Join the Responsible Pet Owner Month

February is the Responsible Pet Owner Month where pet owners are encouraged to get their pets sprayed and neutered. Do your part by following these simple steps:

Step 1
Set an appointment with the nearby veterinarian or pet clinic to have your pets sprayed or neutered. This not only controls the animal population, they are protected against many diseases such as cancer.

Step 2
Encourage others to do the same. A good idea would be to make a list of the nearby clinics or veterinarians and hand them out to your neighbours, friends or family members.

Step 3
Training your pet is extremely important. Behavioural problems is the predominant reason for dogs ending up in shelters.

Step 4
Ensure your pets are provided with a well-balanced diet. Take some time to explore the possible food choices which are nutritious for your pets. Nutrition plays a major role in boosting their immune system.

Step 5
Clean up after your pets. When walking your dogs or playing with them at public places, bring some bags to clean up after them. Besides being irresponsible, it is also against the law.

Step 6
Grooming is also important. Take an interest for regular trimmings for your dog’s coat, trimming the nails and oral hygiene. Some pets require grooming weekly; make sure you know how often yours demands.

Step 7
Exercise is very important for your pets. It helps keep them healthy and protects against various diseases. Help them stay vibrant and active at all times.

Step 8
Provide adequate shelter for your pets. Socialising makes them feel more welcome in the family. If possible, welcome them into the house and live with the family.

Step 9
Ensure that your pets have updated identification tags on their collars. Make sure that the collars are not loose. Check them regularly and keep the information up to date .

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