention to them as they are very active. Jacks are usually too active for their owners and that is why most of them end up in the shelter in the first place

Step 10
Jack Russells are expected to live for a full 15 years, so be prepared for a long term arrangement


Humid hide for your Leopard Gecko or Crested Gecko

A humid hide is a place where your Gecko rest and have a time of recreation. It is in one sense a shed where moist retain and lightly saturated. Your Gecko is well please when she is inside the humid, further it is also a place where she love to lay eggs. Though we the human beings are from the same race we like different thing and have diversity of choice. Gecko Leopards are also susceptible in this different choice from one another. Some like humid and some warm place however, most of them love humid. And we ought to be careful in this different need.

Humid hides or a lay-moist-box is important for leopard geckos’ health. Because without having proper access to moist rest and humidity geckos are in risk of trouble shedding and even their life can be also in danger. It is said if they don’t enjoy humidity some are susceptible to some sort of digesting problem. So what we need to do for our pet the Gecko Leopard is to create a humid hide where our pet can enjoy a blissful lifetime.

To create a humid hide for Leopard Gecko is simple you don’t need to go for an expensive material to make a moist box. Because spending more money for humid hide and an expensive one doesn’t mean Gecko enjoy more. The Geckos enjoy only the moist place not the expensive shed. If you want to create the simplest and cheapest of humid hide for Gecko Leopard you need not to suffer just do the following instruction. First you go and buy one big enough plastic container, vermiculite, and gather some moss. The second thing you need to do is just make a hole on your plastic container for access, then place two to four inches of perlite and vermiculite. Remember to keep moss on the bottom. Leopard Geckos have much interest in color and it’s good to decorate the humid hide surrounding. Finally, you are ready to add water but be sure you don’t add more water coz adding more will make your work random, moreover if it is to dry the same random you do. So, add the amount that is just to match for the moistening of your humid hide. This is not the end, but from now you are going to begin the consistent part of the work. You need to check it out at least once in a week or for more safety once in four days. Every time you check your duty is to keep the hide moist. If it is too dry make it wet when you do this don’t just pour down water rather it should be done slightly by dripping water.

The amazing thing is if the Leopard Gecko is in extreme stress of fear it is said that their tail tend to fall off. So, it would be wise to keep away children and avoid thing that can create stress or fear to Gecko Leopard while handling them. Never give humid with perlite or vermiculite to a baby geckos for they tent to eat and become impacted further, its good to provide damp paper towel in small plastic container.


The Pug: The Small Wrinkly-Faced Companion

Pugs are small toy breed dogs, loved by many. They have flat, wrinkled face and curled tail. They come in four different colors like black, grey, apricot or fawn with black ears and face. An apricot is a rare breed where as the fawn breed is a very common breed. A Pug can weigh usually from 14 to 18 pounds and grow up to 10 or 11 inches height.

The Origin of Pugs was from china during 700 BC, they were smuggled by the Dutch who visited china for trade purposes and hence they became a popular breed in many European countries. They can now be seen in many European and Asian countries and they are used for hearing aid and therapies. These breed of dogs are good companions to their owners and friendly to the people they are associated with.

Pugs normally do not bark, instead they make noisy, nasal sound which can sound louder, when they are excited or angry. A Pug can live up to 10 to 13 years and if proper care taken, they can live up to 18 or more .

Pugs are sociable and friendly, but also act stubborn sometimes. They like to be in company and hate being alone. They bark and often whine, when they are left alone. But this can be eradicated by proper training. They get along with other pets and love to be in constant attention of the owner. They get well with children and guests and are playful and even good guards. But sometimes, they may be stubborn and may act tough, so families with kids may not understand the real nature of the pugs, and may not be willing to adapt one. But these breeds can get along with most kids and other pets.

The Pugs are also quick learners and quite intelligent. They can be trained with ease and they love to be exercised everyday and enjoy their exercises.

These breeds also get affected by their own ailments like breathing problems and skin infections. Pugs have no skeletal brows and hence their corneas can be damaged in some cases. They are mostly prone to skin allergies and proper care should be taken in order to keep their faces clean and proper exercises should be given to them in order to prevent them from many infections, since they are overeaters. They also can suffer from Pug Dog Encephalitis, which is said to hereditary and there is no proper cure or cause for it.

