House Training Your Pet Dog

Every dog has to be house trained. This is a job any pet owner cannot avoid. If you don’t take care of this problem, your home could suffer. Although this is a difficult job, the benefits of having completed it are great.

Before dogs take care of their business, they behave a certain way. You should watch out for this behavior because it helps you to train your dog. One useful method is to lay newspaper down in an appropriate area of the house. This way when your dog behaves as if the time has come, you can take the dog to this part of the house. This way, the mess from your dog will be limited and your dog will remember to go to this area for this reason.

Positive reinforcement is particularly important here. If you don’t let your dog know that it has done well, the animal is less likely to repeat this behavior. When it comes to negative reinforcement, you should be a bit more careful. Otherwise your dog may come to dislike you or associate you with a negative experience. Also, if you are not there when the bad behavior occurs, the dog may not know what he is in trouble for. A better way to handle this is to express your disapproval verbally and take the dog to the place where it is allowed to do such things.

Your dog may also urinate when he becomes afraid or excited. This can happen when he meets other dogs or when he is playing. Although it is a long process, and a difficult process, you must ensure that your dog learns to control himself or herself. Some dogs take longer than others to complete this training. It is important to avoid being inconsistent in the training. Things will work out well in the end if you do what you are supposed to do.

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