Knowledge that Can Save Your Dog From Canine Liver Disease

Canine liver disease is the fifth leading cause of death from illness for dogs. If you have a little bit of information and knowledge about this disease, you may be able to save your dog’s life. There are signs and things that you should look for in your dog to help catch the disease early. Liver disease is described as having a medical disorder in the liver. The liver removes toxins from the dog’s bloodstream and it can still function with even 75 to 80 percent of it being affected by the disease. But usually by the time the diagnosis is made, the damage is done.

Some of the common causes of liver disease in dogs include the following:

· Exposure to having high levels of chemicals that are toxic such as lead, phosphorus, lead and insecticides

· Having infections like chronic ear or skin infections or an infection anywhere in the body

· Hepatitis

· Dental infections

· Genetically inherent liver disease which is common in certain breeds like English and American cocker spaniels and West Highland terriers

· Inbreeding of dogs

· Prolonged use of certain drugs like cortisone, anti convulsants, steroids, parasite control and antibiotics

Symptoms of liver disease in dogs may include:

· Jaundice – the eyes, skin and gums turn yellow

· Vomiting – may or may not have blood

· Diarrhea – may or may not have blood

· Urinary changes – frequent urination and increased thirst or urine may be orange

· Swollen belly

· Stools may appear to be gray, yellow or orange

· Lethargy or depression – your dog may begin to be withdrawn or apathetic

· Behavioral changes like pacing around or circling

Avoid foods that include sugar, fried meat, grilled meat, chocolate, onions, peppers and tomatoes to feed your dog. Also, make sure you provide your dog with fresh water and a healthy diet. If you suspect that your dog may have a liver disease, you should take them in the vet as soon as possible. The vet will conduct tests to diagnose your dog with liver disease. Try to catch the disease early so that you can help your dog stay healthy. It is important to feed your dog a healthy diet and avoid the foods that can cause harm to your dog. Watch for the signs and symptoms of any kind of disease in your dog and go to the vet if you have concerns.

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