Since Pugs are considered as the companions of royalty and its friendly nature with other pets, they can serve as good pets and good guard dogs.


Adopt Pets For Free

With the thousands of pet lovers worldwide, it is only fitting that there are several free pet adoption agencies around. These agencies usually revolve around caring for homeless pets roaming around the streets without shelter or care. So look up these agencies and see if you may be able to lend a hand or even adopt a pet for yourselves. is where you may find many free pet adoption agencies which provide shelter to puppies, kittens, dogs and cats who are homeless. These pet rescue groups and other humane communities match homeless pets to potential adopters online free of charge. The charity also utilises the radio and television services to advertise and encourage adopters to come forth and help shelter these poor creatures. Volunteers and pet lovers are much welcome as these individuals will contribute towards ensuring the pets enjoys a wonderful life and a secure home. These agencies are looking into the general welfare of the animals.

These free agencies do their jobs out of the love for charity and have good standards in aspects of pet adoption, quality practice and also a great sense of volunteerism. Even some Hollywood stars have been involved in greater causes to protect endangered species. Their online assistance respondents are ready to answer queries regarding issues such as dog rearing, adoption, training, etc. Certain institutions like Purina specialise in providing pet owners high quality pet products, gears and services to further facilitate raising pets.

The agencies are dedicated and prepared to train, rear and breed homeless pets. At this very moment they have several pets awaiting the perfect home and a good caretaker to welcome it into their lives. The process of adoption usually involves a certain background check while your pet-to-be undergoes vaccinations and proper training.

Finally if you change your mind about the adoption later on, you may have it adopted by another owner. Simply inform the adoption agency and report any behavioural troubles you encounter with the pet. However, we find that you will be delighted with your new companion and may even return for seconds.


Keeping Your Cat Fit With a Cat Exercise Wheel

Over weight and obesity of cats make many cats’ owners unfit to keep the demand of keeping your cat fit with a cat exercise wheel. Possibly those cats always stay indoors and don’t have a chance to exercise are confined in this problem. The problems also arise if people start feeding their cats human food. Such practices can lead to over weight cats as they were also susceptible to allergy with this kind of act.

Keeping your cat fit with a cat exercise wheel does very important thing to reduce the weigh and obesity of your cat. The first thing you need to do for the degrading of your cat’s obesity is to prevent in the first place, this can be done through giving the pet an exercise more often using cat toys. The wheel or toy we mention here is a similar to the wheels hamsters run in. It is made up of metal and measures between 36-8 inches in diameter. One side of the wheel is made open as for the cat to get inside and the other side usually has spokes with clear plastics for further safely.

The wheel used for keeping your cat fit with a cat exercise wheel is generally for the Bengal Cats. However, any cat can use this type of wheel for exercising. Though some of the cats do not like to play with this wheel, more often other cats do like to run around here. Perhaps your cat may not know how to run around using this wheel at first sight. That’s the time your involvement should be trusted to coached on your cat how to use or handle the said wheel. Allowing the cat to exercise in this way is the other way of reducing their obesity and keeps healthier than before. But it’s better not to force the cat to lose weight sooner or more quickly, because such practice can make the cat weaker and closer to anti-health.

Keeping your cat fit with a cat exercise wheel requires a good health to your pet-cat. In addition, to keep your cats growing with the need health you might need to use some health care instruments. As mention above, the health for your cat involves giving the proper diet good for their stomachs. Because giving human food out of love can create them not want to run around of over stuffed. Another factor is vitamins; give your cats appropriate vitamins continuously. Along with these ,vaccinations are also a part of cats’ health. Like human being, cats are also need being concern as much as love we human do. So, extend your loving concern to your cat-pet as this do much for the health of your cats. Make them happy.


Easy Skin Care For Your Pet

Pets suffering from many infectious diseases become the most striking problem for today’s pet owners. Since, skin functions the largest organ in the body it can acted as the main barrier to protect the body from infection, ultra violet light and dehydration. Thus, the health and proper skin function fully depend upon the health in other organs of your pet’s body. Therefore, easy skin care for your pet does very important and vicious for your pet to grow more in health.

To consider the Easy Skin Care for your Pet we need some advice from the experts. According to the research, the experts say that ‘the organs in the body are connected through a complex system and if one fails in its function resulted failure of the other organs too. We can diverse the diseases that affect skin into two categories as primary and secondary. The former does direct affection like flea, whereas the later is indirect affection in which the affection dependent on the result of the affected organs.

