What is Manure Management and How is it used?

Manure is used as a nutrient to produce plant grown and also a pollutant. It is a valuable source for as a fertilizer that helps the environment with cleaner and fresher air control. It includes bio-solids and residues from plants that protect the soil to produce more naturally and healthy.

Manure is known to be significantly used, but will have a bad impact on the environment if not properly used and management. The Department of Agriculture and the US Environment Protection Agency handles the production of the environment. It has been recognized as the largest contributor to the water quality in the country.

The manure for animals is a valuable source for pathogens and antibiotics research information. It is equipped with plant growth and chemical elements such as nitrogen and phosphorus. It is also uniquely mixed with organic substance that is good for the soil in the environment.

Manure is a commercial fertilizer that is spread upon the grounds of business property. It is applied as an organic form that keeps the soil warm and healthy to produce growth of plant substance. Manure is contained with nitrate which is a soluble and growing substance that promotes leaching and irrigation. It transforms crops for a better result to growth potential.
The manure is also managed to reduce any health issues with odors and gases. It can confine animals and workers to certain areas.

The difficult areas with the manure is by the enzymes that gives any poultry a better nutrients to feed and develop a better grain. It is efficient for animal growth and reduces pollution in the air. It gives a reduction use for the feed supplements and is properly observed for a dietary need for species. Manure is a good source for pathogens and animal manures. The chemicals hat it contains are salmonella, giardia, campylobacter and cryptosporidium.


Three Most Popular Cat Breeds

There are about 41 pedigreed breeds that are recognized by the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA). This is world’s largest cat registry and has categorized all the purebred cats in a list of most to least popular. According to their list, the top three breeds of cats are: Persian, Maine Coon and Exotic.

The first breed of cat that I will talk about is the Persian. This cat is considered to be the most popular breed on the planet. It is considered beautiful, elegant and regal. The personality of a Persian cat is lovable, sweet, devoted, docile and laid back. Having those characteristics makes it one of the best animals to have in the home for a family.

Maine Coon’s are considered to be popular because of its large size, sweet personality and silky all weather coat. This cat is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. Maine Coon’s are also known for their intelligence and playfulness. It is often said that it has clown-like antics.

Coming in third place is Exotic. This breed of cat has the same body and head shape as the Persian but with a short, easy-case coat. It is considered to be the lazy person’s Persian because it is quite laid back. This animal has become exceedingly popular within the last decade. Exotic cats are easy to take care of and require very little grooming. Even though it can be considered laid back, Exotic’s also like to be playful and enjoy games with their families.


Three Most Popular Dog Breeds

There are many, many types of dog breeds throughout the world. However, some breeds are popular than others. Dogs that are easy to train, are cute or attractive in some way and remain loyal to their owners are usually the most popular kinds. The top three dogs that people are most interested in are: Labrador Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers and German Shepherds.

First off is the Labrador Retriever. According to breeder surveys, this dog has long been nominated as one the most popular animals. Labrador Retrievers are lovable, intelligent, friendly and usually very good with children. Not only is this kind of dog popular for families, it also helps serve people who are blind. Labrador Retrievers also assist rescue teams or narcotic detection with law enforcement.

The next popular dog is the Yorkshire Terrier. This dog is often referred to as a “Yorkie”, for short. It’s one of the smallest and mightiest terrier of them all. Yorkies are known to be very energetic, protective and loyal to their owners. Therefore, it is also well known that, when a stranger happens to stop by, they become very vocal and want to defend their families.

Last, but not least, is the German Shepherd. The Labrador Retriever may be considered intelligent but German Shepherds are known to be the most intelligent creatures in the world. Because of their extreme intellect, they are highly popular among police forces. A German Shepherd remains loyal to their owner and lends their strength to whichever task they may be assigned. Since this dog is often kept in police forces, it doesn’t necessarily make a great pet for a home. The best suggestion for keeping a German Shepherd at home is to have a big house, giving the dog plenty of room for a large, loveable dog.


10 Facts About Cats With Long Hair

Cats like the beautiful Balinese, the adorable Himalayan, the swimming Turkish Van or the graceful Persian have one thing in common: their long beautiful coats. Whist that may be their symbol of beauty, it also comes with the price of much work.

