Keeping Your dog From Bothering Your Neighbors

A dog can carry on a lot of noise with their barking noise, but there is something that you can do. Here are some things that you can do to keep your dog from bothering the neighbors;

1. Observe your dog when he first starts barking and find out what is setting him off to bark continuously.

2. Be sure your dog gets the attention that he needs like;

Ÿ exercise - daily walks in the park will be essential for both you and your pet. It enables him to get plenty of oxygen for his lungs.

Ÿ proper food nutrition - when feeding your pet, be sure and read the labels for the right ingredients contained in the food.

Ÿ showing love to your pet - give your pet the much needed attention he deserves.

This will help you identify the root of your dogs problem. You can begin immediately trying to solve the problem.

3. Another good tip is spending quality time with your pet. All dogs need tender loving care and just like babies, toddlers and adults they do not like to be ignored.

4. Make sure your pet is sleeping at night and also a nap throughout the day. This will help your pet not to be so anxious when various activities occur on a daily basis.

In conclusion I can tell you that if you follow the above tips and utilize them daily. If your pet continues to bark out of control, then you may want to seek medical attention immediately.


Insects as Pets? Really?

The typical examples of pets are dogs, cats, gerbils, rabbits…the list goes on. However, some people are beginning to keep insects as house pets! Keeping an insect as a pet can require quite a bit of work and preparation, though. Bugs needs adequate air and space, correct temperatures, foods that are proper for the insect, surroundings that are similar to their natural environments, proper amounts of moisture and light, plenty of rocks, plants and other various shelter areas as well as varying foods and habitats. Overall, there are a lot of variables for keeping an insect.

When it comes to the container for plant eating insects, such as beetles, caterpillars and stick insects, a run-of-the-mill wooden or wire container with a net cover. Also, when purchasing an insect home, keep in mind of what size they will mature to and what their offspring will need for space.

For food and water, water should bae provided daily for most insects. The water can be kept in a small container filled with cotton wool or a sponge to prevent drowning. The food (twigs, etc) can also be used for climbing or shelter but that depends on the personality of your insect. Maintenance requires that the insects’ home stay clean and well stocked with food and water. Insects take time to look after.


Why should I protect my Pet?

A pet is a mans best friend. As you travel along your journey, you can prepare your pet for the ride by making sure he or she has his basic necessities which are:

Ÿ pet food - be sure and the food you choose has the proper nutrients and vitamins that will keep your pet happy.
Ÿ a dog blanket - If it gets cold in some areas you want to make sure that your pet keeps the right temperature.
Ÿ dog toys - pets have toys that are displayed at various pet stores. Be sure and choose one that will not harm them.
Ÿ pet ramp (which helps protects your pet step out of a truck or van.)

These are items that will make your pet comfortable as he rides along in your vehicle. If you have to leave him alone in your vehicle make sure that you give him or her enough air to breathe. It is against the law to leave a pet in a hot vehicle without providing a way for them to breathe. A pet can suffocate in minutes if they get too hot.

Your pet can protect you from harm and danger. A pet is useful as a protector in the day or night when a prospective burgular is trying to invade you or your property. A pet can also keep you company as a single person living alone.

Make sure your pet has the proper nutrition and exercise daily. They should have daily walks in the park to maintain the energy flow throughout their bodies.


Three Breeds of Guinea Pigs

Along with rabbits, guinea pigs have because very popular household pets. Even though guinea pigs are part of the rodent species, they aren’t necessarily known for acting or even looking like a normal rodent (rats, mice, etc). Also, despite their name, these creatures are not pigs of any sort nor do they come from Guinea. In fact, guinea pigs originated in the Andes. Over the years, guinea pigs have become known as pets around the world. Western societies have enjoyed guinea pigs of members of their families for many, many years. Three of the more popular breeds of guinea pigs would include: the American guinea pig (also known as the English Cavy), Abyssinian guinea pig and the Peruvian guinea pig.

