Owning Your Very First Dwarf Rabbit

If you don’t have any experience of rearing pets, you can have a rabbit without any problems because rabbits are very easy to maintain. Most time rabbits are in cage or play pens. You might have seen different breeds of rabbits. The most commonly seen rabbit is mixed bread rabbit. Rabbits are of different colors

Draft rabbits are commonly seen in Europe and it is also known as domestic European rabbit. The breed of dwarf rabbit depends on their color such as Siamese, chinchilla, blue, red Himalayan and white- tipped black.

In Netherlands Dwarf rabbit were originally bred as hunting companions they have same behavioral traits as other domestic rabbits they have a aggressive behavior because as they are small in size

One cannot expect your rabbit to be well behaved all the time because they are just cute little animals. They urinate or defecate while they run around in the house. If you want them to be inside you must clean up after them for every time.

Rabbits shed hair of fern so don’t let tem to loose on expensive furniture’s like sofa , bed and even expansive carpets or else it might be a hard time for you to get rid of the loose h air. Event though there are many breeds of rabbits getting a pure breed is rare.

Dwarf rabbit is one of the best perfect pets because of its special breeds, a mature adult Dwarf rabbit weighs about two and a half pounds though it is small it can be comfortably placed in your palm. Proper care should be taken as they are small and it is essentially similar to taking care of an ordinary rabbit.

Dwarf rabbit eats plenty of vegetable like carrot, spinach; green grass and some rabbit’s event eat fruits


Anonymous said...

What breeds are truly dwarfs???

Iz said...

Litter-training the rabbit might helps to avoid the rabbit from urinate around the house. :)