Guide For Training Labrador Puppies

Labrador is very friendly and is considered as most adorable creatures in the world. Dog loves to obey his master and protect the belongings of his master. It easily mingles with children and loves to play with them. Labrador is very intelligent and friendly dog. You will love their mischievous antics and playful nature. The owner of dog says it is really a most entertaining moment to spend with their dog. Training a Labrador is not difficult task but you need patience and a lot of dedication. If you give good training then your Labrador will grow to be an extremely well mannered companion to you and your family.

Training your Labrador puppy

Training a dog is not an easy task if you don’t spend your time with dedication and training may be failure if you don’t have patience. Do not punish your puppy harsh during training. This can create fear in your Labrador puppy by hearing training. Training differs when considering the age of your Labrador puppy.

Training during 3-6 months

This is an important period and you need to focus on many things for training your Labrador puppy. The first thing you need to teach are basic commands which are also known as commands to control such as sit, no, come and so on. You need to be a little strict but training should be fun for both you and your Labrador puppy. Do not use different words for same command because this can confuse your puppy. You should teach your puppy how to behave with other dogs or animals and obey your commands like stop barking when you command and put down things from its mouth when you command. Teach them where to do toilet and so on. You should show that you love them more and show that you care them always.

Training during 6-12 months

This is age when your Labrador puppy gets mature and you have to teach them to play with its toy without your assistance or help. You can help them to use their toys. Teach your puppy how to heel and to get back when a ball or toy is thrown. Teach tricks such as "Shake hands" and "roll over".

Easily Mingles

Labrador is a dog that blends easily with people and other animals. They show friendly gestures when they meets someone stranger to your home. They easily mingle with children and family members. They love other animals or dogs and they become friendly to all in short period. Getting along with other dog is not a problem to Labrador and other animal loves the mischievous antics and playful nature of Labrador. Whatever you trained you must teach your Labrador dog or puppy to behave well and polite around strangers.

Training a Labrador puppy is not a difficult task if you have patience and ready to spend time with them. During training you need to be friendly and appreciate your puppy for doing each correct thing. You should not punish hard while training and if you punish, they must know why you punished them. If you did not notice any mistake when it does and punish them later will create fear against you in your Labrador puppy’s mind. Training should be simple, friendly and entertainment to do. If you give proper training then your Labrador will grow to be an extremely well mannered companion.

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