The American guinea pig has a smooth and short coat. This breed can be found in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The American is one of the most popular and oldest breeds of guinea pig known today. The next breed of guinea pig to talk about is the Abyssinian. The Abyssinian breed has a very distinctive appearance. The coat is made up of multiple swirls of hair (often referred to as rosettes). The hair is dense and coarse and radiates in circles from multiple locations on the body.

The third breed of guinea pig is the Peruvian. The Peruvian guinea pig breed has a smooth and straight coat and can grow several inches in length. There is a natural part in the middle of the hair down to the center of the back. The hair also grows forward over the head. The coat of the Peruvian often requires a great deal of daily grooming so owners tend to cut the hair to make it more manageable.


Different Marsupials

Marsupials are considered to be in the infraclass of mammals. They are characterized by their distinctive pouch, which is used for females to carry their offspring. The three most common marsupial animals are: kangaroos, possums and koalas.

Kangaroos are endemic (ecological state of being unique to a particular geographic location) to the continent of Australia. Kangaroos are not farmed but some wild ones are hunted for meat, sport and the protect grazing land for sheep or other various farm animals. The kangaroo is a national symbol for Australia. Since they are marsupials, they have a large pouch in their stomach region which can be used to hold their young.

The largest in the possum family is the Common Brushtail Possum. Along with the kangaroo, this breed of possum is also a native of Australia. The Common Brushtail possum is nocturnal. During the day, possums usually sleep in a den in a hollow tree. Also being a marsupial, possums carry their offspring in a pouch in their body as well.

Last is the koala. The koala is the thickest arboreal marsupial herbivore that is native to Australia. Koalas are normally found in the coastal regions of eastern and southern Australia. Populations extend for considerable distances inland in regions with enough moisture to support suitable woodlands. Koalas usually eat eucalypt leaves. With their offspring, koalas will keep them in their pouch and, when they’re bigger, the parent koala will usually carry the child on their back.


How to Travel with a Dog, or Cat, of Any Size

For a pet owner, traveling can be a very complicated event. If they are going to be staying at their destination for a long period of time, then what are they going to do with their animals? Do the pets go to a kennel? To a friends’ house? Or do the animals come along with the owner? Since I’m using an example situation in which the owner is away for a long time, I would think that brining the pets along would be one of the best choices. Leaving a pet at a kennel or with a friend may not be as comfortable with the animal as being with their owner. Also, many airline traveling companies are adapting to the growing “fad” of pet owners brining their animals along.

Most of us know how to take care of ourselves for an airplane trip but animals are quite different. Depending on the size of your dog, or cat, determines whether or not they’ll be able to travel with you in the upper or lower part of the plane. Cats are usually tiny enough to be held in a regular pet carrier but dogs can vary greatly in size. Tiny dogs, such as Chihuahua’s, Yorkshire Terriers or Maltese’s, are normally pets that travelers can take with them as a carry-on. However, for dogs like Boxer’s, Great Dane’s or Retriever’s, they’ll need to be kept below the seating area.

For a dog that needs to be placed in the lower part of the plane, the owner should most probably follow some tips. For one, it is recommended that the owner had a kennel in which the dog can fully stand and turn around. Ventilations should also be adequate, the bedding should have plenty of padding and it is highly-I repeat, highly!-suggested that a person vaccinate their animal before taking their trip.


German Shepherd Dog Your Companion

The word German shepherd was coined by Max von Stephanitz which literally means “Sheep herding dogs”. He welded a variety of sheep herding dogs into a breed.

In 18th & 19th centuries, Dogs were used to herd sheep and cattle by the shepherds in Germany but those dogs were of no specific origin. The only requirement was one of utility and not much importance was giving to its looks. By late 1900’s, that a movement was begun to improve the methods of sheep herding.

