Track Your Pets- Pet Tracking Options

Are you in need of a good way of tracking your pet? It is unfortunate that some pets often run away from home. Although your pet could be mainly one that never leaves the home, you could probably need a tracking device in case the pet happens to leave home one day.There are three varieties of tracking devices for pets and while deciding which of the devices is best for tracking your pet, you consider factors like budget and the merits and demerits of each device.

Tracking using Radio

These are the cheapest tracking devices. It is one of the best containing methods since all that is needed is dog collar that has a radio transmitter. When the dog has the collar on, you just need to point the receiver device to the direction where the dog is and a signal shows. You are able to know which direction to track the pet and by following the transmitter feedback you can track the pet until retrieval.There are some demerits that come along with this device including the limited range of signal receiving which is mainly four miles. Land terrains are among the determinants of the transmitter’s signal collection.

GPS / GSM TrackingGPS

GSM Tracking has similarities with the radio tracker since it involves a pet collar too where the pet has a collar with a (GPS Global Positioning System) receiver and a (GSM Global System for Mobile Technology) modem which is mainly for sending and receiving satellite signals in detecting the pet’s location. This is mainly within a circumference of 15 meters.

The GSM modem works like a cell phone where transmission is through text messages from the pet’s location.This is a more reliable way of pet tracking since regardless of the distance between you and the pet, as far as there is GSM service, you will get the pet. It is therefore important to ensure that there is availability of GSM network in your area. It is very expensive and it requires you to asses your budget first.

Microchips tracking

Microchips are an expensive way of tracking though they are highly reliable. If you implant a microchip under your pet, your pet will easily be identified though the microchip will not track the pet. A simple scan of the pet will make it identifies since it will have the address of the owner and the pet is returned to you.


Tips that will help you in washing your pet

A major consideration while you want to give your pet a bath is choosing an appropriate environment. When giving your pet a bath, always ensure the environment is secure for the pet and well fenced to avoid the pet getting hurt by running into traffic in case they escape from your grip. When you are bathing your pet in a sink or a bathtub, always ensure that you have tight grip on them to avoid chance where they would escape. The best way to make the pet feel secure while you are bathing them is by placing door rubber mats the sink or tub. The rubbers mats are cheap and they are effective in preventing the pet from running during bath sessions.

The best shampoos for washing your pets are those that are made specifically for the particular breed. This is because they do not destroy the coat of the pet by scraping off the oils on the coats that ensure the pet’s skin is healthy. If you opt to bath the pet with human shampoo, it is advisable to use shampoo made for children since it has a mild effect on the sensitive skin of the pet. When you use shampoo that has perfume on your pet, it could dry the pet’s skin which is sensitive and this will make the pet scratch and have hot spots which will in turn need treatment.

Before bathing your pet, brush its coat. This makes the pet relax and it also removes the loose and dead hairs. This avoids the loose hair blocking the drainage system.

Water that is luke warm is the best for a pet bath. Hot water burns the pet’s sensitive skin and cold water chills the pet and makes the bath a torture. Avoid filing the tub with water to avoid excess spillage when the pet is nervous during the bath. Always give your house pet a bath with minimum water.

While the pet bathing involves a sprayer or a hose, always take care not to spray the mouth, eyes and nose. When water enters these parts of the pet, the bath will not be memorable and enjoyable.

The correct way to bath a pet is by starting to rub the shampoo from the area behind the ears headed to the tail. Rub the shampoo on the coat in circular motion and when you rinse the coat ensure all the soap is removed to avoid irritation of the pet’s skin which in turn makes the pet to scratch and rub. An irritation could make you treat your pet for hot spots.

Playing with the pet after the bath is good ways of showing it that you still love it.


An Amazingly Easy Way to Stop the Barking of a Dog

There is no way one can expect the dog to stop barking once and for all. The best way to stop the dog from barking is by teaching it the right times to bark and when it should not bark. It could be helpful if you get a word that could be used as a command when you want the dog to bark. Such a word is helpful since it reduces the urge that the dog feels of barking even when it is not necessary and the dog will become accustomed to barking only when commanded. An example is when you train the dog and it only barks when it hears the command, “Rover, speak!”

The next step is making the dog to stop barking when there is no need to bark. There are reasons why the dogs bark even when it is not necessary though you might not notice this. There are reasons that are primarily known to the dog that make the dog to bark even when you do not see the need for the bark.

When a dog is barking, they could be trying to inform you of oncoming danger or they could be trying to attract your attention towards something. The important thing is that you should try and realize why the dog is barking and attend to the reason even if it is by removing the same. You should then appreciate the effort of the dog by giving it a compliment like “Thank you Rover” I see it and this should be done as you point at the cause. You should then in a polite but firm tone command the dog to stop barking and after you have commanded, the dog should realize your seriousness and stop. This is a good way of teaching the dog to stop barking.

