The Truth about Yellow Labrador

Yellow Labrador is a good pet and if you are looking for a pet for your family or children, you. Yellow Labrador is good pets for family and entertainment with children. Most families buy yellow Labrador and this are popular breed owned by families considering advantage over other breeds. These dogs are very popular in most of movies and TV shows. These dogs are intelligent, loving and trustable compare to other breeds.

Some movies often depict them as heroic animals and they show more than what these breeds are really in its real life. Some children owe the puppy seeing these movies or TV show and result in disappointments. Yellow Labrador grows very large and often very quick. You have to know your pet and kind of things you need to do for raising them. Yellow Labrador is completely a social animal like human and loves human. Therefore it will easily adjust with your family and children

It is found that most of yellow Labradors are happy dogs and they enjoy most with your family and children. They are playful with people of all age and suits from children to adult most. These breeds of dog love a lot to his master and their family. They expect love and care from his master and people around him. These dogs are not heavily built though with their large and strong body. These yellow Labrador not only mingle with people but also with other animals including cat. They needs companion so it is always good to have some pets with them for their entertainment and enjoyment. Yellow Labrador easily becomes friendly to people and it is not a problem of bringing them in family.

It will not be wrong if we say that yellow Labrador is calm and friendly. The main advantage of yellow Labrador is they easily mingle with people and becomes friends with children and other animals. They need more attention and affection from their master and his family. They are happy dogs when they receive love and care from his master or owner. You should spend more time with them as you spend time with your family members. For some owners there is no difference between family members and their pet yellow Labrador. Most people owe a dog because they expect security and companionship and you can get them from these yellow Labrador. If you do not have a experience in handling or taking care of a dog you need to prepare yourself before you owe a one. You must make some research like their food habits, their interests, whether your family can spend time with them and so on. Yellow Labrador is family dog and loves his master or owner more than you love them. They love and respect each member in your family and are good entertainment for children.


Unique Pets – Top 10

Look out for all these unique pets that are a little scary, funny, and cute. You can buy one of these and be a popular exotic pet owner.


Many people think that rats are dirty and spread several diseases. Some people have fear of rats. But one thing is that you can keep rats as pets. This is because they are funny to interact with and you will enjoy watching them.


You can keep tarantulas as your pet as they are not poisonous and violent and require very less maintenance. You don't have to clean their cages regularly and do not have worry about their food every day. You should take care although if you have any allergy from tarantula's sting. Some people that have this allergy can be in a difficult position if they get stung by them.


You will find frog in large number of colors and different sizes. It will be the best pet for you as some of the frogs can have amazing calls for matching their attractive exterior. Some frogs require less maintenance and some require good maintenance.

Hissing Cockroaches

Are you Surprised? Hissing cockroaches are different from the regular cockroaches that you see daily. Hissing cockroaches are very interesting and are very large. You can handle them easily as they are slow and quiet. They got their name Hissing cockroach as they emit hissing noise when you disturb them.


There are many scorpions that you can keep as pets. The best pet you can find among them is the emperor scorpion. The life of this scorpion is long and is very calm. They have claws that are very large.

Giant Millipedes

You can find giant millipedes, which have 400 legs. When it grows completely, its length becomes 10 inches. They have a scary look but you can handle them easily and make them as great pets. Make sure you are not afraid of handling them before buying them as pets.


You can find large number of lizards in the pet store. You can you them as a pet as they are calm and easy to handle. But you have to take care of lizards which will require some of your efforts. In all they are expensive to take care of as well as time consuming.

Stick Insects

In order to mingle with their surroundings, stick insects are protecting their body by covering up themselves. Stick insects are easy to take care. Their length is only four inches.


Snakes can be dangerous as well as one of the most loving pets. The fact is that snakes are afraid of humans. You can try a milk snake as your pet and learn how to handle and take care of your snake.

Hermit Crabs

You can keep funny hermit crabs as pets because they are easy to care of and are very cheap. Hermit crabs move from one shell to another. It will be very interesting that when you throw some items they will bring those item to their shells.


Sun Conure Birds - The Exotic and Beautiful Sun Conure Bird

It is obvious believed that everybody likes to have a pet in life. It might be some animals or even it might be a bird, spending time with pets might relief you stress many people don’t have a space for a dog or a cat for them birds can be the best pets. To choose a bird it is a hard choice. Some are large and messy while others are loud and dam messy. However, sun conure birds are right size bird to be at home.

Sun conure birds are origin of Northeastern South America, from Brazil to Venezuela. Now sun conure bird can be different places like Mexico, south and Central America even in some regions of West Indies.

An average size of a sun conures is about twelve inches measuring from beak to tail. Its average life span is around twenty five to thirty years

The color of sun conure changes as they mature, a Sun Conure looks like rainbow of different colors. . Sun conues have a black beaks and black eyes with white patch. The feathers are of olive green color and the color changes to a mixture of orange and yellowish after six months of their birth.

Feeing sun conures are so important to ensure proper nutrition are met, In wild Sun Conures feed on fruit, nuts, and seeds, but when they are in cage they should be given balanced, pellet diet. Like other birds, the owner should not forget to feed some fruit, vegetable, seed, or nut snacks to sun conure

It is said that in Brazil some flock of bird were drifting through the sky as a beautiful sunset, those birds were known as sun conure. For many years these birds were popular in pet trade. These birds are most friendly in nature and affectionate to the companionship. Like other bigger birds, sun conure birds don’t have a speaking ability.
They imitate noise of a doorbell and microwave oven. The pitch of it voice is screechy and very bird like when compared to other birds

Birds with proper exercise will improves to be in good health, sun conures are naturally active so when it is caged it should be provided adequate space to fly, explore, and play
The cage of a sun conure should be big enough to flap his wings


Owning Your Very First Dwarf Rabbit

If you don’t have any experience of rearing pets, you can have a rabbit without any problems because rabbits are very easy to maintain. Most time rabbits are in cage or play pens. You might have seen different breeds of rabbits. The most commonly seen rabbit is mixed bread rabbit. Rabbits are of different colors

Draft rabbits are commonly seen in Europe and it is also known as domestic European rabbit. The breed of dwarf rabbit depends on their color such as Siamese, chinchilla, blue, red Himalayan and white- tipped black.

