Track Your Pets- Pet Tracking Options

Are you in need of a good way of tracking your pet? It is unfortunate that some pets often run away from home. Although your pet could be mainly one that never leaves the home, you could probably need a tracking device in case the pet happens to leave home one day.There are three varieties of tracking devices for pets and while deciding which of the devices is best for tracking your pet, you consider factors like budget and the merits and demerits of each device.

Tracking using Radio

These are the cheapest tracking devices. It is one of the best containing methods since all that is needed is dog collar that has a radio transmitter. When the dog has the collar on, you just need to point the receiver device to the direction where the dog is and a signal shows. You are able to know which direction to track the pet and by following the transmitter feedback you can track the pet until retrieval.There are some demerits that come along with this device including the limited range of signal receiving which is mainly four miles. Land terrains are among the determinants of the transmitter’s signal collection.

GPS / GSM TrackingGPS

GSM Tracking has similarities with the radio tracker since it involves a pet collar too where the pet has a collar with a (GPS Global Positioning System) receiver and a (GSM Global System for Mobile Technology) modem which is mainly for sending and receiving satellite signals in detecting the pet’s location. This is mainly within a circumference of 15 meters.

The GSM modem works like a cell phone where transmission is through text messages from the pet’s location.This is a more reliable way of pet tracking since regardless of the distance between you and the pet, as far as there is GSM service, you will get the pet. It is therefore important to ensure that there is availability of GSM network in your area. It is very expensive and it requires you to asses your budget first.

Microchips tracking

Microchips are an expensive way of tracking though they are highly reliable. If you implant a microchip under your pet, your pet will easily be identified though the microchip will not track the pet. A simple scan of the pet will make it identifies since it will have the address of the owner and the pet is returned to you.

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