When you use this method, it should lead you to the right direction towards reducing the frequency of the dog barking and you will have a dog that is quiet and well behaved.


Important Information about Cats and Dogs Pain Relievers

In a case where a dog has arthritis or another painful ailment, a good owner will not only look for medication to relieve the dog off its pain but will also ensure that they get to know the root cause of the dog’s ailment and they also ensure they treat the ailment. This makes the pet live longer. For people who sincerely love the pets they live with, they should follow the treatment given below which is a sure treatment that most of you would like to know.

Animal and human physiologies have similar characteristics that make cats and dogs to similarly experience discomfort and pain. If you sincerely love the pet, watching it suffer will leave your heart broken. There are people who will watch as their pet ages and slowly becomes lazy. If your dog does not run fast, it could be a problem of the hips that could be making the dog not to run up the stairs or hop on and off the couch. If feels bad when the dog cannot do this and you wish they could as much as you once kept them off such activity.

Natural supplements being the best medication for both man and their friends, dogs, make them more popular. Toxic medication is also experienced in dogs as it happens in man and it also raises the same concern. This is mainly because most of the medicines that are used on pets harm them more than they help them. How could you know that the bottle of medicine that you have for your dog doesn’t have a substance that the dog is allergic to? This doubt as to whether the chemicals that make the medication for the pets has dangerous toxins makes most of the people opt for medical supplements.

Surgery also applies in the case where it is not sensible to make the dog to go through all the pain while the pain could be relived and the condition could be medically treated. This is safer and it works better with supplements like Flexpet. Surgery for the dog is frightening and expensive and the recovery process is a long one and this puts the dog through more trouble. Unless you are sure that the dog is ready for such treatment, it is always important to consider other treatment.


Knowledge that Can Save Your Dog From Canine Liver Disease

Canine liver disease is the fifth leading cause of death from illness for dogs. If you have a little bit of information and knowledge about this disease, you may be able to save your dog’s life. There are signs and things that you should look for in your dog to help catch the disease early. Liver disease is described as having a medical disorder in the liver. The liver removes toxins from the dog’s bloodstream and it can still function with even 75 to 80 percent of it being affected by the disease. But usually by the time the diagnosis is made, the damage is done.

Some of the common causes of liver disease in dogs include the following:

· Exposure to having high levels of chemicals that are toxic such as lead, phosphorus, lead and insecticides

· Having infections like chronic ear or skin infections or an infection anywhere in the body

· Hepatitis

· Dental infections

· Genetically inherent liver disease which is common in certain breeds like English and American cocker spaniels and West Highland terriers

· Inbreeding of dogs

· Prolonged use of certain drugs like cortisone, anti convulsants, steroids, parasite control and antibiotics

Symptoms of liver disease in dogs may include:

· Jaundice – the eyes, skin and gums turn yellow

· Vomiting – may or may not have blood

· Diarrhea – may or may not have blood

· Urinary changes – frequent urination and increased thirst or urine may be orange

· Swollen belly

· Stools may appear to be gray, yellow or orange

· Lethargy or depression – your dog may begin to be withdrawn or apathetic

· Behavioral changes like pacing around or circling

Avoid foods that include sugar, fried meat, grilled meat, chocolate, onions, peppers and tomatoes to feed your dog. Also, make sure you provide your dog with fresh water and a healthy diet. If you suspect that your dog may have a liver disease, you should take them in the vet as soon as possible. The vet will conduct tests to diagnose your dog with liver disease. Try to catch the disease early so that you can help your dog stay healthy. It is important to feed your dog a healthy diet and avoid the foods that can cause harm to your dog. Watch for the signs and symptoms of any kind of disease in your dog and go to the vet if you have concerns.


All Caring Pet Owners Should Go For Training on Handling Violent Dogs

I love pets and I have had dogs ever since I was young. Some were hostile while others were calm and every dog had a different temperament and I all gave them fair treatment for a good life.

Everyone should train their dog and it is important since the owner can get into legal troubles if they fail to train a hostile dog.

Let’s look at training for hostile dogs since every dog owner wishes to have a peaceful coexistence with their pets. This article is not meant to list down the steps of training. Instead, it is supposed to offer some advice on the training of the dogs.

When we place ourselves in the positions of the hostile dogs trying to think what could be the reason behind the hostility, we might understand why the feeling occurs in the dogs. Though some of the dogs could be having a hostile upbringing, some of the dogs could have a threatened feeling while others could be playful.