In Netherlands Dwarf rabbit were originally bred as hunting companions they have same behavioral traits as other domestic rabbits they have a aggressive behavior because as they are small in size

One cannot expect your rabbit to be well behaved all the time because they are just cute little animals. They urinate or defecate while they run around in the house. If you want them to be inside you must clean up after them for every time.

Rabbits shed hair of fern so don’t let tem to loose on expensive furniture’s like sofa , bed and even expansive carpets or else it might be a hard time for you to get rid of the loose h air. Event though there are many breeds of rabbits getting a pure breed is rare.

Dwarf rabbit is one of the best perfect pets because of its special breeds, a mature adult Dwarf rabbit weighs about two and a half pounds though it is small it can be comfortably placed in your palm. Proper care should be taken as they are small and it is essentially similar to taking care of an ordinary rabbit.

Dwarf rabbit eats plenty of vegetable like carrot, spinach; green grass and some rabbit’s event eat fruits


Guide For Training Labrador Puppies

Labrador is very friendly and is considered as most adorable creatures in the world. Dog loves to obey his master and protect the belongings of his master. It easily mingles with children and loves to play with them. Labrador is very intelligent and friendly dog. You will love their mischievous antics and playful nature. The owner of dog says it is really a most entertaining moment to spend with their dog. Training a Labrador is not difficult task but you need patience and a lot of dedication. If you give good training then your Labrador will grow to be an extremely well mannered companion to you and your family.

Training your Labrador puppy

Training a dog is not an easy task if you don’t spend your time with dedication and training may be failure if you don’t have patience. Do not punish your puppy harsh during training. This can create fear in your Labrador puppy by hearing training. Training differs when considering the age of your Labrador puppy.

Training during 3-6 months

This is an important period and you need to focus on many things for training your Labrador puppy. The first thing you need to teach are basic commands which are also known as commands to control such as sit, no, come and so on. You need to be a little strict but training should be fun for both you and your Labrador puppy. Do not use different words for same command because this can confuse your puppy. You should teach your puppy how to behave with other dogs or animals and obey your commands like stop barking when you command and put down things from its mouth when you command. Teach them where to do toilet and so on. You should show that you love them more and show that you care them always.

Training during 6-12 months

This is age when your Labrador puppy gets mature and you have to teach them to play with its toy without your assistance or help. You can help them to use their toys. Teach your puppy how to heel and to get back when a ball or toy is thrown. Teach tricks such as "Shake hands" and "roll over".

Easily Mingles

Labrador is a dog that blends easily with people and other animals. They show friendly gestures when they meets someone stranger to your home. They easily mingle with children and family members. They love other animals or dogs and they become friendly to all in short period. Getting along with other dog is not a problem to Labrador and other animal loves the mischievous antics and playful nature of Labrador. Whatever you trained you must teach your Labrador dog or puppy to behave well and polite around strangers.

Training a Labrador puppy is not a difficult task if you have patience and ready to spend time with them. During training you need to be friendly and appreciate your puppy for doing each correct thing. You should not punish hard while training and if you punish, they must know why you punished them. If you did not notice any mistake when it does and punish them later will create fear against you in your Labrador puppy’s mind. Training should be simple, friendly and entertainment to do. If you give proper training then your Labrador will grow to be an extremely well mannered companion.


Is your Black Labrador Confused As A Mongrel or Silver Factored?

Let’s say you have gray hair and people around you just assume that you are older when the fact is you are just 20 to 30 years of age. One might think you have some type of deficiency or medical condition. The real reason is your genetics determined what color hair you would have in your life.

The same is with a Black Labrador Retriever. The breed that is naturally silver factored that isn’t quite black is assumed that it could still be a purebred, but that’s false. The standard for Black Labradors states that the colors of the coat are yellow, black, and chocolate color. If there were any other combination they would be disqualified as a purebred. If the Black Labrador has a tiny white spot on it, it would be ok but not desired as a purebred breed. Even if the Labrador were silver factored, it still must meet the standard in order to be a purebred.

Regardless if the black Labrador retriever is silver factored or otherwise just like genetics plays a prime role in humans it plays a prime role in black Labrador Retrievers as well. Genetics works the same in that each dog will receive two genes as humans do, one from the mother and one from the father. There are two types of genes called dominant and recessive. Genetics will determine the hair color in humans as well as the determination of the coat color in black Labrador retrievers. A human may have brown, black, blonde, or red hair and the Labrador retriever actually only has two colors which are black and chocolate even though at times we see yellow as well.

There are 5 certain facts to consider when thinking about the black Labrador retrievers:

The dominant gene in a Labrador retriever will always determine the coat color. It does not matter if anything else is present, because this fact never changes. Let’s say the dominant black gene is called BG. If BG were present then the coat color would be pre-determined to be black.
Let’s say the recessive chocolate gene, which we will call bg, is present. The only way bg will produce a coat that is chocolate colored is if BG is not present. That’s it; there are no more choices. There really is no gene to account for yellow, silver, or other colors that may appear. If the Labrador is silver or other color factored, that goes again the makeup of the Labrador genetics.

There are two more genes besides the black and chocolate genes. These two will determine the darkness of the coat.

Some Labradors are able to express the darkness on their coat due to the other genes.

Some Labradors do not have the ability to show the dark coat. It all depends on the genes that the dog has. If certain genes appear and others do not show up then the dog will be yellow.

There really is no way that silver factored Labrador retrievers can exist with the genes mentions above. There really is no data as of 2007, which found any type of silver gene in a black Labrador retriever.

It has have been noted, that a silver factored dog may actually be a light yellow or chocolate shade Labrador. It is thought that due to the silver shade of a Weimaraner that the silver factored Labrador may be a mixed breed of the Weimaraner and Labrador.

In the standards of the purebred Labradors the AKC only recognizes the silver Labradors as being chocolate and has rejected them due to not meeting the standards for the chocolate Labradors.


Owning a Bobcat

A Bobcat is a small wild cat originating from North America. They have reddish brown or yellowish brown coats around them. They are streaked with black or dark brown. They have prominent, well-pointed ears with a pinch of black hair at the tip. They are much smaller than other wild felines, and can grow up to 10 to 12 inches. The male Bobcat typically weighs from 11-16 kg or 24-35 pounds.

Taking care of a Bobcat is not as easier as that of our domestic cats. Before adopting a bobcat, in the first step, you should make sure whether it is legal in your state or country to adopt and breed a bobcat. Some countries have restrictions or regulations in place to breed these types of pets.