Here are 10 facts about cats with beautiful coats.

1. They were first ones were found during the early years of the 16th century in Europe. The Angora was one of those first introduced, being named after a Turkish city. Persians were only imported into Europe in 1620.

2. The largest non-feral, domestic cat breed is the Maine Coon. It can grow to over 20 pounds and loves to play in the snow. This breed originated in Maine, also famous for its unique interest in playing fetch.

3. Another large breed is the Norwegian Forest Cat. It also loves the winter and can grow to 22 pounds. Some say that it is the ancestor to the American Maine Coon.

4. Turkish Vans are also associated with winter. They also love to swim and will jump into the bathtubs, any puddles or simply any collection of water around.
5. Persians are most popular in North America. The reason for this is their sweet and gentle attitude which can turn anyone into an admirer.
6. Most cat breeds with long hair are also known to have docile and more feminine dispositions. Being very passive, they are potential targets for predators. So keep them inside and safely away from harm.
7. The Javanese is known for both its beautiful coat and its intelligence. They can easily be trained to open doors, look for hidden tasty treats and can even break into cupboards.
8. The Birman is said to have divine origins linked to a legend in Burma and Thailand.
9. Cymrics are known to have tiny and sometimes absent tails resembling that of a rabbit. It is also famous for chasing anything that moves.
10. Ragdolls were first bred in the 1960s in California. It is said to be the gentlest of all cats.


The truth about neutering

We all love our cats, don’t we? So much that we think it is simply not right that we get them neutered right?

At least that was the case until they started spraying all over the place, leaving claw marks on the furniture, howling through the night, began to pick fights with the other cats of the neighbourhood and eventually coming home one day with scratches all over and shredded ears. Somewhere along the way, you were bound to come across the option of neutering. So why did you not do it?

Some people have their own misguided beliefs about neutering. Some say it is cruel to do that to something we live so much. Others believe that neutering old Tom will deprive him of that manly feature he has. Those over optimistic would expect that everything would simply disappear immediately after the operation. They could not have been more wrong.

Firstly, believing that we can stop the spraying by simply neutering it is wrong. The truth is that once a cat picks up this habit, getting them to stop would be akin to you moving the mountain. So the best time to neuter them would be before it reaches puberty. Today, the veterinarian can perform the procedure on a cat merely 8 weeks old. Just check to see that the veterinarian is experienced and ready to perform the operation.

Spraying is behaviour of marking territory so it is not simply urinating, and waiting for puberty to come along simply allows their instincts to take control. Since most of the time spraying is related to the hormonal effects, removing the source would be the solution. But don’t let it develop this habit before you do, as then it would be second nature to the cat. Expecting a change then would only bring disappointment.

Aggression comes with puberty as well. It’s nice to have an active cat, but not one too aggressive. So get it neutered before it is 6 months old before the hormones take effect.


The Smallest Kitten in the World

Breeders have come up with the smallest kittens in the world. Available in a wide variety of breeds, the Teacup Kittens are definitely the cutest things you will ever see. But whilst shopping for a mini cat, remember to look out for other criteria. Remember that a runt is undersized but is not to be regarded as a teacup. Cats weigh between 10 and 12 pounds on average whist a miniature one would be around 3 to 6 pounds each. So watch out for conmen when shopping for mini cats as some breeders will try to push just about any small cat and say that it is a miniature.

Most of these Teacup kittens are produced when cross breeding occurs between the smaller kittens. When this process is repeated many times, the outcome is the emergence of dwarf cats which eventually become what we call teacup kittens. The more exotic breeds of teacup kittens include the Persians. MiniPers are primordial dwarves and have small but equally proportionate bodies in every way. MiniPaws are another type of cats with very short legs; this is dangerous and may cause them to be deformed later in life. The latest breed of teacups is the Napoleon, a mix breed between the Munchkin and the Persian. Napoleons have beautiful long coats and big round eyes, the best of both parent breeds.

When you decide to purchase a teacup kitten, keep in mind that whilst they are cute and small these kittens eventually become full grown cats. This is very important to take note of as once they mature, their behaviour would change too, reflecting that of a cat more while they stop behaving like kittens. So be sure that the cat you choose is suitable for you before finally making the commitment.