It is important to understand the temperament of the breed as much as we would like to treat the dogs as part of the family or as friends to calm the hostility. Regardless of the amount of love and appreciation that the dogs give back, the fact remains that they are still carnivores and that does not change. When we understand that the dogs are tough animals, we realize that they need tough handling though this does not mean harassment.

DEFINITION OF ALPHA DOG – Since dogs too live in families, the lead dog that controls the activities of the other dogs is the Alpha.

Being hostile is not necessarily biting people; it could be continuous barking, puling on the leash, constant jumping and at times biting and squeezing other members in the pack or on strangers. Its advisable to train the dog to avoid such habits before it becomes used to doing them.

With the advancement in television shows like “The Dog Whisperer”, people have now embraced training dogs and the mentality of tying up the dog has been abandoned.

Dog training requires skills that you might not be having and it’s important if you consult a professional. A good place to start is at the local veterinary who could offer important advice of local people who could train the dog. This is a good step to take when beginning to train a dog to avoid attending obedience school everyday with your dog.

The first thing that one should know is that a hostile dog could only need a trainer for it to calm down. Do not leave a dog that could be a good friend due to hostility. All people have times when they experience bad moods and they say rude words and the hostile dog too can learn to calm its behavior.


What to Do When Your Cat Pees Everywhere

Whether you have a cat that is young or old, female or male, calm or excited, they can all at some time think that they can pee anywhere. Many people have been frustrated at trying to figure out why their cats are going out of the litter box and most people have tried about anything to get them to stop. There are some things that you should do if you find your cat starting to go out of the litter box. You need to be patient, but if you follow the steps your cat should return to the litter box.

· Make sure your cat has a full checkup – cats will sometimes go right in front of you if they are sick. Urinary tract infections are one of the leading causes of health problems with your cat. Make sure to get your cat a regular health check up.

· Cats who are older may have joint problems that causes them to have a hard time getting in and out of the litter box so you should make the litter box as accessible as possible to help your cat be able to use it properly.

· If you have more than one cat you may need to have more than one litter box. Also, the type of litter that you use and how much of it you use could also be a source of the problem. You should change the litter box and also scrub it.

· If your cats act out by urinating on your things, it could be because they are unhappy about something so you should try giving your cat attention and playing more with them.

· Tom cats tend to spray anything that they want to make sure they mark their territory – if you get your cat neutered it can remedy this problem

· Elderly cats may suffer from feline dementia, which means they do not realize that they are doing something wrong by urinating on your items. You can by housebreaking pads and put them down wherever your cat is going the most often.

Make sure that when you find your cat urinating on anything to not rub their nose in it. They do not understand that they did something wrong if you don’t catch them right away so it is a better idea to spray them with a water bottle.


Training Tips for Labradors to Make Them More Lovable

The Labrador retriever is a favorite dog to many people in the world including the United States. The Labrador has a good nature and this personality makes it a favorite for many people and families. Labradors should be trained when they are young and energetic just like other dogs.

The first step in training a Labrador is making him to interact with puppies and different people and taking him to different places. For one hour daily, the Labrador should be trained, and exercised by the owner as they play. Never leave a lab puppy unattended since they are always full of energy and they are likely to cause trouble.

Potty training for a lab puppy is best done when the puppy is young. Always take the lab outside for his potty session and after he is through with it always reward him. Do not yell at your Labrador when he has a wrong potty session.

Dogs learn the first commands like play and sit easily. To train a dog successfully, one has to repeat the command constantly and keep mentioning the dog’s name. These include giving the dog a food treat, patting and praising the dog and they strengthen the love between the dog and the owner.

When teaching a dog to sit, you use a treat to demonstrate by moving it over the dog’s head and mentioning ‘sit’. The dog can learn from the demonstration since it follows the treat until it sits. After the dog sits, reward it by giving the treat.

The word ‘come’ should be used often and you should reward the dog when it comes after you say ‘come’ or after you whistle. Make sure you repeat the same over and over again and reward the dog. The rewards should be regular until the dog is used to the command. When teaching the dog, “NO’ should be taught gently.

Early lead training for Labrador retrievers is essential so as to counter the resistance that comes as dog grows of pulling the strap. You can teach your lab puppy to be a fetcher naturally by throwing a tennis ball and a tiny flying disc past it and telling the puppy to ‘fetch’. When the puppy brings the ball, always reward it.

Labrador training is essential for the Labrador retrievers for them to become favorites of many people in the world. When Labradors are trained, the results will improve the world for the labs and other breeds of dogs as well as the owners who take the dogs to be part of their families.