Secondly, you should make sure that you provide them with a lot of space to roam and explore. You cannot keep a bobcat indoors unlike a domestic cat, because they can spray more often than domestic cats. Also, because of their size and strength, they can create more destruction to your indoors. Hence it is good to build a large outdoor enclosure for this creatures and make it as their own territory so that the roam and explore in its own territory.

Finally, you need to make sure that you can meet the food requirements of these species. You can feed your Bobcats with a plenty of meat and whole chickens that have feathers in it. You can also feed them with fresh road kills and foodstuffs that are especially for felines. You should provide them with rich nutritional food containing vitamins and minerals for their requirements. Remember, that the nutritional needs of Bobcats drastically vary from that of the domestic cats.

Before you adopt a Bobcat, you should also make sure that you have good veterinarians near your reach, who are specialized to treat exotic felines. This is much important, because a wrong dose of medicine can be dangerous to exotic felines. A simple illness can even turn fatal, if these creatures are treated with wrong medications.

Adopting a Bobcat is a major commitment, because you need to provide shelter for them for at least 20 years. So make sure that you can take the responsibility of providing them shelter, food and space for their dwelling before you adopt one. They can surely sure as a pet, if you are like to adopt an exotic breed than the domestic cats of dogs. The Bobcat might be a wild feline, but it might serve as a good pet that will help you to stand from the crowd. But the only thing is you should give them proper care and provide them with all their requirements.


Love Birds And How To Train Them

Lovebird is the common name for the nine species of small parrots. Eight of these species have their origin in Africa and only one type of species have their origin from Madagascar and hence they are called Madagascar Love birds. Madagascar Lovebirds are grey headed and the others come in a variety of colors. The name Lovebirds stems that these parrots have monogamous pair bonding and the paired birds spend long periods sat beside one another.

The Peach-faced Lovebird is one of the common and popular species of Lovebirds. They commonly have peach colored face, blue hindquarters and green body. But they are also available in different combinations of colors. The Fischers and Masked Lovebirds are other varieties of species that are commonly used as pets. They are also available in different color combinations.

Lovebirds are smaller, they are smaller than other parrot breeds and can grow up to 6 inches in length and can weigh from 40 to 60 grams in weight. They live in small flocks and eat mainly fruits, vegetables, some grasses and seeds.

You can breed these birds in a cage that can be adequate for it to play. You can breed these birds even though you have limited space.

Lovebirds, as the name itself suggests, they are affectionate and loyal to their owners. However, a proper training and lots of love and affection is needed for these types of birds. The thrive for interaction with them and if they are not getting the love they needed, they can change temperamental.

Lovebirds have two advantages, first they are intelligent and second, they can be easily trained. You can teach your lovebird to talk, perform tricks and to perch on your hand. But to train a lovebird you need lots of patience and time. You need to teach a bird from its young age, but later it might be difficult to teach it to talk. While teaching a lovebird to perch on your hand or finger, you should be careful while handling its cute bundles of feathers.

You can even breed single lovebirds, if you are willing to show a lot of love and affection to it. Lovebirds need not be kept in pairs, but if kept in pair they love to be in other’s company but hate the human interactions with them. Hence breeding a single lovebird will be right choice, if you are giving it lots of attention.

Lovebirds are cute, lovable and social creatures. So make sure that you providing it with a good training, while you are breeding one.


How To Prevent Your Dog From Biting

Biting is the most common and serious behavioral problems seen in dogs. It is a serious problem for a dog breeder from preventing his dog from biting some one. We can prevent a dog from biting by properly diagnosing the causes for the dogs’ aggressive behavior. The aggressive behavior of a dog might be a reason of fear, possessiveness, dominance, predatory, punishment or pain elicited or territorial.

The Dogs may bite because of its fear factor. This fear problem may be controlled in humans by confrontation, but the dogs cannot do this, hence they become aggressive and bite others. You can prevent this behavior by understanding the fear of your dog and avoid this fear. You need to help your dog cope up with this fear. The next thing is the possessiveness and the dominance factors in your dogs, which can be overcome by proper consultations from a dog trainer. The Dogs can also act aggressive, because of its predatory nature, for example, when it sees a cat, it can be aggressive. However this cannot be prevented unless proper training is given. You can also avoid situations that can elevate the aggressive behavior in your dogs.

The Play Bite is another way of dog biting that your dog might exhibit while playing with you. You can try to avoid this, by sheltering yourself with extra layers of clothing and you can use toys to keep it away from you, while playing. However it might be difficult to prevent your dog from play biting.

If your dog is naturally aggressive, you can consult a dog trainer to know the ways to train your dog and you can find out some tips from him to control the aggressiveness in the behavior of your dog. The Dog might be aggressive, even due to some illness which you may not be able to find out, Hence you can also consult a veterinarian for a medical checkup and the type of training you should give to your dog to control it from biting. You can also give some obedience training, which might help to modify the behavior of the dog. However we cannot eliminate a dog’s aggressiveness by obedience training.

First, you need to find out the root causes for the aggressiveness of your dog, before taking any actions. Then you have to find out the steps to prevent your dog from biting. You can also prevent the aggressive behavior by giving your pets lots of love and taking proper care of them, whenever they need.


How To Give First Aid For Dog Diarrhea

Every one wants their pets to be in pink of health at all times. Pets are like babies and you should be careful in giving them the right nutrition they want. Diarrhea may be caused usually by the foodstuffs that your dog eats and due to the contact with the trash and insecticides around your house. So you should make sure that the food that your dog eats is good and it suits its nutrient requirements.

If the Diarrhea is mild, it gets cured by itself, but if your dog is suffering from severe diarrhea, then you need to take proper steps to cure the disease otherwise, it may lead to irreversible effects to our dogs and sometimes even may cause death of your pets.

Dog Diarrhea can cause dehydration and loss of fluids from the body of your dog which might be a fatal condition, if proper care is not taken at early stages. Therefore, proper first aid should be given to your dogs to prevent the water loss from its body.

You can find out whether your dog is suffering from diarrhea by many symptoms. If your dog moves wastes from its body too many times in watery stools, then there is a high chance that your dog is suffering from diarrhea. Loss of appetite is also a symptom of this disease.

