Ways to Reduce Cat Dander

Cats are always shedding cat dander, even though it is invisible to human eye because it is so small and light weight. It can travel easily and once it becomes airborne it can become a trigger for people who have allergies or asthma related to dander. There are some ways that you can help reduce dander so that you and your cat can be happy.

1. Select a short haired cat – short haired cats typically produce less dander and certain breeds like burmese, american short hair, british short hair and short hair american curl are good choices for short haired cats. If you have a short haired cat it should be given a bath once every six weeks or so to make sure that the skin does not get too dry.

2. Groom your cat regularly – give your cat a bath every week using a shampoo that is approved by the vet. Baths can help reduce the amount of dander your cat produces and also removes that excess hair. Brushing your cat everyday can also help reduce the amount of hair and dander that is shed by your cat. If you are having a hard time grooming your cat, find someone else who can help you. You should check with your vet before you start a grooming schedule for your cat.

3. Feed your cat a nutritious diet – this includes feeding your cat what is recommended by your vet to help enhance your cat’s coat and skin and to let your cat fend off illness easier. Cats need to have a meat-based diet in order to stay healthy. If your cat has a healthy skin and coat, it can reduce the amount of dander and shedding.

4. Reduce the fabric-covered surfaces – overstuffed size sofas and chairs, carpets and drapes can all be places for cat dander to collect. Once it is in those surfaces it can be hard to get rid of it. Try finding furniture that does not attract the dander and hair and you may be able to see less dander and hair collecting on your furniture.

5. Use a HEPA air purifier in your home – if you use a high efficiency air purifier in your home you may be able to remove some of the particles including cat dander. Using this kind of air purifier you can remove cat dander and hair and these purifiers can work for 24 hours so that it is constantly filtering the air and removing the dander.

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