Unique Pets – Top 10

Look out for all these unique pets that are a little scary, funny, and cute. You can buy one of these and be a popular exotic pet owner.


Many people think that rats are dirty and spread several diseases. Some people have fear of rats. But one thing is that you can keep rats as pets. This is because they are funny to interact with and you will enjoy watching them.


You can keep tarantulas as your pet as they are not poisonous and violent and require very less maintenance. You don't have to clean their cages regularly and do not have worry about their food every day. You should take care although if you have any allergy from tarantula's sting. Some people that have this allergy can be in a difficult position if they get stung by them.


You will find frog in large number of colors and different sizes. It will be the best pet for you as some of the frogs can have amazing calls for matching their attractive exterior. Some frogs require less maintenance and some require good maintenance.

Hissing Cockroaches

Are you Surprised? Hissing cockroaches are different from the regular cockroaches that you see daily. Hissing cockroaches are very interesting and are very large. You can handle them easily as they are slow and quiet. They got their name Hissing cockroach as they emit hissing noise when you disturb them.


There are many scorpions that you can keep as pets. The best pet you can find among them is the emperor scorpion. The life of this scorpion is long and is very calm. They have claws that are very large.

Giant Millipedes

You can find giant millipedes, which have 400 legs. When it grows completely, its length becomes 10 inches. They have a scary look but you can handle them easily and make them as great pets. Make sure you are not afraid of handling them before buying them as pets.


You can find large number of lizards in the pet store. You can you them as a pet as they are calm and easy to handle. But you have to take care of lizards which will require some of your efforts. In all they are expensive to take care of as well as time consuming.

Stick Insects

In order to mingle with their surroundings, stick insects are protecting their body by covering up themselves. Stick insects are easy to take care. Their length is only four inches.


Snakes can be dangerous as well as one of the most loving pets. The fact is that snakes are afraid of humans. You can try a milk snake as your pet and learn how to handle and take care of your snake.

Hermit Crabs

You can keep funny hermit crabs as pets because they are easy to care of and are very cheap. Hermit crabs move from one shell to another. It will be very interesting that when you throw some items they will bring those item to their shells.

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