If your dog is suffering from diarrhea, it most probably might have some of the parasites like bacteria, viruses, or fungus in its stomach. So you should give proper first aid, by trying to flush these parasites out of its stomach by feeding your dog with excess of water in the first 24 hours, when you noticed the problem. This might help your dog to eject the parasites from its body and to keep up the water level in its body. The water may also counter the dehydration caused by the disease and may help to alleviate your dog’s condition.

You can also observe, whether there is some blood in your dog’s stool. This is an indication that your dog has a severe diarrhea and you should consult a veterinarian immediately for further checkups. You can also show a stool sample of the dog to the veterinarian to help him to know the severity of the disease.

You can feed your dog with bland diet like boiled rice or skinless chicken. Try to avoid foodstuffs that contain oil, preservatives, and salt which might be difficult for the dog to digest.

You may also need some antibiotics prescribed by a good veterinarian or some left over medicines, when your dog was suffering diarrhea the last time. You should make sure that the leftover medicine is good suits your dog in its present conditions. Also, keep in touch wit your veterinarian when your dog is suffering from severe diarrhea.


Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) In Your Cat

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is a slow virus that might affect your cat. FIV affected cats can be found worldwide and an infected cat can appear normal for years and might appear to be very healthy, because FIV affects the cat very slowly. FIV affects the entire cat family and found in a big cat species all over the world.

The FIV may be compared to the HIV (Human immunodeficiency Virus) in Human beings. The both are same in the way, they are transmitted and the way they affect the body of the sick. But the FIV affects the cats much more slowly than the HIV in humans. The FIV infections are seen more in the cats and an infected cat can live many years healthy without any major symptoms of its sickness.

Transmission of these viruses takes place through scratches and bites and casual non-aggressive contacts will not help in transmission of these viruses. The Virus may also be present in the cat’s vagina, rectum and mouth. But sexual contact is not a major means of transmission of FIV and on some rare occasions, the infection can be transmitted from an infected mother cat to its kitten.

The Disease affects the cats in three stages: The Acute stage, The Subclinical stage and the chronic stage. The acute stage occurs immediately after a virus enters into a cat’s body. In this stage, the cat experiences fever and depression. After surviving this stage, the second stage, Subclinical affects the cat, where the cat appears to be normal and healthy for a long period. At the final and last chronic stage, the cat suffers severely from the effect of the disease. The disease affects the immune system and the cat develops several non-related diseases. The disease causes an immense immune deficiency in the body of the cats that hinders the cat’s ability to protect itself from other infections. Hence the cat is affected by various bacteria, viruses and protozoa which normally do not affect healthy animals and causes serious illness.

Even though the household cats can live many years even after infecting from FIV without any treatment, it is better to give your pet a proper treatment for its infection. A new treatment technique was released and sold through Imulan Bio Therapeutics in 2006. LLC has been developed to counter some of the internal symptoms of this disease and prevent this disease at its early stages. You can give some nutritional food and balanced diet to your cats in order to prevent the disease from spreading rapidly.

As Years passes by, these cats have developed a certain resistance to the disease. But to make sure whether your cat has been infected by FIV or not, consult a veterinarian in our area.


Cat Arthritis Symptoms And Ways To Prevent It

Cat Arthritis is a disease in Cats caused due to the aching of joints, which makes the cat unable to walk.

The Type of food consumed by a cat is a main cause the Cat Arthritis. Many veterinary experts have reported that the highly processed commercial cat food might be the main reason for the cat arthritis. The vets say that the commercial cat foods contribute much for the arthritis in cats. But a cat can be affected by arthritis even if it fed with homemade and raw foodstuffs. Hence it is important to choose the right sort of diet for your cat which is rich in the nutrients required by your cat. There by preventing this cat disease

The overweight in aged cats are also a major cause of arthritis in cats because of the extra pressure to their knees and joints caused by the overweight. The pressure makes the cat’s bones to wear off faster. A healthy, nutritional and balanced diet and a regular exercise might prevent the cats from overweighting and prevents arthritis.

The Symptoms of arthritis are many, The cat might find it difficult to walk and run, It moves along stiffly, stiffness in arising from rest, it might feel reluctant to jump, increased nervousness, tension, depression or aggression. It might not allow you to touch its body or the joints that have been affected and even cry when you are trying to touch the infected joints.

To diagnose arthritis, your veterinarian might require a complete history of the problem and might be willing to perform physical examination. He may require x-rays, blood tests and radiographs of the cat study its condition. The X-ray can clearly show the joint degeneration, irregular bone positioning and possible distortion of the joint.

Glucosamine and chondroitin can be used to medicate the cat for these joint problems. Glucosamine is a major component of cartilage, and Chondroitin helps in the formation of cartilage and chrontoitin also inhibits enzymes in the joint and hence helps in regeneration of the joints. It also fills up the fluid within the joints to provide a cushion for the joints, while the cat is standing. You can also help your cat to walk in order to gain strength to its bones and muscles and can give it proper exercises, which helps to strengthen the bones and joints. You can also provide a warm environment for the cats while taking rest which helps it to relax its muscles which were tensed due the pain it is suffering.

You can recover your cat from arthritis by proper care and good medication techniques. You need to look after it with lot of care, by providing it with a balanced diet and nutritional food and giving proper exercises to it


Can You Ever Get Used To The Labrador Puppies You Have Brought Into Your Home?

Have you ever thought of raising a puppy? Do you have a child begging you for a puppy? If so, then you may wish to read this article before getting one. Labrador puppies are probably the most famous in all of the United States and United Kingdom. The adorable puppies are also very affectionate and charming. It is easy to create a great bond between puppy and your family if you use the right method of bonding. It has been said that Labrador puppies have a special trigger in their brain that allows them to follow commands. So if you wish to add a Labrador puppy to your family is sure to do your homework first.

Adding a puppy to the family is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is not something that parent’s should do for their children until the child is old enough to be responsible otherwise the puppy suffers. Your family must learn how to take care of the dog properly such as feeding, training, and caring for the Labrador breed. If you find a puppy that is aggressive, it may seem cute at the time, but this tends to be a sign that they will be very difficult to train.

The better choice is to find a puppy that is calm and seems gentle upon first glance. Labradors tend to observe what is going on and what you are like before ever getting comfortable around you. This breed has a wonderful potential to be trained well. The pups that are too shy around you may have a tendency to snap at you easily and will quickly turn into a scared puppy. If you pick a puppy that is too timid then your training will not be put to good use.