Pain Relief Pet Sprays and More

You are a committed pet owner who does not leave out a thing about your pet. There are many options apart from the spray relief that you could use for your pet and all that you need to do is choose wisely through which the relief is natural. There are easily usable pills for pain relief like Flexpet that only require chewing. Flexpet is a well researched and approved pain reliever and it was rated amongst the best and it’s undoubtedly among the best pain relievers.

The reason why Flexpet is one of the best pain relievers is because it is designed in a special way not like other pain relievers. It is made only to relieve the pain that pets feel from arthritis and growing old as well as other ailments that are painful. There are no chemicals and toxins that are used to make the medicine and neither are there compounds whose words have 20 letters. You obviously want your pet to live longer and to stay away from pain. Though you might not know this, you would like your pet to live in a perfect condition. When you make a wise decision while choosing your pain reliever, you will be making the idea of the pet living healthily possible.

I would take any measure to relieve my dog off its pain and I am aware of the love that I have for my dog. I first forget about myself and searched for solutions for the dog’s problems such as Flexpet. I would not want to give my pet lots of medication or make him undergo therapies and surgeries. I do not support constant visits to the veterinary and constant treatments even when the pet is not in comfort. If you are also a person of such a feeling, you should also take into consideration what I have said by also learning more on the same. You will get the reward for your time that was spent researching on better ways of getting rid of dog’s illnesses and the dog will be jogging and enjoying with you.


Ways to Reduce Cat Dander

Cats are always shedding cat dander, even though it is invisible to human eye because it is so small and light weight. It can travel easily and once it becomes airborne it can become a trigger for people who have allergies or asthma related to dander. There are some ways that you can help reduce dander so that you and your cat can be happy.

1. Select a short haired cat – short haired cats typically produce less dander and certain breeds like burmese, american short hair, british short hair and short hair american curl are good choices for short haired cats. If you have a short haired cat it should be given a bath once every six weeks or so to make sure that the skin does not get too dry.

2. Groom your cat regularly – give your cat a bath every week using a shampoo that is approved by the vet. Baths can help reduce the amount of dander your cat produces and also removes that excess hair. Brushing your cat everyday can also help reduce the amount of hair and dander that is shed by your cat. If you are having a hard time grooming your cat, find someone else who can help you. You should check with your vet before you start a grooming schedule for your cat.

3. Feed your cat a nutritious diet – this includes feeding your cat what is recommended by your vet to help enhance your cat’s coat and skin and to let your cat fend off illness easier. Cats need to have a meat-based diet in order to stay healthy. If your cat has a healthy skin and coat, it can reduce the amount of dander and shedding.

4. Reduce the fabric-covered surfaces – overstuffed size sofas and chairs, carpets and drapes can all be places for cat dander to collect. Once it is in those surfaces it can be hard to get rid of it. Try finding furniture that does not attract the dander and hair and you may be able to see less dander and hair collecting on your furniture.

5. Use a HEPA air purifier in your home – if you use a high efficiency air purifier in your home you may be able to remove some of the particles including cat dander. Using this kind of air purifier you can remove cat dander and hair and these purifiers can work for 24 hours so that it is constantly filtering the air and removing the dander.


Feline Urinary Tract Disease

Feline urinary tract disease can be a very common cause for cats to go in to the vet. It is a condition that can be serious if you do not get it treated early. There are ways that you can help prevent your cat from contracting a urinary tract disease and avoid having to go to the vet and get antibiotics for your cat. There are warning signs that you should know about that could indicate your cat may have an urinary tract infection which include painful urination, missing the litter box, fever, blood in the urine and crying while urinating. Cats can hide their symptoms and may continue to purr and be affectionate but could still be suffering from a urinary tract infection.

There are conventional ways to treat the urinary tract infections that can cure the current condition, but not that prevent them from occurring. There are alternative methods that you can try to not only alleviate the current symptoms, but also ease the side effects from antibiotics and can prevent recurring symptoms. One cause of urinary tract infection could be some of the commercial cat foods that contain chemical ingredients. In order to prevent and treat feline urinary tract disease symptoms. In order to treat and prevent urinary tract infections you should feed your cat a diet that is rich in unprocessed and raw foods and give them plenty of clean water.

Using natural homeopathic remedies can help to maintain the bladder health of your cat and build a strong immune system that can fight off infections. These kinds of remedies have no side effects and are safe and effective. There are some lifestyle changes that you can implement into your cat’s diet that can make a big difference. Using natural remedies instead of conventional remedies can not only treat the symptoms of the infection, but can also prevent it from recurring. Feeding your cat plenty of healthy foods and water is one way to ensure that your cat will be more protected from getting a urinary tract infection. This can also help cut down on the visits that you need to make to the vet and the amount of antibiotics that your cat may have to take. The more you can cut down on the antibiotics for your cat, the better it is for your cat.