Cat Feed For Good Urinary Health

Did you know that cats are prone to problems involving their urinary tract? All cats have a 30% chance of having urinary problems throughout its lifetime. The good news is that these problems can be prevented by providing them with the proper nutritional diet. This works in both ways, to prevent the occurrence of the urinary tract problems in the first place and also to help them recover faster from any current problems they may be having.

Cats need a lot of water daily, however they don’t drink that much. A lack of water in their diet makes them susceptible to a whole array of urinary tract infections apart from causing dehydration. Therefore it is your job as its owner to provide them with food stuffs which are high in water content and restore the balance of water uptake in their system.

There are many products for cat feed which promote urinary tract health, usually sold in either dry or wet forms. Some may be frozen or premixed cat feed. The most important part is that you check for the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the food. Look for a product with the right balance of the amino acid taurine, niacin, arginine, arachidonic acid, and vitamins A and B12.

Dry or Wet foods?

Dry food is relatively cheaper and may last longer than wet foods. Some say it also helps scrape off any dental calculus in the cat’s mouth. However, the lack of water could lead to urinary tract problems and is also associated with obesity.

Wet foods on the other hand usually contain up to 75-78% water in them thus providing the cat with the required daily water intake to promote urinary tract health. This prevents dehydration and promotes defecation which flushes out harmful organisms such as bacteria from its system.
Since cats usually don’t drink much water, the main source of liquids should come from its food. That is why experts recommend a diet rich in moisture for cats.


Stop Tom cat Spraying

It is normal for a tom cat to mark its territory by spraying a little here and there. Kittens rarely do this and if they don’t start, it is likely that they never will. It’s a sign of power or masculinity and, as you can expect, is highly related to the hormones flowing through their system. So technically, if we neuter old Tom here, the spraying will stop too.

While this works in theory, the reality of this idea may not necessarily follow. Most owners who have resorted to neutering have found that their cats continue to spay. But for how long?

Spraying usually continues for about two weeks after the operation as there will still be some testosterone in its system. Give it two weeks to clear off completely and the spraying should stop by then. It would be good to clear all previous spray sites whilst it is recovering from the operation. This provides a fresh area and discourages the urge to begin spraying again. Pay more attention to your cat during the recovery period as this may be quite a traumatic experience for it.

What if your cat continues to spay despite being neutered?

Then testosterone was not the sole reason behind the habit. One other cause is the feeling of insecurity. Do what you can to keep old Tom cat secure, this should be emphasised even more when other cats are in the neighbourhood. Always clean its litter tray and feed it daily according to its proper meal time. This little routine like lifestyle helps calm your cat down and make it feel more secure around the house.

Like they say, spraying is highly linked to psychological influences. Therefore, if your tom cat continues to spray all over the place despite your efforts, the next step would be to take it for some behavioural therapy.


Homemade Cat Food

It’s so simple to make your own homemade cat food. All you need is some ground meats and flavourings of your choice. Be sure to stay clear of certain foods which are toxic to cats, and you’re all set to prepare your own tasty cat feed

Step 1

Cats should never be fed dog food because they require at least five times more protein compared to dogs, thus dog feed will never meet their dietary requirements. Avoid vegetarian diets for your cat because of the same reason.

Step 2

Tuna may have high mercury contents associated with it, so limit the usage when preparing cat feed.

Step 3

Liver contains high levels of Vitamin A which is toxic if overdosed. So use liver sparingly and avoid completely if you are giving your cat vitamin A supplements

Step 4

Look up recipes for cat feed on the internet and in books. Remember that they need a high protein diet.

Step 5

Include small amounts of vegetables when preparing food for your cat.

Step 6

Cook all meats before feeding them to your cat. Use about 4 ounces of meat, 2 whole eggs, 1 tablespoon of carrot, 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese and 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil.

Step 7

Add flavourings like kelp powder to the meals. A little bit of dairy produce is allowed but make sure that cats do not consume large amounts of milk. Use lactose-free milk as an alternative.

Step 8

Mix some meat, eggs, lactose-free milk and flavourings to commercial cat feed to start them off with homemade food before you decide to cook all their meals. This helps them get used to the food.

Let your cat enjoy homemade cat food.


