Don’t poison man’s best friend – Things dogs should never eat

Do not be so ignorant towards your dog’s nutrition that you assume it can be fed just about anything. Take an interest in researching what foods are recommended for its nutrition and what foods you should never feed it.

Dogs are inquisitive creatures and will happily rummage through anything and everything, including your rubbish if left unchecked. Therefore, be sure to keep your rubbish away from it and ensure that the foods highlighted in this article are nowhere near your beloved pet.

Some dangerous foods that dogs should never eat are:

Raw pork bones – These bones must first be frozen if you intend to feed them to your dog

Onions and Garlic – While they may bring out the flavour in our foods, anaemia may develop over time if you feed them to your dog regularly

A variety of Nuts – The reason for this is still unknown. Macadamias are the most harmful

Tomato plants – These can affect a dog’s digestive and nervous system

Avocados – They can damage the heart and lungs

Grapes and Raisins – Another unknown cause but have proven to be extremely dangerous to dogs

These are just a few of the many foods that should be avoided. Although some are considered healthy and recommended for us, the results may prove disastrous to dogs. Most of these foods will not kill your dog but studies have shown that they cause internal problems and complications to their health.

Remember that they may consume almost anything and the results are not evident immediately, but they do drastically reduce the lifespan of your dog. If in doubt, always do some research before trying as ongoing research may reveal other harmful food stuffs.

A healthy dog requires adequate exercise also, so keep them active as best you can. Take them for regular walks and you may get some exercise in at the same time too.


Ching Ya said...

May I know where I can find the source of these info?
It's important to know the Do's and Dont's really. Thanks for the tips.

S said...

Several pet related blog as well as a personal experience.Be careful with these please.