If you wish to get a purebred Labrador puppy, be sure you have gone through a reputable breeder otherwise you may end up with a puppy that is ill or have diseases. The good and competent breeders are extremely knowledgeable in every part of the Labrador’s life. The good breeders normally sell Labradors with good temperaments. Once you pick up your puppy and take it home, the training begins.

Training your new puppy can be fun as well as challenging. The Labrador puppies are commonly know as fast learners so it should not be hard to train your puppy. If you start at an early age, you will have better success than doing it when they are older. Think of a puppy like a child. A child is a sponge when they are younger and learn everything about the world around them. The Labrador puppy is the same way. It’s ready to learn everything about its world. The best puppy to get is one that is a mixture of eagerness, curiosity, and warm. Watch the puppy by itself for a while to see its behavior in a new environment. When you finally get your puppy used to be around people and the puppy shows a happy disposition then you will know for sure you have picked out the right puppy for your family.


How to take care of Parrots?

Written by Ahmad Hussain (4th Grade Student and a huge parrot lover and my regular reader)

Parrots are small to large. There are many different types of parrots .e.g. macaw, cockatoo, African grey, cockatiels, toucans, love birds, parakeets and other species. Not all parrots can talk. Only some parrots have the ability to talk. When some parrots bite, their bite is so strong that it can even take away your finger. Some parrots want attention so you must give them attention. The parrot would hate you if you do not give it proper attention. Well, you should give a parrot at least 2-4 hours. If you can’t give it time you should buy it toys. It will get busy playing with the toys.

Some baby parrots are fed by an injection. The injections contain many nutritious things which protect the parrot from harmful and dangerous diseases. The parrot should be hand fed by the owner from the very start .In this way; the parrot will create love for the owner. Some parrots want their owner to put their finger in their mouth. The parrot will just press the finger but some people think that the parrot bit them. Some people curiously want their parrots to sit on the hand. The parrot has to be trained to sit on the hand. If it is not trained it will fly away. Some parrots come from other countries .e.g. macaw, African grey. Some parrots are found in the rainforests of North America. Some prices of parrots start from Rs.50till till 11 lacs. The African Grey is the best talking parrot in the world. The Indian Ring neck parrot is the second best talking parrot in the world. The Indian Ring neck parrot costs RS.3000. Hyacinth macaw costs 11 lacs. Therefore, it is very important to take care of living things. We should love our pets.

Just How Do You Stop Your Dog From Barking?

There really is nothing more irritating to people as a dog that constantly barks. Barking dogs have been the cause of many neighborhood arguments. If you have a dog that spends quite a bit of time outside, then your dog will have the chance to see other things such as strangers, people visiting your home, and other animals. If any of the above catches the eye of your dog, then it most likely will begin a constant barking that could annoy someone outside of your home, or even you. Once the subject is out of the dog’s line of vision, your dog will stop, but until then you will have no peace.

You cannot stop your dog, or even work with your dog, until you know the reason your dog is barking in the first place. There are some people who think it is just the dog’s nature to bark because it wants to defend its territory from strangers or any prospective harm to the family. There are other people who believe that dogs bark because it is scared. If your home is equipped with thick panes of glass, the barking may not bother you as much, but everyone else around your home will become very irritated about it. If you have a dog that barks over and over, then you need to give or find someone who can give your dog obedience training. It will save you heart aches in the future.

There are some simple instructions you can say to your dog to begin training it not to bark as much. The words to begin teaching and training your dog is no, its ok, or stop barking and then reward it with a treat. Your dog will not stop overnight and it will not be an easy task, so be prepared to be persistent with your dog. If you don’t feel you need to train your dog, the other idea is to build a tall enough fence in your backyard to stop your dog from barking at what it sees outside the fence.

If your dog is one to bark at a visitor that may enter your home, you may wish to obedience train the dog once again using the same method as mentioned above. You need to work with your dog to behave when visitors come over, or it may get to a point where you won’t have visitors soon. If you have hired someone to work around the house, you may wish to move the dog out of sight of the visitor. If the visitor is a friend or family member, then you need to approach the training differently as this person will be over at your house on a consistent basis. Begin training your dog to become friends with your visitor and have a daily visit by the visitor to allow the dog to gain a good comfort level.

Even though a dog that is barking becomes annoying, you do have a benefit because the dog will give you heads up if anyone is either in your yard or near your house. You will always know that someone is heading for your house even before they ring the doorbell.


Does Your Labrador Suffer With Allergies?

Does your Labrador scratch constantly? If so, there may be an allergy. As hard as it is to believe some dogs are allergic to their food. If this is the case, you may need to investigate things to find out what is really irritating your dog. Labradors actually shed a lot but if the hair begins falling out in clumps and the patch of skin that is revealed is red, then you know that it definitely has allergies. The next conclusion to find is whether your dog is allergic to people food, dog food, or physical contact with the dog. It works the same way humans get a runny nose when they are allergic to something, the dog itches when it has an allergy.

When you take your Labrador to the veterinarian and the vet concludes that the problem is food then when you take your dog home, try feeding it various protein and carbohydrate to see if anything improves. If your dog improves then you know for sure that the dog has a food allergy. You will then be advised by the vet as to what to feed your dog and what to avoid. You should avoid any treats at this point.

Most of the time when Labrador’s have allergies they will get an ear infection. This condition will cause you a lot of stress as well as making the dog miserable. Reason for this is because ear infections are extremely painful for dogs and because of their keen sense of hearing if you do not treat the ear infection, your dog could lose its hearing. That’s a shame when owners do not treat the ear infection and cause the dog any harm that could be easily solved.

You say you don’t know how to tell your dog has an ear infection? The best way to tell your dog has one is to watch your dog. If the dog begins to shake its head incessantly and rubbing its ear along the floor or against the furniture you know it’s an infection. When the infection gets to a certain level the dog will be whimpering, whining, and you will be able to see it’s in pain. If your dog reaches this point in the infection it might need injections to fight it. Hopefully you will see to your dog way before it gets to this point. Knowing that your dog has an allergy to certain foods then it is easy to remedy the ear infections by not giving your dog that particular item.