This method was begun and led by Captain von Stephanitz and it lead to the formation of the Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde, SV. This led to the development of Modern German Shepherd Dogs. These breeds have sustained a position in the top 10 registered breeds in the United States. Now German Shepherd Dogs can be seen in different parts of the world.

When comparing to other breeds German shepherd dogs are large dog breeds. Its fur color can be tan & black or red & white. They are also available in all white, all black, blue, liver and sable. A German shepherd can live up to 11 to 12 Years.

The German Shepherd Dogs are characterized by its excellent Intelligence, adaptability, energy and strength. The German shepherds have become a most popular and acceptable breed because of its trainability and loyalty.

The German shepherd have high Intelligence and they are considered as the world’s third most intelligent breed just next to Border Collie and Poddle. Training these breeds are easy, as it is a fast learner, Just about five repetations and the dog can understand what you are about to teach, However the training would be best, if we try to teach, when it is a puppy.

These breeds are highly adaptable. They are friendly with the people. They are associated with, and even with small children. They are very loyal and faithful to their owners, the only thing is we have to look after them with great care and love.

They have great strength which can knock down anyone at one push. They have well built body than other dog breeds.

These breeds are also of great help in detecting death threats like explosives, during search and rescue operations like narcotics detection and cadaver searching.

The German shepherd can be affected by its own ailments which include bloat and aortic stenosis, which can later on lead to arthritis. Proper care should be taken to maintain these breeds in good health.

As these breeds are taller, a higher fence should be provided to prevent it from jumping over. We provide a better shelter for its living and lots of love, which it needs.


A Safe Way to Enjoy Your Pet

You can’t expect your pet to pet responsible and keep out of trouble. We as pet lovers and their guardian should protect them at all times. It’s the only way we can enjoy them. If you are taking your pet out for a walk, you should be careful of the surroundings. It is important that you be considerate of others, many people do not like pets or they maybe afraid of them so take caution and respect them by not passing by them or exposing them to anyone or thing that may harm them.

· Always keep your pet on a leash preferably a short one, so he won’t attempt to chase any cars or any other pets.

· Bring along a pet snack when you are out with your pet, they like to rewarded for good behavior. You can also bring along their favorite toy, so they will be entertained with fun things to do.

· Clean up after your pet whether at home or enjoying an outing.

· Locate an appropriate area for your pet to use the restroom, where others are not present.

· Respect other pet owners with their pets, by not allowing your pet to disturb their pet.

· It is most important to be friendly and polite to everyone while enjoying you pet.

Your pet is know to be “mans best friend” and be that as it may, you can enjoy your pet more by keeping him or her healthy and away from things that will harm it. If you are out for a long period of time, just like a child they get bored so you want to pack their favorite in a sack. Here are some suggested items;

1. Leash and collar ID tag.
2. Vaccination Records
3. Disinfectant cleaner
4. Paper towels or a blanket
5. A toy of their desire.


Sugar Glider: The New Flying Squirrel

Most of us know what a flying squirrel is but for those who do not, it’s a squirrel with webbing between it “arms” and legs that allows it to glide down from a high place. When seeing it glide, it seems as if the creature is flying. Now that you know that little piece of information, I can tell you what a sugar glider is.

Sugar gliders are marsupials that originated from Australia, New Guinea and Bismarck Archipelago. Essentially, a sugar glider is almost the same as a flying squirrel. When it is in a high place, it can glide down and appear as if it is flying with the use of the webbing between its limbs. Sugar gliders’ fur is generally a pearl grey color with a black stripe starting at their head and going down their back. Black or cream patches can be found throughout their fur.

The personality of a sugar glider is usually playful, endearing and entertaining. They tend to be very social and like to stay in pairs or groups. If a person does have a sugar glider and it lives along in its cage, it is often suggested that the owner play with them a considerable amount of time each day. If sugar gliders are cared for properly, they will cuddle with their families and come when they are called. Sugar gliders are fairly easy to maintain and do not require complex housing requirements. These flying creatures usually like to eat fruits and nuts but the diet continues to a widely debated subject among keepers. Basically, the food it likes depends on your sugar gliders’ personality.