The Proper Way to Care for Horses

If you ever lived on a farm surrounded by horses, chances are you are familiar with caring for horses. Horses are great animals that must have the proper care. It is important to give your horse proper treatment daily. A horse must be grazed daily and his saddle must be cleaned before riding it.

Horses live in a stable surrounded by grass and hay, they may walk around an get injured by a glass which can cause a bruise or cut. It is important that you follow up with first aid immediately before infection may set in on the horse. A horse must be seen by a veterinarian for further observation. If you treat your horse, always use sterile saline to clean the infected area until a doctor can take a closer look. You must apply pressure on the wound or cut to get rid of any bacteria then cover with a dressing. Be sure that dirt cannot get into the wound beneath the dressing that is applied.

If a puncture wounds are found on the horse you must immediately seek your veterinarian for guidance. If not treated immediately it would only worsen. An full examination should be done by you or the veterinarian to ensure there are no other abrasions or cuts to any other part of the horse.

In any situation that may happen regarding your horse, just use precaution and care for the horse wisely until the veterinarian arrives on the scene. They should always be called immediately with any situations. If any bleeding on the horse, remember to place a dressing and apply pressure to stop the bleeding as much as possible until professional help arrives to care for the horse.

Always protect your horse from any danger, they are sensitive animals and much be cared for daily.


Feeding your Dog with the Proper Nutritious Food

A dog is called man’s best friend so why not treat them as such, by feeding them the proper nutritious food. A dog has many choices of dog food in the market that you can choose from. If you want to maintain a healthy pet, always check the nutrition information marked on the label. The label contains valuable information about the dog food.

Some of the table scraps and bones are not always good for a dog, although it seems as if they enjoy it. They may not be getting the daily essential and minerals needed for the dog to maintain a healthy digestive system.

It will give you ease and assurance if you follow a veterinarian advice on the meals that a dog should partake in daily. Your dog need water daily to help keep a healthy digestive system. A healthy organic dog food will be essential to your dog. This will avoid any toxins and chemicals being fed to the dog which can cause a virus and make the dog very sick. A dog’s choices in food has increased to maintain a good health for dogs.

If you love your dog and want to continue to pamper him, you should try the recommended foods so your dog can remain active and healthy. They will continue to produce well and you will be proud that your dog will be happy of their well being.

You can create a healthy menu from table food that is nutritious for your dog. It will meet the veterinarian’s standard of maintaining a healthy pet. There are other foods and recipes available at the pet doctor’s office or you an search online for the proper foods that a dog should eat.

It is important to educate yourself and become familiar with taking care of your pet. Your dog will benefit and live longer and healthier.


Keeping your Cat Healthy

One of the most common problems with cats are is in the digestive system. It can be due to the type of cat food they eat or a food allergy problem that can be found in the food. The most important thing that you can do is to make sure your cat gets a nutritious meal on a daily basis.

A cat just like any other pet has to be fed the proper food and nutrition daily to maintain a healthy system.

It is important that you pay close attention to what you are feeding your cat. You should never feed your cat spicy foods or chocolates. A cat must have plenty of water daily to maintain the essential vitamins and minerals in their system. This will help the cat with a healthy bowel track. A cat should also get plenty of exercise, this relieves stress from a cat.

If you discover that your cat has diarrhea, he or she will experience dehydration, weakness, and maybe even weight loss. This is life threatening for the cat and should be immediately taken care of at your veterinarian office for a thorough check up.

If you want to prevent your cat from getting sick you pay close attention to his diet. The best type of food for your cat is

· All cooked over processed food
· Pasteurized milk

This will ensure that your cat will be getting a healthy diet on a daily basis. You should reduce can foods to prevent diarrhea. It is also important to maintain a healthy cat digestive system, following up with the veterinarian every month.

These are items that you can treat your cat with to maintain a healthy digestive tract system;

· Plantago
· Alchemilla
· Vulgaris
· Herbs and botanical extracts

These are popular tonics that will help any cat’s digestive disorders from occurring. It is not abnormal for a cat to have runny stools rather it is a symptom that must be treated immediately. You an prevent any sickness by learning home remedies to use to keep your cat healthy.

You should continue to have your cat see a veterinarian or a regular basis. They can help you avoid any trauma that may occur in the cat.