Cat Arthritis Symptoms And Ways To Prevent It

Cat Arthritis is a disease in Cats caused due to the aching of joints, which makes the cat unable to walk.

The Type of food consumed by a cat is a main cause the Cat Arthritis. Many veterinary experts have reported that the highly processed commercial cat food might be the main reason for the cat arthritis. The vets say that the commercial cat foods contribute much for the arthritis in cats. But a cat can be affected by arthritis even if it fed with homemade and raw foodstuffs. Hence it is important to choose the right sort of diet for your cat which is rich in the nutrients required by your cat. There by preventing this cat disease

The overweight in aged cats are also a major cause of arthritis in cats because of the extra pressure to their knees and joints caused by the overweight. The pressure makes the cat’s bones to wear off faster. A healthy, nutritional and balanced diet and a regular exercise might prevent the cats from overweighting and prevents arthritis.

The Symptoms of arthritis are many, The cat might find it difficult to walk and run, It moves along stiffly, stiffness in arising from rest, it might feel reluctant to jump, increased nervousness, tension, depression or aggression. It might not allow you to touch its body or the joints that have been affected and even cry when you are trying to touch the infected joints.

To diagnose arthritis, your veterinarian might require a complete history of the problem and might be willing to perform physical examination. He may require x-rays, blood tests and radiographs of the cat study its condition. The X-ray can clearly show the joint degeneration, irregular bone positioning and possible distortion of the joint.

Glucosamine and chondroitin can be used to medicate the cat for these joint problems. Glucosamine is a major component of cartilage, and Chondroitin helps in the formation of cartilage and chrontoitin also inhibits enzymes in the joint and hence helps in regeneration of the joints. It also fills up the fluid within the joints to provide a cushion for the joints, while the cat is standing. You can also help your cat to walk in order to gain strength to its bones and muscles and can give it proper exercises, which helps to strengthen the bones and joints. You can also provide a warm environment for the cats while taking rest which helps it to relax its muscles which were tensed due the pain it is suffering.

You can recover your cat from arthritis by proper care and good medication techniques. You need to look after it with lot of care, by providing it with a balanced diet and nutritional food and giving proper exercises to it

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