Offer a Home to an Old Dog

Many pounds and rescue kennels in most parts of the world are full of cats and dogs that need better homes. Christmas is an ideal time when the friends who are fur coated get good homes. The major problem is that only a number of the mature animals get another chance to live good lives again. People mostly choose kittens and puppies mostly because they look at the attractive coats. This makes the puppies and the kitten to have an advantage over the older animals in the kennels.

After I gave a home to a number of the older cats and dogs, I would make an honest recommendation that people should adopt the mature animals instead of the young ones. The dog we currently have is 10 years old and we adopted him when he was seven years old. He had fleas; he was hungry, exhausted and worried. He has since changed into a splendid animal and everywhere he goes, people comment positively about him. He makes our lives joyous, behaves well, plays anytime and he is trustworthy and sociable with children. We would not need anything else from a dog. This is because this dog has given us all the satisfaction that people look for in a dog.

There are various advantages of not adopting a kitten or a puppy. It’s absolute that if you want to adopt an animal you have some amount saved for training and caring for the animal. Younger animals will need training not only in the house but also lead training and training on obedience. There are other costs that arise from vaccinations, sprays and sterilizers and the young animals have to be watched constantly to avoid cases where they chew up Grandpa’s slippers when they are teething or they do not gnaw on the grand piano’s legs. The older pets do not need house training and vaccinations since they have already gone through the processes.

The only drawback of adopting an old animal is that they have a short life after adoption. This is because they have already lived a better part of their life which could have been characterized by unfair living conditions. The appreciation received from these fur coated friends is much more than the disadvantage of having them shortly.

Give an old dog a second life and become a friend.


The Eight Foods you Should Never Feed Your Cat

There are some things that we know are bad for our cats to eat, but there are some things that can be very dangerous for them to eat that you may not think about. There are a lot of foods that can be bad for your cat that can range from giving them an upset stomach to causing severe illness. If you want to keep your cat safe there are some foods that you need to avoid letting them have. The eight foods that your cat should never eat include:

1. Baby food – although very safe for babies, it can be very bad for cats. It may contain onion powder, which is very dangerous for cats and could lead to anemia. It also does not provide your cat with the nutrition that it needs.

2. Chocolate – most people know that we can not give our dogs chocolate, but we may not be aware that cats should also never eat chocolate. Chocolate contains theobromine, which is a chemical that humans can eat, but dogs and cats can not metabolize it as fast and even small amounts can lead to theobromine poisoning in cats and dogs which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, excitability, panting, abnormal heart rate, seizures and tremors.

3. Coffee and tea –
caffeine can be toxic to cats and to dogs. There is no antidote available. It can only take a little bit of coffee or tea to cause serious harm to your cat or dog. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea, panting, restlessness, tremors, increased body temperature and seizures.

4. Grapes and raisins – although experts are not certain what it is in grapes and raisins that is toxic to cats and dogs, it is possible for them to develop kidney failure.

5. Onions and garlic – raw onions, powdered onions and uncooked onions are very harmful to cats because they can cause damage to the red blood cells, which could lead to anemia. Anemia can make your cat feel pale and lethargic.

6. Spinach – although it is not certain that spinach can do damage to cats, it does contain calcium oxalates which is a component in kidney stones. If your cat ate a large amount of spinach, it could lead to crystals in the urine.

7. Unripe tomatoes – these can be toxic to your cat because they are part of the nightshade plant family, which contains a poisonous alkaloid called solanine.

8. Yeast dough – raw dough or uncooked dough should never be given to your cat. If your cat eats the raw dough, it may rise in the stomach and that can lead to painful bloating, gas and the possibility of rupturing the stomach or the intestines.


Pet’s Kingdom – a Cheap Way of Taming Your Dog

Most people, who have dogs, may be distressed after buying a puppy or dog and taking it home. This is mostly due to problems of the dog’s behavior that the owner finds hard to control.

Some of the strategies that work in calming a dog apart from training continuously include constant communication with the dog and positively supporting the dog in calming it down. In Pet’s Kingdom, an “Alpha” is usually the leader of the pack like in wolves, coyotes and dogs. The Alpha decides the activities of the pack. Having constant control of your dog will make the dog take you as the Alpha.

The first step should be constantly communicating with the dog. For instance, when you want him off the couch, make sure that you never allow him to stay there. When you fail to keep the dog off the couch even for a single time, the dog will continue sleeping on the couch and he will be testing whether you can allow him to sleep there again. When there are many members in family, every member should se to it that they make sure the pet is behaved.

The second step to positive control over the dog is by awarding the dog after it maintains good behavior. Telling the dog “Good boy” or giving it a snack is enough for a reward. The best way to train a dog is giving it training sessions of 15 minutes since long sessions make the dog bored.