There are some things you can do to avoid allergies with your Labrador. One step is to thoroughly dry your dog’s ears after their bath and then clean the dog’s ears on a regular basis. You can always find out from the vet the best solution to clean your dog’s ears. You will need to clean your Labrador’s ears at least once a week. If your dog has seasonal allergies, there really isn’t much you can do to fight it except keep your dog in the house more. You can also get regular immune system booster injections to help with the allergies. If it is allergic to smoke, then you may need to change the way you live.


Persian Cats: Not So Different

Many misconceptions exist surrounding Persian cats. Touted as one of the most high-class breeds of cat, these animals, who probably came from what is now Iraq, are no more difficult to take care of than your typical house cat. Below is information on what you should do to properly take care of these animals.

What do they eat?

Quality and freshness should be your top two priorities. If the food isn't fresh, your animal can become ill. Leftovers should not be a part of your cat's diet as your cat's digestive system differs from your own.

What supplies should I get?

You should get a litter box for your cat. Cats have a keen sense of smell and hate to be in an environment where there is an odor. Of course, this works out well because most people don't want a smelly house either.

How will I know if something is wrong?

Through its own methods, your cat will inform you if there is a problem. Because of this, it’s a good idea to pay attention to how your cat lets you know about problems. To be extra careful, if ever you feel unsure, do not be shy about taking your cat to the veterinarian.

How do I keep it from getting sick?

Although they can be pricy, you should have your cat vaccinated regularly. This way you are not subjected to more difficult issues later on.

Does my cat want me to leave it alone?

The simple answer here is no. Your cat needs to interact with you regularly and in a positive manner. Many people believe that their cat prefers to be by itself because of how it acts. This is not true. If you don't have play time with your cat, the cat will become stressed and will be negatively affected.


African Grey Diet: What to Do, What Not To Do

Bird Seed will not suffice as nutrition for an African Grey. You should keep in mind when you decide to get an African Grey that they can live for up to fifty years or, in some cases, longer. As such, you are committing to feeding the bird for that period of time. Do not become one of the pet owners who do not fulfill this obligation. Remember that companies recommend bird seed because it is profitable for them, not because it is good for your bird.

If your African Grey parrot only receives seed as food, the high fat and carbohydrates, will cause the meals to be counter-productive. Your bird may even become ill.

Many different foods are recommended by those educated in such matters. In this way, your bird's diet will be healthful.

What to Feed an African Grey

Often, regular pellets will contain toxins. As such you should be certain provide organic pellets to your bird. In this way you can give your African Grey parrot a formula diet.

Menadione is a substance that the FDA warns should only be handled by a person wearing protective clothing. In fact, all food that contains this substance includes this warning. As you can imagine, this substance is not good for your African Grey and should be avoided.

Some may argue that this substance provides much needed vitamin K for you animal. However, if you create an environment where your bird receives full spectrum light, the bird will get vitamin K through it. This will be the same as if your animal were living in its natural habitat where it would receive plenty of sunlight and, in doing so, would receive Vitamin K.

Having spent so much money on your African Grey parrot, you do not want it to be ruined by the large concentration of sugar found in non-organic pellets. Because of federal laws, you can be certain that organic pellets will not contain toxins that other pellets have.

You may also be surprised to learn that your diet may be somewhat similar to the diet required to keep an African Grey healthy.

To begin with, vegetables are of great importance. You should be sure to use organic vegetable to keep toxins out of your parrot's food. These foods can be given to your parrot cooked or raw depending on your bird's preference. Sprouted seeds, beans, lentils, and other bright colored vegetables are great for your bird. Many of these can be found on your own table as well.

Second, fruits are essential. As with vegetables, you should try to find organic fruits for your bird. It is important not to let your bird eat only fruit as this can lead to your African Grey not eating its vegetables or its pellets.

Finally, you can supplement this diet with other foods. It is not dangerous to allow your bird a few seeds but you should do so sparingly. More importantly you should cook some eggs for your bird. It's a good idea to give the eggs to the bird shell and all. This way your bird will get the calcium it needs to be healthy. Although African Greys tend to have low calcium, calcium supplements are not necessary when you feed your bird organic pellets. Yogurt is another Arican Grey favorite.

What Not to Feed an African Grey

Chocolate, avocado, various deserts, rhubarb, alcohol, caffeine, processed meat, and alcohol are all on the list of things you should not give to your African Grey.

What Not to Forget

Water. Under no circumstances should you forget to keep your bird's drinking water fresh and potable.

Final Suggestion

It is important to remember to wash your bird's dishes on a regular basis. Sometimes your bird will use the drinking water to bathe in. If this happens, let the bird finish his bath and then clean up the mess. Then refill the drinking water.


Bats: Not for Pets

In all of the animal world there exists one mammal that is capable of flight: the bat. These nocturnal creatures are surprisingly social and stay in large groups preying on insects.

These animals have plenty of people fascinated. However, they are best enjoyed in their natural habitat. Nobody should attempt to domesticate a bat. The twenty-five year lifespan of the bat will be cut down to less than one year if a person attempts to domesticate a bat. A pet bat would be in a state of perpetual fear and would remain stressed. Finally, it would become unable to reproduce and then it would die. It is also illegal to keep a bat for a pet.

Although domesticating a bat is a bad idea, you can still interact with them by providing a bat box for them to roost in. Various kits exist and include direction for assembling such a box. It is important, though, to know where to put such a box.

The box should be somewhere no more than 1500 feet away from a permanent supply of running water, such as a river or stream. It will need seven hours of direct sunlight but still be no more than 30 yards from trees that can be used for the animal's protection. It is also useful to find a place where bats are already found near dusk.

Bats will mostly use the box during summer. It should not be altered in any way during this time as this may disturb the bats and they may choose not to come back. However, if the bats roost there, they will probably come back year after year.

These structures were first put together in Pennsylvania. They can be used for many different reasons from pest control to keeping bats from being pests in other places. They can also be used as an outlet for bat enthusiasts to observe the bats. However, unlike trying to domesticate a bat, providing a bat house will not harm the animals. More important than the above reasons is the preservation of the bat, which has been decreasing in number due to destruction of habitat.


Myth or Animal: The Chupacabra

From Maine to South America the chupacabra, it is said, has been seen. Russia is also home to a supposed chupacabra encounter. Although eyewitness reports are found in many different places, Puerto Rico is the place where the chupacabra legend originated. This occured in 1987. The eyewitness reports date back to 1990.

