How to take care of Parrots?

Written by Ahmad Hussain (4th Grade Student and a huge parrot lover and my regular reader)

Parrots are small to large. There are many different types of parrots .e.g. macaw, cockatoo, African grey, cockatiels, toucans, love birds, parakeets and other species. Not all parrots can talk. Only some parrots have the ability to talk. When some parrots bite, their bite is so strong that it can even take away your finger. Some parrots want attention so you must give them attention. The parrot would hate you if you do not give it proper attention. Well, you should give a parrot at least 2-4 hours. If you can’t give it time you should buy it toys. It will get busy playing with the toys.

Some baby parrots are fed by an injection. The injections contain many nutritious things which protect the parrot from harmful and dangerous diseases. The parrot should be hand fed by the owner from the very start .In this way; the parrot will create love for the owner. Some parrots want their owner to put their finger in their mouth. The parrot will just press the finger but some people think that the parrot bit them. Some people curiously want their parrots to sit on the hand. The parrot has to be trained to sit on the hand. If it is not trained it will fly away. Some parrots come from other countries .e.g. macaw, African grey. Some parrots are found in the rainforests of North America. Some prices of parrots start from Rs.50till till 11 lacs. The African Grey is the best talking parrot in the world. The Indian Ring neck parrot is the second best talking parrot in the world. The Indian Ring neck parrot costs RS.3000. Hyacinth macaw costs 11 lacs. Therefore, it is very important to take care of living things. We should love our pets.

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sun conure parrot said...

Thanks! Taking care for the parrot will require a larger piece of your attention more than any other pet. :)