Sugar Glider: The New Flying Squirrel

Most of us know what a flying squirrel is but for those who do not, it’s a squirrel with webbing between it “arms” and legs that allows it to glide down from a high place. When seeing it glide, it seems as if the creature is flying. Now that you know that little piece of information, I can tell you what a sugar glider is.

Sugar gliders are marsupials that originated from Australia, New Guinea and Bismarck Archipelago. Essentially, a sugar glider is almost the same as a flying squirrel. When it is in a high place, it can glide down and appear as if it is flying with the use of the webbing between its limbs. Sugar gliders’ fur is generally a pearl grey color with a black stripe starting at their head and going down their back. Black or cream patches can be found throughout their fur.

The personality of a sugar glider is usually playful, endearing and entertaining. They tend to be very social and like to stay in pairs or groups. If a person does have a sugar glider and it lives along in its cage, it is often suggested that the owner play with them a considerable amount of time each day. If sugar gliders are cared for properly, they will cuddle with their families and come when they are called. Sugar gliders are fairly easy to maintain and do not require complex housing requirements. These flying creatures usually like to eat fruits and nuts but the diet continues to a widely debated subject among keepers. Basically, the food it likes depends on your sugar gliders’ personality.

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