Chupacabra means "goat sucker" in Spanish. This creature gets its name from the fact that it is credited with killing pets as well as livestock not by eating them but by draining their blood.

Chickens, horses, goats, sheep, and pets are some of the usual prey of the chupacabra, according to those who believe in the creature. In these cases, the blood of the animal was drunk. More startling is that organs, in some cases, had been taken out of the victim.

The physical description of the chupacabra suggests that is a mixture of a dog-like species, a rodent-like species, and a lizard-like species. Said to be the equivalent of a small bear in size, the chupacabra supposedly has skin that, in color, is a combination of blue green and gray. It is said to have massive claws and fangs. It is said that in the same way a dog's eyes glow blue in the dark, if a light is shone on them, a chupacabra's glow red. Some of the biggest chupacabras are said to be three to four feet high and capable of jumping twenty feet at once. Their movement is described as being similar to a kangaroo's. They hiss and squeal if frightened and leave behind an unfriendly odor.

Most reputable scientists dismiss the chupacabra as an urban legend. On occasion an animal that loosely fits the description of a chupacabra is found in a trap or by the road. However, most of these have been found to be dogs suffering from mange or another unknown species of animal.

Does it seem possible to you that an animal such as a chupacabra could, in fact, exist?


Hatching and Incubation

When you hatch eggs, between five and ten percent of the animals will be lost before they grow to maturity. You should be prepared for this. However, this hobby can be very enjoyable both for education and recreation. Artificial incubation is the method by which most egg hatching occurs. Incubators are not always totally effective. Hence the loss mentioned above. However if your incubator is well managed, if your eggs are properly turned, and the temperature is well kept, you will see that between fifty percent, at worst, and eighty-five percent, at best, get hatched.

You should find one place to get all of your eggs. This will help you avoid illnesses. Other ways to avoid illness include washing your hands before and after handling the eggs and not keeping your eggs for than three days without getting them ready to be hatched.

Before you incubate your eggs, you should let them get up to room temperature slowly. Follow your incubator manual to get your incubator to the appropriate temperature and, after the eggs get to room temperature, begin incubating the eggs.

For the humidity in the incubator to be maintained you may need to add water. How much water will have to do with the kind of animal being hatched. Remember that the eggs contain living animals that need to take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. Make sure the room where the incubator is located stays at an unchanging temperature.

Turning the eggs is very important. Some incubators have an egg turner on them. However, if yours does not, you may need to turn them manually.Different birds need to be incubated for different periods of time. Some take longer than others.

You should also create a place to take care of the hatched birds before they hatch.


Iguanas: How to Take Care of Them

If your pet is not typically found in your area, then it is an exotic pet. These types of animals are great to have. Since few people have such animals, the owner of an exotic pet has an animal that others do not usually get to interact with.

Humans have to have special treatment when they leave from one environment that they are used to and go to another environment that they are not used to. In this same way, animals must have special care when such a drastic change occurs. These changes can have to do with climate or other environmental factors. The green iguana is an example of an exotic pet that must be especially cared for due to it not being native to the environment where it is being kept as a pet.

The life expectancy of a green iguana is directly related to what it eats. Keeping its environment warm and its cage clean is important as well. However, if the pet’s diet is poor, the pet will not last long. If, on the other hand, you make sure your iguana has a healthy diet, the pet will live for many years.

It should be obvious to you that your iguana is not to be fed the same way a dog or cat is. Surprisingly enough, there are some books that tell you to feed your iguana as if it were a dog or cat. If you have one of these books, get rid of it. As most veterinarians will tell you, unlike dogs and cats, calcium and phosphorus are cornerstones of an iguana diet, not protein.

Your veterinarian will serve as a great guide in putting together your pet’s diet, which will need a proper ratio of Vitamin D3, phosphorus, and calcium. How much you need of each will depend largely on your pet’ size.

If you chop the iguana’s food up, it will be easier for the animal to digest it. It’s very important for iguana’s to be able to digest their food with ease and how you repair it is important. Plenty of food equipment exists to help with this.

Brussel sprouts, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, tofu and some other foods must be avoided because they can be toxic. These foods, unfortunately, are often thought of as good for your pet but can, in fact, can make your iguana ill. Lettuce, for example, can give your iguana diarrhea.

Keeping a place for your iguana is also important. At the rate iguanas grow, they tend to outgrow their cages quickly. As such, you should instead provide it a place in your room with the proper heating and lighting to keep your animal safe.


Better Health for Your Animal

Among pet owners who truly care about their animals, a recent trend has occured: natural pet care. This is to ensure that the pet remains completely healthy. Pet owners want to treat their pet the same way they treat their families, friends, and selves: they don’t want to let them be unhealthy because of processed foods or medicines. Herbal care and natural foods are one way that natural pet care is applied. This helps ensure long-term wellness for the animal.

When manufacturers have to choose between profit and the health of the consumer’s pet, they will probably choose profit. This means that they sometimes take shortcuts and include things that they shouldn’t include. Many of these ingredients can have a negative effect on the health of the pet and, although legal, can be dangerous.

Natural pet supply manufacturers are concerned about the health of the animal. The medicines they make are natural and, as such, healthier. The foods have not been processed in the same way and, as such, do not contain the sugar, artificial flavoring, or lack of protein that is often found in processed foods. If you use natural products, the health of your pet will increase. Animals need the same nutritious diet as people and the way to get this is through natural foods.

The advantages of natural pet care items are leading to their increased popularity. While longer life and less time spent at the veterinarian are great advantages, other benefits, such as a brighter coat, are also contributing factors to the popularity of natural pet products.

According to research, a plethora of health issues awaits an improperly fed animal. These problems include allergies, hypertension, being overweight, being underweight, and even heart conditions. Other problems also exist. The use of these products can help your animal be healthier and happier.


House Training Your Pet Dog

Every dog has to be house trained. This is a job any pet owner cannot avoid. If you don’t take care of this problem, your home could suffer. Although this is a difficult job, the benefits of having completed it are great.

Before dogs take care of their business, they behave a certain way. You should watch out for this behavior because it helps you to train your dog. One useful method is to lay newspaper down in an appropriate area of the house. This way when your dog behaves as if the time has come, you can take the dog to this part of the house. This way, the mess from your dog will be limited and your dog will remember to go to this area for this reason.