There are various skin disease of your pets, they can be listed as hot spots, external parasites, allergic inhalant dermatitis, hypodermal, autoimmune skin diseases, fungal infections, food allergies and hypothyroidism. As they are varied from one another, cures for each disease are also varied from one disease to another. In such cases, our primary duty is to check and specify the kind of diseases our pets have in them. Beyond this clean water and food dishes at each meal is valuable.

As man do cats and dogs often suffer from allergies, in a case like this an easy skin care for your pet is a natural home solution. Give some coldwater soak to your pet for 5-10 minutes, check out local paper weather list and when pollen count is high deep your pet inside the room don’t expose. Be mindful of duster and clean frequently, get some fatty acid supplement from vets or pets stores and give it to your pets.

The best and an easiest way to enhance easy skin care for your pets is to stroke your pet’s body, legs, and head many times as possible daily to make it feel comfortable. Also make sure that your pet gets adequate fresh water available. Frequently wash your pets or brush them by using the adequate instruments, and further consult your veterinarian for more information. Keep an eye on your pets and if you can spot any problems clean it and make shiny.

Some medical enhancement

Some easy skin care for your pets or medical tips after spotting an infection on your pets are: To use some antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medicine after infected by hot spot. If found external parasites on your pets like mites, fleas and ticks give some anti-parasites drugs and use anti parasitic shampoo. In case of hypodermal and fungal infections, shampoo and rinses are useful, while steroid and modulation drugs are useful for autoimmune skin diseases. And give hypoallergenic diets at least for six days in case of food allergies.


Best Nutrition For Your German Shepherds

One of the most important things in dog breeding is providing good nutrition to the dogs, which keeps them in fine state of health. Proper care should be taken in providing the right nutritional intake for the right breeds. The type of nutritional requirements may differ from one breed to another breed. Any breed of dog can get its full nutrition by getting its food that contains the same type of nutrients found in its native environments and which suits its living conditions. If you provide your dog a diet that is not accustomed to, then it can end up in malnutrition and even cause sickness. Hence a proper balanced diet is important for every breed's nutritional intake.

Keeping your German shepherd healthy can be very hard, if you are unaware of the right nutritional intake of the breed. The German Shepherds should be provided with the nutrients found in their native environment, if not it will end up in malnutrition and the dog may become physically weak. It should be provided right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fatty acids which suits the breeds' natural nutritional requirements.

The German Shepherds can be fed with foods that are high in protein like lamb, fish, or chicken. You can avoid food that contains various additives. A main dog food can be a combination of protein, starch, vegetable, fat and seasoning. We should take care to find the right food stuffs with these five nutritional components to make it healthy and active.

You can use eggs or meat to get the protein, oatmeal, breadcrumbs or baked potatoes, boiled noodles or steamed rice for starch components. When you are changing the dog food, slowly wean off from the early food and replace with the new one.

If your dog is ill or undergoing a medical treatment, you should get proper guidance and consultations from the dog's veterinarian before making any changes to the dog's nutritional diet, because the nutrition can interact negatively with the medicines the dog intakes.

Like a child, a dog may not know what it wants to keep itself healthy, so you should be careful when choosing the right sort of nutrition for it that suits its natural nutritional requirements. We spend a lot of money to take care of our pets, like visits to veterinarian and medicinal

requirements etc. We can avoid this by taking proper care in the dog's nutrition and hence keep them in good course of health and active.


Pet Obedience Training for your Pets

Pet obedience training is a one of the very important aspect of Pet care. It is very much useful in training pets from acting pesky and from being violent. For example some dogs may act violently by constantly snapping an biting kids or visitors to the family, some cats may be annoying and may try to scratch or climb on visitors to their houses. This arrogant behavior of these pets can be brought under control through obedience training of pets.

You can give obedience training to your pets by yourself or through classes conducted by specialized trainers or veterinarians. You can teach your pets the proper behavioral ways by reinforcing with toys and treats that lead them in a positive way. You can also use negative conditioning of its bad behavior, but letting it know itself about its bad behavior. You can use shock collar or spray bottle for this purpose. The shock collar gives a small volt of electricity when it attempts to snap at the child or any other bad behavior making it to gradually decrease its bad behavior.

