Insects as Pets? Really?

The typical examples of pets are dogs, cats, gerbils, rabbits…the list goes on. However, some people are beginning to keep insects as house pets! Keeping an insect as a pet can require quite a bit of work and preparation, though. Bugs needs adequate air and space, correct temperatures, foods that are proper for the insect, surroundings that are similar to their natural environments, proper amounts of moisture and light, plenty of rocks, plants and other various shelter areas as well as varying foods and habitats. Overall, there are a lot of variables for keeping an insect.

When it comes to the container for plant eating insects, such as beetles, caterpillars and stick insects, a run-of-the-mill wooden or wire container with a net cover. Also, when purchasing an insect home, keep in mind of what size they will mature to and what their offspring will need for space.

For food and water, water should bae provided daily for most insects. The water can be kept in a small container filled with cotton wool or a sponge to prevent drowning. The food (twigs, etc) can also be used for climbing or shelter but that depends on the personality of your insect. Maintenance requires that the insects’ home stay clean and well stocked with food and water. Insects take time to look after.

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