Positive reinforcement is particularly important here. If you don’t let your dog know that it has done well, the animal is less likely to repeat this behavior. When it comes to negative reinforcement, you should be a bit more careful. Otherwise your dog may come to dislike you or associate you with a negative experience. Also, if you are not there when the bad behavior occurs, the dog may not know what he is in trouble for. A better way to handle this is to express your disapproval verbally and take the dog to the place where it is allowed to do such things.

Your dog may also urinate when he becomes afraid or excited. This can happen when he meets other dogs or when he is playing. Although it is a long process, and a difficult process, you must ensure that your dog learns to control himself or herself. Some dogs take longer than others to complete this training. It is important to avoid being inconsistent in the training. Things will work out well in the end if you do what you are supposed to do.


How to Create a Good Home for Your Spider Monkey

Primates make smart pets. Caring for these animals, however, can be very difficult. Keeping them clean is a priority as is keeping them from getting sick. These animals need much more caring for than more traditional domestic animals.

You have to be careful in buying a Spider Monkey so as to avoid doing business with illegal tradesmen. Do some research on whoever you are buying from because if you buy from the wrong people, you could get a pet that was raised in the wild. This can be dangerous and usually means the animal was bought illegally

Trees are where you will typically find spider monkeys. As such, you should keep this in mind when creating their habitat and create one that contains no toxins, is natural, and allows them to climb.

Climate is an important consideration. Spider monkeys should be kept in an environment where the temperature is between the mid 80’s and mid 90’s. If the temperature becomes lower than 75 degrees, your pet can become ill and, quite possibly, die if the illness is not noticed soon enough.

In order to properly care for your spider monkey, you will need a veterinarian who is capable of treating such an animal. Whoever you buy your animal from should have a veterinarian they can refer you to. If not, or if that veterinarian is not close enough, look around to find one who can treat your pet.

When feeding your spider monkey, you should think about what they would eat in their natural environment. Mostly, fruits and nuts are what your pet will need. Although some commercial diets are useful, they are incomplete. As such, you should make sure that your pet gets plenty of fruits and nuts.

Always keep a close eye on how your spider monkey interacts with other pets. Never leave them alone. If they don’t get along, things can get ugly when your head is turned.


Changing Your Pet's Diet

There are vast differences between over-the-counter dog food and dog food that the pet's owner makes at home. Sometimes store-bought dog food is a necessary evil for pet owners who do not have time to make dog food. However, it is important to know that there are many dangerous chemicals found in some store bought dog foods. Your local veterinarian should be able to provide information for you regarding which food you should pick for your dog.

Store-bought dog foods can also be beneficial as it lets the pet owner be certain that the dog is getting all of the things that a good diet requires. Custom made dog food is useful when the pet owner wants the dog to get more of a certain nutrient. The switch from store-bought to homemade should be a slow one. It is a bad idea to suddenly stop giving your dog store-bought food. Instead, maybe one meal could be store-bought and the next made by hand. A caution: in making food by hand you should be very careful in choosing the ingredients.

If you try to make the change all of once, the dog may become ill or malnourished. To help you decide which your dog prefers, offer both in the same meal. Then, if the dog likes the hand-made food, you can start to work out a diet. Vegetables are a good place to start. Most vegetables, especially green, leafy vegetables, are very helpful to a dog's diet as are potatoes. Regarding fruit, most fruits can be enjoyed by any dog and can be a great addition to their diet. A warning: grapes, like certain other fruits, can be dangerous for your dog. In fact, grapes can kill your dog. Whether you cook this food or serve it without cooking it is not important.

You must also remember to give your dog meat. Eggs, about two days per week, as well as yogurt, for something sweet, can also be helpful. Again, be careful in selecting ingredients as some may be harmful.

Grapes, as we have mentioned, can kill your dog. You should also avoid feeding your dog any food that has caffeine or theobromine. These can also make your dog sick. These are found not only in the usual suspects, such as chocolate, but also in certain breads as well as certain pastas. Spicy foods, fattening foods, and fried foods should be avoided. Pasta, assuming it contains none of the aforementioned harmful ingredients, can be good. Some dogs have food allergies. You should be aware of your dog's food allergies. You should also clear the diet you have put together with a veterinarian. This way, the change in diet won't be counter-productive.


Online Shopping For Your Pet Supplies

The advent of online shopping makes life increasingly convenient in many ways. Shoppers no longer trouble making long trips and using fuel or a whole day shopping. Pet supplies rank among the easiest things that are shopped online due to a number reasons.

Anyone who has a cat for a pet knows the effect of an abrupt change of the cat’s diet. Cats like consistent diets and this is mainly for the foods they enjoy and a change of the diet leads to digestive problems and other discomforts. Most people who have cat pets prefer buying the pet food in bulk and this is made easier by online shopping since they don’t have to move from store to store searching for their cat’s favorite food.

For the people who house exotic pets, online they have a problem of getting the specific supplies for their pets which include reptiles, birds and tropical fish. The online stores for pet supplies are well stocked with the special supplies for all pets. For the owners of these pets, they enjoy online shopping for their shop supplies since it is always cheap and convenient.

The dogs have the honor of being man’s best friend and they were the first animals to be domesticated by man. Dogs can consume large amounts of food and this mainly applies to the big dogs. Buying food for the dog online is easier than buying a bag after another and it is also cheaper.

Online shopping also has the most enjoyable aspects that characterize shopping which is impulse buying. People who own pets learn in depth of their pet’s preferences and they easily recognize what their pets like and they will often buy for the pets their favorite toys. Shopping online for pet supplies also involves stops at the pet toys section so that one chooses a toy that would thrill their dog or cat. An additional gift after buying the pet supplies makes it fun for both the pet and owner.

An additional advantage of shopping online is that the supplies are delivered to your doorstep. This saves you the trouble of driving to the store and it makes online shopping really appealing. After the client has ordered for the supplies, there are other actions needed. The supplies are brought in time and doing bulk shopping saves a large amount of money.

Going for shopping for pet supplies at the local stores wastes a lot of time and the money used is much more than the amount used when you shops online. There are many problems that the shopper encounters including lacking some products, long queues and customer service is slow. For you to have time with your pet, you should avoid going to the store to shop for pet supplies. You should shop online instead and give your pet the attention they need and offer us too.