You can take your pets to a pet obedience training classes conducted by trained professionals in the art of training a pet, where you will be taught the basic tricks and commands. Once your pet gets these commands, you can use them to control from acting violently. Your pet learns to understand your words and acts in an appropriate way controlling its bad behavior. Hence, it really helps to bring your pet to your control and act to your words. It specifically benefits pet owners who don’t know commands to control their pets. It teaches the pet the appropriate ways of behaving for the words said by their owners.

You should never command your pets to perform things that it never likes. It gradually frustrates your pets, if you are extra commanding and strict at it, it is good to act according to its actions at the initial stages of obedience training.
You should reward or praise it by touching or giving a massage for a good behavior, which helps to boost up your pets to act appropriately to your instructions. It also helps to develop good relationship between you and your pet and also cultivate good behavior in it.
You should not be rude with your pets and try to punish it for its bad behavior at the early stages of training. Instead, you can penalty by providing it, the things that he doesn’t like if he is behaving badly.
Pet obedience brings lot more benefits in not just controlling the pet’s behavior, but also in bringing good relationships between you and your pets


How to Know Whether Your Pet is sick of not

Every pet owner wants his or her pet to be in a pink of health. But sometimes it is very much difficult to know illness of your pets by its behavior. Pets normally try to hide their symptoms when they are ill. It is a natural animal instinct from the past to hide from their predators their signs of illness.

You should know some common symptoms of many diseases that affect your pet’s health in order to know their illness. Here are some of them that show that your pet is suffering from an illness.

If your pet is suffering from an illness, you can feel it is acting unusually with you and it longs for lot more attention from you then before or it may ignore your attention. For example, if your pet is very affectionate with you, likes to be in constant company with you normally and suddenly if it is trying to get away from you by finding a place to hide from you, then it is a symptom of its illness. Also, if your pet likes to be independent and stays away from you normally and suddenly if it tries to get more attention and care from you, then it is also a symptom of its illness.

You can also find out its symptoms by change in its eating habits and chewing habits. If your pet is eating less than it normally does, then it is an indication of its sickness. If your pet is eating more, but not putting up any weight, then it is also an indication of some digestive problems. Elimination from your pet’s body is also a good indicator of its illness. You can know the sickness of your pet by the frequency and the amount of elimination from its body. This can indicate bladder infection or urinary infection and diarrhea.

Excessive drinking of water, sudden loss of appetite, continuous vomiting and diarrhea are other symptoms of illness. Rapid discharge from their eyes, rapid breathing patterns at normal instances and persistent coughing can also indicate that they are suffering from a kind of disease.

If you see any of these symptoms in your pets, you can immediately contact a vet and obtain his consultations in treating them. You can also go through some websites that provides more information on pet’s health and raise questions to pet veterinarians for their consultations through these websites for nominal fees. It is very essential to take necessary precautions, if your find any symptoms and provide your pets with regular diet that has essential nutrients in order to fight these illness by themselves.

These symptoms may be very simple at beginning stages, but can become worse later on if you didn’t take proper care. It can also be symptoms of more dangerous diseases affecting your pet’s health. So you should make sure that you take proper precaution at the beginning stages itself in order to control more money that you spend to cure its illness.


Natural Supplements and Vitamins for your Pets

Providing proper diet with good natural supplements and vitamins is very much important to keep your pet in a pink of health. Our pets also need vitamins and all essential nutrients required for its living, just like us. But the nutritional requirements gradually vary from us, because the metabolism is different between humans and animals. Some nutrients can cause damage to the growth of the animals, but good for humans. So you should take care in deciding the diet of your pets by consulting a vet before adding an vitamins or nutrients to your pet’s daily diet.

You should also inform your vet for any changes you make in the pet’s nutritional diet. This is an essential fact when your pet is going through a medication process and under medication by a regular veterinarian for some sort of health problems, because some nutrients might bring adverse effects to the medication process and may cause huge damage to your pets. Hence, always make sure to consult a veterinarian and get their consultations on giving required nutrients to your pets in order to elevate its health and treat their ailments.

