Want to Buy a Hamster

The first place a person usually looks when they want to buy a hamster is at a pet shop. The first thing you need to determine is where is the best ways to buy a hamster for you and your family.

The problems of buying a hamster from a pet shop
1. Most come from farm breed homes where health is not as important as what they make.
2. The family line is unknown.
3. Most may have diseases that you are not able to see in the pet store.

Advantages of buying from a breeder

1. Guarantees the hamsters well being.
2. Cost less than buying from a store and usually healthy.

Adopt instead of buy

For a small fee you can adopt a hamster online and give a loving pet a home that needs one. You simply go online and look up adopt a hamster and you should be given several options.
The good thing with adopting is that you are giving a good home to an animal that does not have one.
Many of the places that have adoption options use a vet to screen them prior to the adoption. So you can be at ease when adopting one of these hamsters because they are all healthy without disease.
Research the animal before you buy the animal.
By doing this you understand what breeds are available and what colors they come in so you do not regret getting one instead of the other.
Make sure the hamster has a house and things to play with first
Make sure you have purchased a home for the hamster before you purchase it. Because leaving it in the temporary house can cause health problems.
Use this list to check the hamster before you buy it.

1. Are the hamster’s eyes clear? If they are not clear do not buy the hamster.
2. Are they clean around the nose and in the ear?
3. Can the hamster hear you?
4. Can the hamster walk? If it is limping that is a sign of something wrong.
5. What size is the hamster?
6. A healthy coat should be smooth and well groomed.