The third step in training a dog is avoiding use of punishment as a means of training since it does not work. Punishment only works when administered at the time the dog is making a mistake. For instance, when a dog urinates and you rub its nose to the spot, it does not understand since the dog’s brains have already shifted to thinking something different.

When you use a positive deed to correct a behavior you want the dog to stop, the dog connects the good deed with what he does to get rewarded. When a dog urinates, you tell him not to do it and take him out until he urinates again then you reward him. Make sure that you only reward him when he urinates outside so that it sends the right signal.

Training your dog is an easy task when he recognizes you as the “Alpha” and when you take positive control without punishment. Making your dog behave is easy and the dog will be extra fun at home.


Rainbow Lorikeets Parrot as Pets

Rainbow lorikeets are a colorful variety of parrots that are very entertaining and active as companion pets. The are monomorphic, so they do not have identifying differences in appearance between the males and the females. They are about 11.8 inches in length. The back and outside of the wings is a green color, which is a lighter green in the nape area. The color of the head is violet or blue and the chest is mainly red and has yellow markings. The abdomen of the rainbow lorikeet is also a violet blue color and the wings have a broad yellow band and are orange and red underneath. Rainbow lorikeets have a unique bristle like tongue that is used for eating nectar and pollen.

Rainbow Lorikeets as Companions

Rainbow lorikeets are fun and entertaining and amused by every noise and object that they see and hear. They like to act silly and exaggerate the moves that they make. They often will roll unto their backs and want to wrestle with your hands or play with a toy. Sometimes, you can see your bird hopping around instead of walking. They need to have a lot of toys to keep them entertained and busy. They like to have things that they can swing on; toys that they can make noise with and also foot toys.

They also require a larger size cage because they usually will use every bit of space in the cage. They enjoy baths and water and go to the bathroom often. Lorikeets eat nectar as the main source of food and require more fruit that other kinds of parrots. The diet should consist of either wet and dry nectar mix or a combination of both. The food can be purchased commercially or you can make it yourself by finding recipes. You should also feed your lorikeet fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid foods that have a lot of iron pellets are generally not recommended. Chemical free flowers such as bottlebrushes are also good choices.

The life span of a rainbow lorikeet is about 20 to 30 years. There are also many different mutations of the bird that include greygreen, dilute, cinnamon, blue-fronted, lutino, fallow, recessive pied, olive, aqua, black-eyed yellow, khaki, mustard and jade. There are also mutations of each of the above kinds of mutations which makes a large variety of birds.


How to Care for Your Pet Bird

Pet bird owners know how nice it is to have a bird as the family pet. Kids love pet birds and enjoy playing with them. They need to be handled carefully though and require love and attention from the entire family. The more you know about your pet bird, the better care you can give to him. You should research and find out about the kind of pet bird that you want to get prior to going to the pet store to pick him out.

You should know what kind of bird would be the best pet for your family and choose one that fits into the space that you have and how much time you are going to have to spend with your bird. Some kinds of birds such as cockatiels are very good companions to people, but do not like to be left alone for periods of time. They enjoy spending a lot of time with people and need attention.

If you are looking for a big bird to be your pet, you should make sure that you have enough space and that you have a bird cage that is big enough for your bird to play. Pet birds enjoy being taken out of their cages and you should choose a bird that likes to be handled. Birds that like to be handled often become closer with the family. You need to learn how to handle the bird properly and know when they want to be petted and when they don’t.

Finding the right food for your pet bird is important. You need to learn what kinds of foods that your bird should eat and which are safe for your bird. There are some foods that are harmful or toxic to birds such as house plants. Make sure you have your home ready to bring home your new family pet bird. When it comes to training your bird, each bird can have a different method that works best. There are training tools available that can help you train your bird. Treat your pet bird with love and it can be a very close part of your family for many years. They require love and attention as any pet does and if you spend time with your bird, they can make great pets.


Teach your Parrot to Not Bite

Parrots have the natural instinct to bite and especially when they are provoked by people. This stems from their natural defense mechanisms that they have to use in the wild. Biting is one of the most common defense tactics of parrots. This does not mean that biting should be allowed with your pet parrot. Unlike smaller birds, parrots are typically part of the family and are handled and around kids and other people and should not be allowed to bite.

If you parrot is biting and acting out, you do not want to resort to negative reinforcement tactics. This usually causes the parrot to fight back or retaliate by acting negatively towards you and other people. If your parrot becomes rebellious, it can be harder to work with him and train him. One of the best ways to teach your parrot to not bite is to start early on and work with him every day. If you can stop the bad behavior before it becomes a problem, your chances of keeping your parrot from biting are good. If you do not catch it early on, it can be difficult to get your parrot not to bite.

