Love Birds And How To Train Them

Lovebird is the common name for the nine species of small parrots. Eight of these species have their origin in Africa and only one type of species have their origin from Madagascar and hence they are called Madagascar Love birds. Madagascar Lovebirds are grey headed and the others come in a variety of colors. The name Lovebirds stems that these parrots have monogamous pair bonding and the paired birds spend long periods sat beside one another.

The Peach-faced Lovebird is one of the common and popular species of Lovebirds. They commonly have peach colored face, blue hindquarters and green body. But they are also available in different combinations of colors. The Fischers and Masked Lovebirds are other varieties of species that are commonly used as pets. They are also available in different color combinations.

Lovebirds are smaller, they are smaller than other parrot breeds and can grow up to 6 inches in length and can weigh from 40 to 60 grams in weight. They live in small flocks and eat mainly fruits, vegetables, some grasses and seeds.

You can breed these birds in a cage that can be adequate for it to play. You can breed these birds even though you have limited space.

Lovebirds, as the name itself suggests, they are affectionate and loyal to their owners. However, a proper training and lots of love and affection is needed for these types of birds. The thrive for interaction with them and if they are not getting the love they needed, they can change temperamental.

Lovebirds have two advantages, first they are intelligent and second, they can be easily trained. You can teach your lovebird to talk, perform tricks and to perch on your hand. But to train a lovebird you need lots of patience and time. You need to teach a bird from its young age, but later it might be difficult to teach it to talk. While teaching a lovebird to perch on your hand or finger, you should be careful while handling its cute bundles of feathers.

You can even breed single lovebirds, if you are willing to show a lot of love and affection to it. Lovebirds need not be kept in pairs, but if kept in pair they love to be in other’s company but hate the human interactions with them. Hence breeding a single lovebird will be right choice, if you are giving it lots of attention.

Lovebirds are cute, lovable and social creatures. So make sure that you providing it with a good training, while you are breeding one.


meyers parrot said...

You should start as early as possible to teach what different types of words. You should try and connect objects with words. It takes time to learn, so be patient.

Unknown said...

Hi. I have a love bird that can talk clearly like cartoon characters. it's name is "MY LOVE". no one can understand it. its amazing but just for me, and its to difficult for me to see that all people are watching me as a Mad girl. I want to show my love bird to all the world. please help me to do this. Please. Im on my knees. just say how I can show it to hundreds of people, close or far. I need just some or minimum one comment. help me to smile again after a long time. THANKS, from deep of my heart.