Homemade Cat Food

It’s so simple to make your own homemade cat food. All you need is some ground meats and flavourings of your choice. Be sure to stay clear of certain foods which are toxic to cats, and you’re all set to prepare your own tasty cat feed

Step 1

Cats should never be fed dog food because they require at least five times more protein compared to dogs, thus dog feed will never meet their dietary requirements. Avoid vegetarian diets for your cat because of the same reason.

Step 2

Tuna may have high mercury contents associated with it, so limit the usage when preparing cat feed.

Step 3

Liver contains high levels of Vitamin A which is toxic if overdosed. So use liver sparingly and avoid completely if you are giving your cat vitamin A supplements

Step 4

Look up recipes for cat feed on the internet and in books. Remember that they need a high protein diet.

Step 5

Include small amounts of vegetables when preparing food for your cat.

Step 6

Cook all meats before feeding them to your cat. Use about 4 ounces of meat, 2 whole eggs, 1 tablespoon of carrot, 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese and 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil.

Step 7

Add flavourings like kelp powder to the meals. A little bit of dairy produce is allowed but make sure that cats do not consume large amounts of milk. Use lactose-free milk as an alternative.

Step 8

Mix some meat, eggs, lactose-free milk and flavourings to commercial cat feed to start them off with homemade food before you decide to cook all their meals. This helps them get used to the food.

Let your cat enjoy homemade cat food.

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