Techniques to Get Your Parrot to Not Bite

1. Let the parrot trust you by using your hand to step up and to step down using different territories. In order to help your parrot behave well, it needs to trust you and you need to develop that trust.

2. Try giving your parrot treats and food by feeding him with your hand. When the parrot sees that the hand is helping and not threatening to him, he can learn to get used to it.

3. Carry your parrot around in a towel to help him get over his fears of being around unknown objects.

4. Let the parrot come out of its cage on its own time and do not force the parrot to come out when he is not wanting to.

Following those techniques can help you work with your parrot and develop good behavior habits that will make him a great family pet. Try to get him to not start biting early on, and teach him to trust you to ensure that he will be not acting out and wont start the bad habit of biting.


Things to Do to Ensure Pet Bird Safety in Your Home

When it comes to having a pet bird in your home, there are some important tips to use to make sure that you are ensuring the safety of your bird. There are six main tips that can help keep your bird safe in your home that include:

1. Avoid your bird from potential drowning – keep the doors to bathrooms closed and keep the lids down on the toilet. Cover up any pools of water that can include pots of water on your stove. If your bird does not have its wings clipped, they are drown in open water and may not be able to get away from a dangerous situation as well as birds that do have their wings clipped.

2. Get rid of poisonous plants - plants such as Christmas trees either artificial or real and the decorations that are on them can be very poisonous to your pet birds. Other toxic plants that you should not have are Amaryllis, Azaleas, Avocados, holly, lilies, chrysanthemums and other plants. You should always research how toxic a plant is before you bring it into your home. Make sure that the plant is not going to cause any negative effects to your pet bird.

3. Cover your mirrors and windows – a lot of birds can suffer a severe injury when they run into windows or mirrors. They are seen as being an open space to your bird, which causes them to fly into them. Make sure that you close off any rooms that have mirrors and keep the curtains on your windows closed.

4. Clip your birds wings – clipping the wings of your pet bird can help protect your bird when it is flying around in the house and help keep it out of dangerous places such as ceiling fans. If the procedure is done correctly, it is not painful to clip your bird’s wings. You should wait to clip the wings until the bird knows how to fly. After the wings are clipped, make sure to keep other pets away from your bird.

5. Cut down on electrical cords – keep your electrical cords behind furniture if you can. If you have cords that are exposed, put them in plastic tubing to keep your bird from getting into them.

6. Keep a good quality of air – because birds have a very sensitive respiratory system, it is important to keep the quality of air in your home good. A high efficiency particle or HEPA air purifier system is able to remove the airborne pollutants and is a great way to ensure that the bird’s quality of air is what it needs to be


Why Pet Grooming Is So Important For Your Pet’s Health

Most people know that hygiene is important. You know that you need to brush your teeth, comb your hair, bathe, wash your hair and body, and put on deodorant among many other things. Did you know that pet grooming is just as important for you beloved animal? If you are a pet owner, pet grooming is important to the health of your pet. Keep in mind that it’s easy to give most dogs a bath. However, cats don’t typically like water. Still, pet owners for any number of reasons often overlook grooming. Here are some reasons why you should pet groom your animal companion.

Reasons for Pet Grooming

First, you don’t have to do the pet grooming yourself. This is an industry that is quite profitable as well as rewarding. The entire industry takes in nearly $32 billion annually. In the entire industry, the pet grooming sector is growing bigger and bigger. For that reason, pet groomers have reasons to be happy and boast.

Second, when your animal is being groomed, it’s like they are receiving a hug from someone they love. What does pet grooming include? Shampoos, haircuts, flea treatments, etc. There is so much that can be done for your pet. When you groom your pet, you can prevent certain illnesses from striking your pet including skin diseases and parasites. Most pets can’t cool themselves off well enough so make sure you trim your pet’s hair as often as you can so their body temperature is sustained.

If you own a dog, pet grooming is a vital part. Dogs that are repeatedly groomed have shiner coats. Why? Combing stimulates the blood supply going to the skin. This stimulation puts the dog in a better state of health.

You should affection to your pet when you are grooming them. You also show other people that you love your animal when you are pet grooming them often. It’s an experience of wonderful proportions for both you and your pet. It’s healthy for them, mentally and physically, so keep your pet groomed regularly.


Having a Severe Macaw as a Pet

Severe macaws are also known as the chestnut fronted macaws and are one of the largest of the mini-macaws. They are about 16 to 18 inches in length, which includes the tail that is equal to about have of the total length. They originate and dwell naturally in South America, in the Amazonian Brazil and also northern Bolivia.