There are different types of Natural supplements required by your pets. They are:

Glucosamine and Chondroitan, both helps in treating ailments like arthritis and joint pains in your pets. These are commonly prescribed by many veterinarians and they help to rebuild cartilage and thicken joint fluid which help to cushion and protects the joints from healing.
Milk Thistle helps to treat your pets for liver problems like hepatitis and also protects liver cells from toxic materials.

Ginger is a common Chinese medicine for inflammatory problems and also for some stomach problems. It helps to prevent carsickness and some digestive problems in your pets including diarrhea.

Vitamin C is a powerful anti oxidant and helps to prevent aging process and cancer in your pets. It can also be used for other ailments like arthritis, urinary tract problems and hip dysphasia.
Echinacea can be used to improve the immune systems in your pets, thereby preventing common infections and diseases.

Slippery Elm’s bark can be used to prevent digestive problems like stomach upsets and constipation. It can also be used for coughing problems in your pets.

Omega 3 fatty acid helps in treatment of heart diseases, cancer, allergies, kidney diseases and arthritis. It is rich in oils from cold-water fishes.

Chlorine can be used to prevent cognitive disorders and seizures.

You can also concentrate on choosing the type of vitamins that suits your pet’s nutritional requirements. Vitamin A is good for your pet’s skin and coat. Vitamin E may heal arthritis and cancer. Vitamin D is essential for bones, nerves and muscles. Vitamin B helps in the pet’s growth. You should also make sure the dosage of these vitamins according to the needs of the pets. You should monitor your pet’s reaction to a particular type of vitamin or diet and make sure whether it suits its requirements.

In today’s polluted environment with lots of toxic chemicals in our foodstuffs. It is very much important to make sure that the food you are providing to your pet is good and meet all its nutritional requirements to prevent or fight itself from diseases and hence keeping it in good health.


Tips on Taking care of Ball Pythons

In today's world most of the people still afraid snakes but amazingly there are some who have and own them as their pet especially ball pythons. Some snakes might be still fearful as their bit can cause an aggressive or poisoning death. As many possess ball pythons as their pet it become a very lovely snake though it was once fearful for man. Tips on taking care of Ball Pythons become an important article as people widely tamp them but here what I want to say is, the doctors first need to know the real condition of his or her patient before he prescribe medicine. Now to know how to treat Ball pythons first we need to know their condition.

The Ball pythons are mostly found in the border of Western and Central Africa’s forest. They are consider to be a small snake ranging from four to five (4-5) feet. Marvelously they can be either on the tree or on the grounds. It further amaze when I learn that they eat only once in every week and can go out to weeks without eating again. Normally they are shy. Generally, Ball Pythons attend their sexual maturity when they are three years old or about 1000 or the more grams. The ideal weight for the female Ball pythons is 15000 grams or it also can goes beyond that.

Their breeding season begins when the temperature lap and moisture level is increase, mostly this could be in or around November and sometime it can goes till January. They often hatch their eggs during the months February and March, and hatch out in either April or May. These are some of the importance things to remember about Ball Pythons and they should be always in the mind to those who love Ball Pythons for their pets. I believe after along discussion about Ball Pythons one would gather a lot of information concerning how to handle them carefully or Tips on taking care of Ball Pythons however, I just would like to suggest few more advice on this.
Don’t force your Ball Python to be tackle immediately when it seems to be slack and doesn’t want to awake. By doing this you can be in danger for the python will gives hissing sound and normally it use to threaten with her tail.

Whenever you are wrapped by Ball Python on you neck or your arms never try to unwrap it from its head or lest you will be hard. Because there are sensitive snake with bad temperament especially right after eating.

It’s always good to put the Ball Python bank to its tank after feeding her, as we said there are some snakes that are in hot temper after eating. Always use fir bark for saving because aspen and pine are danger to cause respiratory. Sometime it is good to bath your snake especially when they are shed. And always keep on checking the humidity; make sure that you’re leveling according the need of your pet.


Dental Health in your Pets

Providing Dental care to your pets is an important task in Pet caring, because Dental diseases are frequent in most of your dogs and cats especially tooth and gum diseases. According to a report by American veterinary society, 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats are affected by oral diseases by its 3 years of age. Your dogs or cats teeth should be white or just a pale yellow and its gums should be a light pink in color and it should be smooth.