Three Different Rabbit Breeds

Rabbits are well known animals throughout the entire world. They can be found in the wild around to lots of vegetation or farms. Rabbits are also very well known for being household pets. These animals make good pets because they can be kept in a wire cage most of the time and when they’re out, they can hop around and find fun on their own. Some of the top breeds of rabbits include: the Alaskan rabbit, the American Checkered Giant and the Dwarf Hotot rabbit.

An Alaskan rabbit is considered to be stumpy and thickset with a tiny neck, meaning their heads are held close to their bodies. They normally have bright, brown-black ears which are held open and straight. The sleekest feature of this breed of rabbit would have to be its jet-black fur. Also, contrary to its name, the Alaskan rabbit developed in Germany. The Alaskan rabbit is more bred to be a good house pet or a show animal.

Next is the Checkered Giant rabbit. This breed of rabbit is considered to be very large and active. This black or blue spotted rabbit was first spotted in Germany. The Checkered Giant rabbit breed often weighs 11 pounds or more.

The last rabbit is the Dwarf Hotot. This breed usually weighs 3 pounds or less. The only marking on the usually entire white rabbit is the black eye band around each eye. Dwarf Hotot’s were originally black but the bleaching gene inside them has changed their fur to white. When this breed of rabbit is injured, the fur will normally grow back black.


The Goldfish: The Original Family Pet

Through the generations, goldfish have continued to be the favored family pet. They are often kept in small or medium sized fish bowls or in a small pond.

Most people often wonder why goldfish are everlastingly popular as pets. One of the biggest reasons that goldfish are primarily great for families is because of allergies. When a parent or child is allergic to a specific kind of animal, it cannot be kept in the house. However, as far as I know, nobody has been allergic to a goldfish yet. Not only are they great for sinuses, goldfish are also very easily maintained. The fish will need to be fed a couple times a day and the bowl cleaned when it looks dirty. Other than that, a person can’t really play with a fish nor does it require a variety of foods. The only tasking thing for a goldfish would probably be if the owner wants to change the bowls’ scenery or not.

When selecting a goldfish at a pet store, there are a few different colors to choose from. The main goldfish varieties are: Black Moor, Bubble Eye, Butterfly Tail, Celestial Eye, Comet, Fantail, along with a few others. Each type of goldfish is unique and simplistically beautiful in its own way. Whichever goldfish that a family might choose, it is recommended to keep in mind that they do not live long, they most likely can’t be taken to a vet and they aren’t a hands-on type of pet.


Chinchillas: Their History and Personalities

Chinchillas are part of the crepuscular rodent category. They are somewhat bigger than ground squirrels and are inhabitant to the Andes mountains in South America. The name “chinchilla” literally means “little chincha” and came from the Chincha people of the Andes. Although chinchillas were usually used for their fur, they are becoming known as house pets, as well.

Chinchillas are somewhat nocturnal and do not necessarily like to be disturbed during the day. This, in turn, can make them less desirable animals to have as pets. They can be skittish and don’t always like to be held but they can become very attached to their owners. When they become comfortable around their owners, chinchillas can be quite friendly.

By nature, chinchillas are highly curious creatures. Therefore, it is recommended to let them out of their cages to explore their surroundings daily. Chinchillas can be found in a variety of colors such as the standard gray, beige, white and ebony. These animals take dust baths at least twice a week. A chinchilla will instinctively clean their fur by rolling around in fine pumice. They do not take water baths because their dense fur prevents air-drying. If a chinchilla should become wet, they should be immediately dried with towels and a no-heat hair dryer. The advantage of chinchillas having thick fur is that it is so dense that it repels parasites (such as fleas).

Chinchillas are often used as animal models for researching the auditory system. This is because chinchillas are close in hearing range and cochlear size as a human.