Both the males are the females are monomorphic because they are the same in appearance. In order to determine the gender of the macaw, a DNA test should be conducted. Severe macaws are mostly green and have a brown forehead ,blue crown, and brown chin. The flight feathers on a severe macaw are blue and on the tail is a red and chestnut colored underside. The edges of the severe macaw are red and in sexually aged and mature birds, the iris is orange.

Macaws as Companions

Severe macaws are similar to larger macaws in terms of intelligence and playful personalities. They are very affectionate, playful and social and they often enjoy being petted. They are very vocal and enjoy activities like climbing and hanging upside down. They are smart and some owners are able to toilet train them. They do require items to chew on and they really enjoy having ropes to swing on. They also enjoy taking showers and baths.

You should feed your severe macaw a diet that is higher in fat than most other parrots. Nuts are a good way to add protein into their diet. Seeds, vegetables, fruits and parrot pellets are also good stable foods that you should feed your macaw. Severe macaws have a typical life span of 30 to 80 years old with 40 being the average. You should also make sure that more than one person in the family handles the bird from early on to get him used to being handled by other people. They may still tend to favor one person, but it is a good idea to get them used to being around other people.

Severe macaws do not have any known mutations, although there is a new red colored female macaw that is in existence but has not reproduced as of yet. Severe macaws are also the only version of a mini-macaw that has feather lines on bare patches of the face.


Understanding Your Pet Dog’s Emotions

When you own a dog, it’s important you understand about their emotions. While it may seem inconceivable that they have emotions, your pet dog’s emotions are there just like your own… they are just as important.

Dog Emotion - Happy

Dogs do not show emotions as humans do. In fact, their emotions can be rather multifarious especially if you are unsure what a particular emotion is and what it stands for. There are many ways a dog can show their emotions about a certain event. However, you can almost always tell when a dog is happy…their ears typically perk up. Their tail may also wag. Always look for those pet dog emotions so you can learn about them.

Dog Emotion – Angry or Fearful

There are many ways a dog may show you he/she is angry. For instance, if you want to know how your pet dog will show they are angry, look for teeth. If they are showing you their teeth, chances are they are angry. The showing of teeth is a defensive mechanism your pet will use if it’s angry or fearful. Another pet dog emotion that can be seen is the muscles becoming stiff and its tail is lowered. The lowering of the tail is actually a submissive pose but it’s used in conjunction with other pet dog emotions so it looks more aggressive.

Dog Emotion – Sad or Depressed

Another pet dog emotion you may see is depression or sadness. Your pup may choose to show these two emotions in several ways. Depression can occur when your dog has suffered from a traumatic event such as: the loss of an owner, loss of another member of the family including playmate or animal, lack of interaction and family tension. How can you tell if a dog is suffering from depression? Dogs will usually not interact with anyone and would rather lie about. They may not even perk their ears up when someone they love comes into the room.

Dogs don’t cry but do have a way of showing how they feel inside. When you learn your pet dog’s emotions, you learn more about your own pet.


How To Choose Your Best Pet Name

It doesn’t matter what kind of pet you bring home with you, you have to give it the best pet name there is for your household. Never believe a name is something to choose right away. Give it some time and think about it. Watch your pet’s personality shine for a time. Come up with a name that is easy to say, isn’t embarrassing and a name your pet will recognize without difficulty. How can you come up with the best pet name?

No Names Similar to Commands

Don’t name your pet after command words. An example of this is naming a dog Bit. There are many times you’ll be saying Sit. Now say them together. Sit, Bit. It can be difficult for your pet to differentiate their name from the command.

Short Names vs. Long Names

Come up with short names such as Bandit. If you have a pet’s name that is long, come up with a nickname that you and your pet can understand. For instance, you register your animal under Scarborough. For a nickname that is considered a best pet name, try calling them Skip for short.

Best Pet Names Based on Breeds

Do you have animals of foreign breed? If so, keep this in mind when you choose the pet’s name. Put some thought into the cat’s background, do some research and come up with a name that fits them perfectly.

Best Pet Names Through Animal Behaviors

Watch their behavior when you first bring them home. Many best pet names have come about from an animal’s behavior. Pets can choose their own names by repeating certain things. For instance, you have brought home a puppy that likes to chew on anything… hence; the name they can be called is Chewy. Always keep in mind that pets do grow up. What may sound cute when they are small doesn’t when they grow up. Make sure you pick a name that works no matter the animal’s age.

No Pet Names Based on People

Try to never name your pet after a friend. While you may think it’s a good name, the person may resent it. It can often be thought there is a comparison while that was never the case.

You probably think that naming a pet is pretty easy but coming up with the best pet name possible for you much-loved animal has to be given some thoughtful consideration.