Just How Do You Stop Your Dog From Barking?

There really is nothing more irritating to people as a dog that constantly barks. Barking dogs have been the cause of many neighborhood arguments. If you have a dog that spends quite a bit of time outside, then your dog will have the chance to see other things such as strangers, people visiting your home, and other animals. If any of the above catches the eye of your dog, then it most likely will begin a constant barking that could annoy someone outside of your home, or even you. Once the subject is out of the dog’s line of vision, your dog will stop, but until then you will have no peace.

You cannot stop your dog, or even work with your dog, until you know the reason your dog is barking in the first place. There are some people who think it is just the dog’s nature to bark because it wants to defend its territory from strangers or any prospective harm to the family. There are other people who believe that dogs bark because it is scared. If your home is equipped with thick panes of glass, the barking may not bother you as much, but everyone else around your home will become very irritated about it. If you have a dog that barks over and over, then you need to give or find someone who can give your dog obedience training. It will save you heart aches in the future.

There are some simple instructions you can say to your dog to begin training it not to bark as much. The words to begin teaching and training your dog is no, its ok, or stop barking and then reward it with a treat. Your dog will not stop overnight and it will not be an easy task, so be prepared to be persistent with your dog. If you don’t feel you need to train your dog, the other idea is to build a tall enough fence in your backyard to stop your dog from barking at what it sees outside the fence.

If your dog is one to bark at a visitor that may enter your home, you may wish to obedience train the dog once again using the same method as mentioned above. You need to work with your dog to behave when visitors come over, or it may get to a point where you won’t have visitors soon. If you have hired someone to work around the house, you may wish to move the dog out of sight of the visitor. If the visitor is a friend or family member, then you need to approach the training differently as this person will be over at your house on a consistent basis. Begin training your dog to become friends with your visitor and have a daily visit by the visitor to allow the dog to gain a good comfort level.

Even though a dog that is barking becomes annoying, you do have a benefit because the dog will give you heads up if anyone is either in your yard or near your house. You will always know that someone is heading for your house even before they ring the doorbell.

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