The beginning symptoms of an oral disease in your cats or dogs are the formation of a plaque or a tartar in their mouths. If proper care is not taken then these plaques or tartars builds up which leads to red or swollen and tender gums, bad breathe, and bleeding in their gums, which can be a lot painful. Your pet can normally resist this pain and gives no sign of the disease, but you can understand it by discomfort, depression and dullness. You can also find these diseases, by a change in chewing habits in your pets and pawing itself on its mouth. Normally cats don’t show any symptoms unless it is much serious and a threat to its life. They eat well even if there is pain in their mouth, they never paw at their face, and also it is very tough to identify its disease by it’s breathe because normally the food they eat also smells the same way. But these oral diseases can cause severe threat to the internal parts of the body of your cat and irreversible damage to its internal body parts. So you should be careful in its health measures and should make sure to take your cat to a regular check up to the veterinarian at least once in a year.

These oral diseases may also lead to other diseases which can damage other organs of your pet like its heart, kidney and liver and may lead to other health problems in your pets. It may also be a symptom of the deficiency of immune system in your pets, especially in your cats.

Many pet owners become nervous about the fact that their pets needs to go through the process of anesthesia for their dental check ups. You can also make sure to take a blood check up for your pet in order to know the kidney and liver function and other health problems before the anesthetic process. This will help your vet to know the pet’s health status and customize the need of anesthesia.

You should make sure that your pet is in pink of health with regular medical checkup of your pet by a good veterinarian especially when you come across any symptoms of oral diseases. You can also begin a dental care regimen by yourself to your pets by obtaining proper suggestions from your vet. It can include brushing your pet’s teeth and providing them with effective diet which helps to combat plaque and tartar. You can also get products sealed by the Veterinary Oral Health Council which helps to control plaque and tartar in your dogs and cats. You can schedule regular check ups by a veterinarian in order to help him to monitor the progress in your pet’s dental health.


Massaging Your Pets

You should know the importance of massaging a pet in pet caring. Touching your pet and massaging it gently, is good for both the pet and yourself. It gives your pet and immense pleasure and you can hear the sounds or moans coming from their mouths because of this feeling. The Massaging also keeps your pet in a pink of health. Normally veterinarians prefer these types of treatments for your pets to keep them in good health, but you require no training to do it yourself, it is easy to learn and very safe to give your pet a good feel by touching its skin.

Massaging your pets also helps to decrease their heart rates gradually and helps them to relax. This hand on healing not only helps your pets to recover its health, but keeps yourself in good health by decreasing your blood pressure and stress levels. It also helps you to prevent yourself from colds, backaches and insomnia. The massaging helps to stimulate the release of endorphins and natural chemicals found in the body of your pets, which gradually relieves the pain and gives a good feeling to them. It also helps to stimulate lymphatic and circulatory systems which helps to remove lactic acids from their sore spots.

It is important to know the type of message to give to your pet in order to get good results from it. You need to know the right spot to massage for your pets and the required pressure to heal their pains. There are different types of strokes that you can give to your pets.


In this type, you can move your palm from the head of your pet down to its tail and feet, giving them long and slow strokes gently. It helps the flow of the blood in the body of your pet and helps them to relax gradually. You can start this massage with a soft touch and then gradually increasing the pressure, you can see that your pet is relaxing gradually and you can end it when your pet is asleep.

Fingertip massage

You can give a fingertip massage to your pets in sore areas like a sore hip or a painful area at the back. You can extend your fingers, join them together and can give a massage by rubbing its body gently in small circular patters. You should move the muscles of your pets firmly in circular patters. You can do this until you feel the pet has relaxed its muscles.


In this type of massage, you can grip the muscles just next to the bones by squeezing and rolling them gently. You should first know whether your pet is comfortable for this type of massage, if it resists at the start up, you can feel that it is uncomfortable and you can stop it immediately. But this technique helps in good flow of blood and removal of lactic acids from its body.

Trigger Points

In this technique, you can just press on the trigger points, which are actually the muscle spasms seen on your pets body. It helps to push blood out of these muscles and ejecting toxic metabolites, there by refilling with fresh oxygen. Touching a trigger points can make your pet jump and resist itself because these points are very sensitive to them and painful. You can use your thumb or your forefinger by slowly pressing down on the spot and holding the points for about five seconds.

You can use these techniques to keep your pet in good health, thereby decreasing the cost that you spend on vets and for your pets, health needs. Normally a ten-minute massage is enough for most of the pets.