Things to Do to Ensure Pet Bird Safety in Your Home

When it comes to having a pet bird in your home, there are some important tips to use to make sure that you are ensuring the safety of your bird. There are six main tips that can help keep your bird safe in your home that include:

1. Avoid your bird from potential drowning – keep the doors to bathrooms closed and keep the lids down on the toilet. Cover up any pools of water that can include pots of water on your stove. If your bird does not have its wings clipped, they are drown in open water and may not be able to get away from a dangerous situation as well as birds that do have their wings clipped.

2. Get rid of poisonous plants - plants such as Christmas trees either artificial or real and the decorations that are on them can be very poisonous to your pet birds. Other toxic plants that you should not have are Amaryllis, Azaleas, Avocados, holly, lilies, chrysanthemums and other plants. You should always research how toxic a plant is before you bring it into your home. Make sure that the plant is not going to cause any negative effects to your pet bird.

3. Cover your mirrors and windows – a lot of birds can suffer a severe injury when they run into windows or mirrors. They are seen as being an open space to your bird, which causes them to fly into them. Make sure that you close off any rooms that have mirrors and keep the curtains on your windows closed.

4. Clip your birds wings – clipping the wings of your pet bird can help protect your bird when it is flying around in the house and help keep it out of dangerous places such as ceiling fans. If the procedure is done correctly, it is not painful to clip your bird’s wings. You should wait to clip the wings until the bird knows how to fly. After the wings are clipped, make sure to keep other pets away from your bird.

5. Cut down on electrical cords – keep your electrical cords behind furniture if you can. If you have cords that are exposed, put them in plastic tubing to keep your bird from getting into them.

6. Keep a good quality of air – because birds have a very sensitive respiratory system, it is important to keep the quality of air in your home good. A high efficiency particle or HEPA air purifier system is able to remove the airborne pollutants and is a great way to ensure that the bird’s quality of air is what it needs to be

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